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Early on, the Navajo people were hunter-gatherers. Based on archaeological evidence, it is believed that they migrated from Eastern Alaska, down to present-day New Mexico. Today, we would never consider moving over 3,500 miles without the aid of moving companies but back then, with no moving company in existence and few pack animals, the journey was made entirely on foot. The Navajo moved around a lot, not always by their choice, so it is interesting that even in their creation story, they moved or were forced to move a number of times before they found their home.

Today, the Navajo are the largest federally recognized tribe in the USA, with most of the members still in Arizona and New Mexico. They primarily speak the Navajo language in the region and practice many of the same customs their ancestors did. Chants to provide healing, protections and blessings are common. For example, people who leave the boundaries of the four sacred mountains, such as truck drivers for moving companies, soldiers or travelers receive the Blessing Way Ceremony upon leaving and the Enemy Way Ceremony upon return.

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