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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Henry Wilkinson-Derums

MYTH: In the beginning there was no time no earth, nothing. There was no life whatsoever and no water to keep the streams running like today. Many people call it darkness others call it the blank void. This darkness was around everywhere and in the centre of the entire void there laid a purple spiral that rotated very slowly and making a faint noise while it moved. Nobody knows where the spiral came from nor how long it had been around there. But it grew progressively bigger to the point that it was as big as 5 elephants combined. Then at once the spiral started making a horrible noise that could pierce anyone’s ears, and coming out of the spiral was some sort of creature. This creature was known as Lumion god of the universe. As Lumion was created the spiral disappeared. Lumion was a very big and holy god as he had a white body tinted with gold linings around his arms and legs. However Lumion grew increasingly bored and wanted a fellow god by his sid, so he put his hands together and let out a white beam. This created many different gods varying from different colours and sizes. Then Lumion ripped open his chest and out came the sun and stars from it. The stars scattered all over the darkness and the sun replaced the location in which the spiral was at. Lumion was not finished though. He asked the gods to come together and fire their beams into each other. As this happened the circle in which the beams were creating grew bigger and bigger until it became the size of the earth, which we live on today.

Each god contributed to making the earth therefore parts of them was the earth. For example Lumion represented the clouds, Newmai small blue god represented the water and sky, Markius the rough textured white god represented the sand and so forth. However this was mainly Lumion’s creation and he had the most control over the earth. Many gods were mad about this and began to fight about whom they think deserved more control over the earth. Lumion decided the world needed some inhabitants therefore he made the first man. He did this by going down onto the earth and carving a tree out in the shape of a man. Then he let his pure, white beam enter the carving and thus gave life to the sculpture. He did not let the man see him so he paralysed him for 30 seconds to give him time to ascend up to the universe. There he watched over the male and took notice of his actions. The white beam contained knowledge in it which helped him know how to walk, talk, gather materials and hunt. Lumion also made the man as powerful as a god but did not give him the privilege to be able to fly and go up to the universe. But as he went up to the universe there was a big argument with the gods. As some wanted the man to worship them, while others didn’t even want to give him the powers that the gods had. Lumion was put on the spot would he not listen to the gods and create a big feud. Or would he kill his creation to stop the argument. He had made up his mind.

He told the gods “I will kill this god and make the next humans with no powers, if you don’t fight and never question my decisions ever again”.

The gods thought about it for a few seconds. Then they all came to an agreement with Lumion. Therefore at once Lumion summoned a flood on the earth causing the god to die. He then created the first man and woman to wonder the earth. However this time he would not give them knowledge and he would make them less intelligent and more pitful so they could learn from their mistakes. This is how the world was created and this is the story of Lumion ruler of the universe.
NAME: Henry Bake
Athesis, Miridious and Satarius

MYTH: For all of existence the universe has been a cycle of creation, destruction and re-creation. There is no beginning nor end to the cycle, nor did it have a beginning and nor will it ever end. All physical objects and energy is created and destroyed in a constantly equal amount. At one point in this ‘Cycle of the Universe’ the two gods, Athesis and Miridious were reborn. By their own values and beliefs 2 was a sacred number, and so when they build their kingdom of light they built everything in pairs of opposites: the areas of dominion being the sky and the earth and the forces that allow sight being Light and Darkness as examples. The two Gods had emotions and psychology as we do, and so they became bored without a danger or problem to overcome. However, because of these emotions they felt curious and joyful towards the nearly empty universe around them. And so the two gods began creating a pure world of joy and happiness that was devoid of evil and destruction. At first Athesis created the elements of earth, fire, wind, water and electricity while Miridious created their forms of liquid, solid and gas. With these elements at an infinite disposal to them they began to combine them in incredible ways, creating rare metals, illustrious jewels and hundreds of other great materials.

By combining earth and water they created a vast ocean held in a bowel made up of unbreakable metals and elements. The two gods then began hurling all of their creations into the bowel over great distances. Chunks of light earth sifted out and solidified into islands and continents that floated on top of the ocean. Some of the heavier creations landed on these landforms and were imbedded into the ground or lay around on top, while most sunk to the bottom of the bowel and remain there to this day. The ones that remained on top of the landforms weighed downwards, creating great valleys and craters in the landforms until they eventually broke apart and dissipated into the soil, while the imbedded creations fused with the earth into incredible treasures that would not be earthed for eons. After they had exhausted themselves after thousands of years of this, Miridious and Athesis stood and watched their world grow and change. However, the two both agreed there was something missing, and so they created their greatest masterpiece: life. The two Gods blowed particles of dust imbued with this life across the world, where they settled and fused with the surrounding earth to created incredible creatures based on what they ad fused with. This is why the world has such a diverse range of life.

Humans were among these creatures, yet the life that had created them had also fused with the rare treasures Diamond and Gold, allowing humans to gain sentience. Unfortunately, humans could not control this gift, and so many wars broke out among them because of the uncontrolled emotions of anger and hate. Miridious and Athesis watched for many years in horror as humans created chaos across their once perfect world. At last, Miridious could not stand it. Descending to his own world, he wiped out entire wars and civilisations that he did not deem worthy with plagues and storms. One day, as his kingdom was on the verge of Miridious’ wrath, a malicious human named Satarius met Miridious at the kingdoms outskirts as its citizens watched in horror at the titanic figure of Miridious about to descend on them. Miridious, broken with the grief of human death listened to Satarius, hoping he would be pure of heart.

‘You and I both know humanity could not be so evil’ Satarius yelled, a plan forming in his head, ‘No such evil could be possible among us mortals!’ Miridious thought about this statement, then questioned Satarius:

‘If humanity could not be so evil, then who has caused this evil?’

‘There must be some kind of being as powerful as you who is jealous of these wonders you have created and seeks to destroy it’ Satarius replied. Miridious suddenly thought of Athesis, and in that moment had been tricked.

‘Of course’ he exclaimed, then rushed back to the Kingdom of Light to confront the innocent Athesis. When he arrived, he tried to kill Athesis, fighting with his once friend for hundreds of years. At last, the heartbroken Athesis managed to defeat Miridious. Believing humanity to have corrupted him, Athesis banished Miridious and humanity to a replica of their world, this one filled with sin and evil. Few treasures and rich lands could be found here, and only those who followed Athesis’ law would ever ascend to the pure world in the afterlife. That is why we live in such a harsh world, and why humanity is so violent and ignorant of their acts towards each other.
NAME: Laurie Todd
TITLE: How The World Began:

MYTH: In a galaxy far away from where earth is now and it was a giant planet inhabited by giants. A few giants called Hudson, Usher, Mike, Aiden and Nicolas were playing a friendly game of soccer when one of the goalkeepers spotted small bugs on the ball. They took it to the entomologist the day after, wondering what these mysterious bugs were. The entomologist searched through all his books and other strange resources and they came to the conclusion that these bugs had not been discovered yet. The entomologist said that they could name it. It took the 5 of them a while but they came to the conclusion that they wanted to call the species Human. After a few weeks the got used to the Humans around them when playing soccer, until… the ball was kicked so high that it got caught on the verge of space. The lack of gravity meant that the ball kept on floating away. It reached a black hole, it got sucked into it. The black hole was unknown to the giants and by the time it escaped the black hole, the ball had mutated and was much bigger, changed colour and still had a few Humans left on it. The names of these Humans were Ed, Alex, Regan, Thomas and Harry. The noticed that there were other giant balls floating as well, the thought that the balls had come through the same way. There were so many revolutions on the ball and it was spinning very fast, this explains why the Earth rotates. They decided to populate and live on this ball, They Called it Earth as it was all their names put together.

TITLE: Creation of the Universe Myth
NAME: Reuben Watts

MYTH: Long ago before the big peace that covered our universe, before the creation of man and before the creation of the universe itself, there were four Gods, two males and two females. The male Gods were Zeus and Jupiter, Kings in their own right and the female Gods were Hera and Juno who were Queens in their own right. Hera was the wife of Zeus and Juno was the wife of Jupiter. Together, Zeus and Hera were Kings and Queens of the left side of the planet that they lived on and Jupiter and Juno were Kings and Queens of the right side of the planet.

After this Zeus and Hera called themselves Greeks because their side of the planet was called Greece.  Jupiter and Juno decided then they would be called Romans because their side of the planet was called Rome. Then the two sides wanted more land so the Greek Gods made a universe on the left side of their half of the planet and the Roman gods did the same but on the right side of their planet.

Thousands of years after the making of the universe two wives had children. Hera and Zeus had three children, Ares their son was the Greek God of war. While Jupiter and Juno had a son, Mars the Roman God of war.  These two Gods of war Ares and Mars created a planet in honour of war, their friendship with each other and their two great powers.

They decided to make a planet that they would share together. This planet would be able to support life for thousands of years to come so they created humans, animals and vegetation to cover the planet.  They would allow life to develop freely so when they made these life forms there would be man and women. This would allow life to continue, develop free will and so these human beings wouldn’t die out. They made the humans to battle, so that they could have these life forms fight in wars with each other, like pieces on a chessboard or like gladiators fighting in an arena at the colosseum. They made everything on earth so that these people could live, fight and die for their amusement. There was fruit from the trees and bushes, fuel for warmth and fires, shelter from the materials that could be found if the humans were resourceful enough. They made the humans look like them, in their image because these Gods were vain and felt there was no other perfect image other than their own.  Ares would say that the Greek Gods were the only Gods.  Mars would say that the Roman Gods were the only Gods. There would always be war amongst the humans and one side would worship the Greek Gods and the other would worship the Roman Gods.

The Gods planned to flood parts of the earth so that the humans would not become as powerful, by the mere number of them, as the Gods. Over time the humans learnt how to make farming easier, make big cities that would last for years, democracy and many other inventions throughout time. Later on through the years the Gods loved to watch the humans fight against each other, develop a variety of religions and beliefs. It made the Gods laugh at the humans’ effort to understand their world and their creation. However, there came a time when the Gods became unhappy as they started to blame each other for all the peace that had started to grow.  These religions helped the humans to understand their beginnings, life and it was creating peace amongst the humans. They learned to work together, live in harmony no matter what the Gods did. Humans had learnt to march together against terrorism and war. The two halves of the world were no longer, they were one people growing strong within their beliefs, living in harmony. The two Gods of war were unhappy. They clashed with such force that the Roman Gods were transformed into the planets and stars around the Earth. Their anger had frozen them in time. The humans live in peace giving names to these planets and stars. 

On a quiet night, humans can look into the heavens and view these glittering and reflecting objects surrounding their world being a constant reminder of the value of peace.

NAME: Lizardman
TITLE: The Storyteller (Creation Myth)

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing ... Nothing but a vast empty space. But in this darkness, there was a single man. A very lonely man who had been asleep forever, yet had a single belonging, a book. One day (not that you could exactly tell) he finally woke up and realized that he had been asleep in a vast, empty, dark place where nothing existed. He decided to change that. Then he realized that he had an object, the book, with him. Curious, he read aloud from the book and everything changed!

“Chapter One: The Beginnings. Once, there was light...” And there was light all around. He was no longer in a vast, empty dark space. He had brought light!
“And an Earth for everyone to call home...” And there was the Earth.
“This Earth had animals like dogs, cats, fish, deer (etc.) living on it along side Humans.” And it was so. Everything he read from his mysterious book came to live in front of his very eyes. He read and read until there was nothing more to read. But then, his book disappeared and a new book, bigger than the last appeared and he started to read from it also the title being,
“Chapter 2: ...” And he kept reading and each time he finished he book, it disappeared and a new one took it’s place, each a little bigger than the last. The people on the Earth that he had created gave him the name, Storyteller for he was reading a book and creating everything inside it.

NAME: Taylor Hardin
TITLE: How the World Began

MYTH: There was a world of darkness,  and a large meadow. In the meadow was a small sphere that slowly formed into the sun. As it flooded over the meadow, in the same spot as the sphere, a woman grew out of the earth. The woman was named Januki. Since Januki was the goddess of all creation, she made a river flow through the meadow. One side was the side of evil and chaos, and the other side was of light and beauty.  She formed a man from the river and sent him to the side of chaos, and named him Nukaga.They formed a son named Nukaga. They formed a son named Gegune. He ruled the river, and married a person whom he cut from the meadow. Her name was Jinkaya. Jinkaya was the goddess of Earth, and eventually all the gods and godessess were born. One of these gods, Kiuanio, was bitten by a poisonous snake in the meadow and became a dog. He made all the animals today and named them. The river flooded and swept everything away. All the gods, goddessess, and Kiuanio, used their powers to make earth.

NAME: Maddy Albritton
AGE: 13 years old
SCHOOL: Ms.Thomas' 5th period English

Before light and day, before man or any other creatures, there was a darkness. This darkness was called Chonalink. From within Chonalink, a Koala emerged. The Koala began falling into an endless loop of darkness. This did not please the Koala. He created the first valley, this pleased him very much. The Koala then realized he was hungry. He created trees and water. He would no longer starve. The Koala was pleased with his little paradise, he named is Ninna. The Koala fell asleep and out of Chonalink, a great rumbling emerged and a lump of clay fell onto the valley. For many days, this lump became bigger, and after 10 months a man arose from the lump. He proclaimed himself as Zonagin. He was a form of the first man. Zonagin created his wife from the Earth, he named her Jin. Jin and Zonagin had a baby, which formed in Jin's stomach for 10 months. The day the baby was to be born, Zonagin created animals and all living creatures with one movement of his hand. They would no longer eat plants. Jin was in pain when she birthed Klink, their son was to be the god of all waters. Surprisingly, Jin pushed out another baby. This baby was a girl, and they named her Mincatho. Their daughter was to be the goddess of all animals. When the twins reached the age of 18 years, Zonagin reached up into the sky and evaporated. Becoming the god of the sky, moon, and stars. Jin separated the ground into a staircase going into darkness and then began walking as the Earth closed behind her. She became the goddess of the Earth, otherwise known as the first mother, Mother Earth. Kink dissolved into the ocean, while Mincatho turned into a dove, forever protecting all living things. When Zonagin sent the first rain, men and women emerged one by one from the soil. The people had natural instincts and began living happily and repopulating. Years later, the Koala arose from his long slumber and did not like what Zongain had done with his paradise. The Koala sent fire and hail storms onto all the humans, causing the first deaths. The First Family was not pleased. They gave all the people the strength to kill the Koala and end the chaos. Everything returned back to normal but Death stayed, and to this day, Koala's stand a symbol of Death and Evil. This making the world imperfect.
NAME: Taylor Hardin
How the earth began

There was a world of darkness, and a large meadow. In this meadow was a small sphere that slowly formed into the sun. As it flooded into the meadow, in the same spot as the sphere, a woman grew out of the earth. Her name was Januki. Since Januki was the godess of all creation, she made a river flow through the meadow. One side was of evil and chaos, and the other side was of light and beauty. She formed a man from the river and sent him to the side of chaos and darkness, and named him Nukaga. They formed a son named Gegune. He ruled the river, and married a person whom he cut from the meadow. Her name was Jinkaya. Jinkaya was the goddess of all earth, and eventually all the gods and goddessess were born. One of these gods, Kiuanio, was bitten by a poisonous snake and became a dog. He made all the animals and named them. The river flooded and swept everything away. All the gods and goddessess made the earth.
TITLE: God of plague
Dillon Absher

MYTH: One bright sunny day there was a mouse, this was no ordinary mouse, he was a journalist. But as the day grew old, a dark plague hit the world with a boom! The humans on this earth would kill people and kidnap people and even worse than that too. When the God of plague had finally had enough of this non sense, he decided to kill all the people with a big plague. This plague would get in their body and they would die in a matter of two days. What the plague did was target the heart and slow down the pumping of the blood and the human would die soon. But once this awfull plague was over, the God of plagues decided to make a promise that he will never do it again. He put flowers on the ground as a symbol of his promise.

TITLE: The Dirt Bike Man
NAME: Justin Dagen

MYTH: One day there was a man named Brian who loved to ride dirt bike, but he lived on a dwarf-like planet. He was also a mechanic, vet, scientist, and hall of fame football player. One time while he was experimenting in his lab he came up with a new invention. This idea was so great that he tried it out right away. His invention was a dirt bike that could fly. Well here it goes and he was off. He was going so fast that his helmet almost flew right off his head. Then it happened, he went on a tight turn and slipped. His leg had accidently hit the danger button on the side of the dirt bike and it made him go so fast that he lost control and flew into a different galaxy and got lost. He could not find his way home, so he tried looking for different planets to live on. He looked and looked and looked and could not find a planet. Then he remembered that he brought his other new invention with him. It was a calculator like thing that he could make planets with, so he created Earth.

NAME: Faith Roth

MYTH: A small village called Pivot had almost everything its kind villagers needed: water, stone, wood. But, they did not have a God! They did have lots of necessary things but a god was not one of them. The villagers would go up to their wise and noble King, King Pivotorio. They would always ask the same question, what do we do? King Pivotorio feared what might happen to his village if he did not do something fast. Even though he did not want his villagers to worry, they always did. They truly believed in their king, but was he powerful enough to create a god?

One foggy morning the King went to the Temple of Scrolls. He searched and searched for the answer all morning and finally he had found what he was looking for, the scroll of gods. He had found out that the only possible way to have a god was to sacrifice a young couple and say a certain spell to give them the powers of gods and goddesses. When he confronted this to the villagers, they were not as happy as he expected. The villagers thought that their wise King had gone mad! The king said that he would give them the rest of the day and tonight to think about it and then tomorrow they would make two sacrifices. There would be one of each gender. The next morning had come, but the villagers did not talk about who to sacrifice. They hated the idea. But they somewhat knew that the king was certain about this. To every one of the villagers’ surprise, a very young and beautiful couple had stepped up and said that they both would sacrifice themselves to the upper goddess world. At first look, the king was relieved but then he saw something that made him frown, the young girl was pregnant! The village was shocked and said that they would not allow that to happen but they saw no point in arguing because they did not want to be the one. And so the couple was sacrificed and sent to the upper world.

Three months later the girl had twins in the upper world and the villagers realized that would be their next god to come.

NAME: Brittany Johnson
TITLE: My Own Myth

MYTH: Majko, goddess of Earth, was very beautiful and kind. She married Otac who was a very powerful god of war. Otac was also an artistic god who liked to sculpt in his free time. They both lived in the Upperworld in a kingdom made of Gold and diamonds. Majko and Otac tried for a long time to have a baby but Otac could not give his wife one. He knew his wife felt alone so one day he made a sculpture of a boy and then had the most powerful witch in the kingdom, known has Celeste, put a spell on the sculpture and turned it into a real boy. So now Majko and Otac had a son who they named Mudar.
Even though Majko now had a full family, she still felt alone. One day when Otac was away she had an affair with a mortal and got pregnant. Otac was furious at his wife but overtime he forgave her. Majko had a mortal baby boy who she named Nasilan, Otac tried to raise him as his own by sharing his love for sculpting with the boy but he could not fully accept him. Mudar and Nasilan were close and went and did everything together, because of this Majko and Otac never told the boys the truth of how they were not fully related. Because Nasilan was a mortal he was not powerful like the rest of his family, so has both boys grew older Mudar was always the noble and wise one while Nasilan questioned why he was so weak and different. The curiosity of not knowing why, drove Nasilan to be violent and rude.

One day Otac took Mudar out on an adventure and left Nasilan at home to cook with his mother. Nasilan was angry about this so he went to the room where Otac had once taught him how to sculpt, and he began to destroy the sculptures that Otac had made. Then he was exhausted so he went to his room to take a nap. When Otac came home he found his sculptures destroyed, he instantly stomped up to Nasilan’s room, woke him out of his sleep and threw him across the room, he threatened to kill him and began shouting, “how dare you destroy my great sculptures I have worked so hard on, you ungrateful boy. You are not really even a part of this family. Your mother was a harlot, you are a mortal and I am not your real father so I would not feel guilty if I were to kill you now.” Majko heard the ruckus and rushed over to see what was going on. Otac was about to kill Nasilan so she ran over quickly to protect her son. She begged to Otac to let him live, but he only agreed to let him live if he was banished from the Upperworld and sent down to Earth to live with the rest of the mortals.

At the time the mortals who lived on earth were called Karu people, they lived like wild animals and did not know how to make clothes or shoes so they roamed the Earth naked. They did not know how to make houses or tools. Nor did they know how to grow food or hunt so they ate grass, roots, berries and even their own flesh. Because of this Otac sent Nasilan down to earth, and told him to teach the Karu people the proper ways to live. If he succeeded then he could come back to the Upperworld. Otac even sent the witch Celeste with Nasilan to put a spell on the land where the best soil is to cultivate crops and make them grow quicker. But once Nasilan and Celeste got to earth he had another plan in mind. As soon as Celeste put the spell over the land, Nasilan took her hostage. He demanded that she help him with his ultimate plan, or she would die.

And so Nasilan began his plan, by first doing what Otac told him to do. He taught the Karu people how to make tools, weapons and even how to make clothes. He then began sculpting thousands of humans and forcing Celeste to use her magic to turn them. He even taught the Karu people how to sculpt so more humans would be created quicker. He now had an army. But his army was still weak so he created a different kind of sculpture. He made them taller, faster and stronger, with sharp teeth. They were half werewolf and half vampire so he called these ones, hybrids. They craved human blood and were very vicious so Nasilan had to teach them to ignore there cravings for human blood and to focus their cravings on animal blood. His army was now complete. So Nasilan did not need Celeste anymore so he had a hybrid kill her.

Otac, Majko and Mudar watched from the Upperworld has Nasilan put together his army. They were frightened and knew that Nasilan would try to lead his army to the Upperworld and take over the kingdom so Otac locked the door that led from the Earth to the Upperworld. Before he locked the door Mudar volunteered to go down to Earth and destroy Nasilan and his army of humans and hybrids himself. But before Mudar went, his father Otac created one last sculpture of a god named Menime, god of wisdom and powerful words. He had another witch turn Menime, and finally Mudar and Menime set off to stop Nasilan. When they got to Earth they found Nasilan and his army waiting at the door. He ordered his army to attack but Menime quickly shouted out “wait! I am the god of wisdom and powerful words. I will now convince you to stand down. I have come to talk you out of this nonsense, this war. What for? Because I can assure, you that one day you will be a great ruler but you can’t do that if you act foolish.” Mineme’s powerful words sank into Nasilan’s mind and he decided that he would stay on Earth and be a ruler. Overtime he soon forgot about his life and family he once had in the Upperworld and spent the rest of his life with his hybrids and humans in peace.

TITLE: Ethlite Creation Story
NAME: Danielle Drumm

MYTH: Long ago, before there was anything, there was the sun, Raja, and the moon, Amelit. They created two gods, Horus, and Icar, who were to rule over all the other gods and goddesses to come equally and fairly. But the one god, Horus, wanted it all for himself, so he killed Icar. Well, that caused Raja and Amelit to be furious and wage war upon Horus. While Horus was gathering an army of demons and monsters, Raja and Amelit were creating more gods and goddesses. But there was one god who was the tallest, strongest, and wisest of them all. He had two massive horns, four arms, and one giant eye that sees all. His name was Ethlitex. But in the depths, Horus was creating a demon that would rule among all the others. He had ten claws coming out of each hand, a spiked tail, and two dragon heads. His breath was poison and he killed his victims by keeping their soul to torture for eternity. His name was Delvix. Ethlitex and Delvix had a ferocious battle but Ethlitex won with a massive stroke of his fiery sword, and Delvix turned to ashes. Raja and Amelit made Ethlitex the ruler of all things and banished Horus to the depths forever. Ethlitex became the sun and the moon. He then created four other gods. Lithius, goddess of water, Horcrux, god of fire, Miopet, goddess of the wind, and Garleth, god of the earth. As his second creation, Ethlitex thought there should be something to worship all the gods, so he created man. He made man from the ashes of Delvix and the bones of the fallen gods. The bones made man good and right, but the ashes made man sinful and greedy. But man proved their righteousness with their worship to the gods. So Ethlitex allowed them to live and tend to the earth.
TITLE: The New Life
NAME: Jadan Forren

MYTH: Everything was pitch black, not a single thing seemed to be alive. But yet, far away there was a god called Everlasting. He shone so bright, he had fire in his mouth. His eyes saw everything, in his hand he held a sword. His robe was made of gold, but yet he felt alone, he felt like he needed to make something. He turned his head up and gently said, ”Come out my dear servants, do not be afraid.” And thus two spirits came out, each had wings of that of an angel and both had golden eyes, but yet there was a complete difference about them. One had a mouth like bird the other had one of a lizard. Everlasting gently put them on the palm of his hand and told them to multiply. The two servants flew off and within minutes there were hundreds of servants. Each one looked completely different and right away Everlasting knew that they all had different skills. Then Everlasting blew into the dark night and every time he blew, gold bricks came out and thus he built a kingdom that would belong to the sky. Then, Everlasting turned around and made monsters! But every monster had a different skill just like the servants. Everlasting deemed perfect until about ten years later a betrayer came. He was a servant named Gloriouse. He had loved living in the kingdom of Everlasting but yet Gloriouse always had this feeling that he should be the one ruling. So one day Gloriouse took 58 other servants that were following him and went into Everlasting’s chamber. Around this time Everlasting was creating the world, He was making his last piece, a human. Everlasting was just starting on the second human’s foot, when Gloriouse came up behind him with his servants. Gloriouse flew up to the top of Everlasting and blew a huge lightning bolt into Everlasting’s head. Everlasting keeled over screaming in agony. Gloriouse laughed an evil laugh. Everlasting turned around and out of his mouth flew a flame that went on Gloriouse and burned him. Gloriouse saw that he was about to die, so he begged for Everlasting to save him. Everlasting said, ”You shall always burn in the darkest part of the world!” And thus Gloriouse would always burn in the darkest part of the world. Then Everlastimg finished making the human and would always rule the world with his servants being half monsters and half gods.

TITLE: The Creation of the World
NAME: Emily Torrise

MYTH: The creation of the world began when this creepy dude created Yuppie Powder. He wanted to create Hippy Powder to take him to the Island of Happy Hippies, which somehow already existed, and he ate it, thinking it was Hippy Powder. He turned into a Yuppie and was so stupid he made a planet sized gas tank and blew it up. He died in the explosion and from this a radioactive blue planet formed. When the distorted chunks of him fell to the planet, little gingerbread men were created. This is why the creatures that live today sometimes have Yuppyish tendencies. A new god, Leven-ing, was created when a gingerbread man drank from a radioactive stream. He made gummy frogs, gummy sharks, cube shaped candy cane trees, trail mix sandstorms, and caramel lakes. He made the world non-radioactive, but it still glowed blue. Leven-ing created more creatures. He made gummy bears, in all the colors, to live in the forests. Wolves lived in PineMint forests and could be tamed by being fed a lollipop sapling. Spearmint Crocodiles lived in the Jellomel lakes. The Gingerbreads fed on gummy bears, frogs, and sharks. By taking a spice pebble and a PineMint stick, they made fires, and stuck poles through the animals and roasted them. All was well until the gummy bears started plotting… The End?

A few hundred years later, the Gummy bears found that Leven-ing left one stream radioactive. They turned themselves into gods, made a boatload of Yuppie Powder, and tricked everyone into eating it. They all became Yuppies and blew themselves up. The planet blew up, but the Yuppieness that was leftover from this and the creepy dude transferred over to some of the early people, and they passed it onto the people of today. And this is why people are Yuppies.

TITLE: Looking Into the Future, From the Past
NAME: Mariah Stoltzfus and Mylee Smith

MYTH: The world is nothing right now. It is a complete ball of blackness. Until two girls with power in their blood, use spells to create the earth, sun, moon, and everything that we know today!

2,100 years later……….

The girls (Edna and Sandy) are still alive because of their power, and have seen the world change over time. People have multiplied, the climate is bizarre. As they walk to their home, Mesopotamia, they realize that it is gone and has now become Iraq. Where are the gods? Where are the temples? Where are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? “Herew si uro omelandh,” said Edna. “I aveh on deai,” replied Sandy. “etsl og xploree orem!”

2 hours later…….

“I idntd nowk heyt pgradedu het ommunicationc ystems,” explained Edna.

“eayh,” replied Sandy. As they continue to look around, they also realize houses have more construction, everyone has an education, and there aren’t kings to rule anymore. A random person approaches them.

“What are you wearing? Are you from the beginning of time?”

“hyw esy ew rea,” replied Edna offended.

“What are you even saying? No wonder you’re from the past!”

“eyh!” Sandy said now offended too. Their conversation went on for a little while.nAfter a couple of hours, the girls realized they were getting hungry. So they asked a person in a yellow taxi cab where they could get some food.

“Just down the street there is a nice fast food restaurant.”

“hankt ouy eryv uchm!” Edna announced.

So, just like the man said, there was a nice restaurant just down the street.

“hatw si a orndogc ro a unnelcakef?” Edna asked.

“Um, a food.” Replied the bored clerk.

“ellw aket neo fo ache.” Answered Sandy.

As they ate their food, they realized how good modern food tastes.

“I hinkt ti si imet ot og omeh.” Said Edna.

“utb I ovel het uturef.” Replied Sandy.

“I nowk,” Edna argued back. “utb evew adh a ongl ayd.”

“ko,” agreed Sandy. They used their magic hour glass to get home. The two girls loved the future, and might come back next year to see the new changes and upgrades.
TITLE: Feathers of the dragon
NAME: Bailey A. Wood

MYTH: Once, before there were humans, or even gods, dragons ruled the land. The world was an orderly place then, ruled by the Great Dragon Council. There, the leader of that council, is our character, a purple dragon who went by the name Dragonfeather. One day, during a pressing meeting of the Dragon Council, an ice dragon called Icerius, provided a stunning piece of new development, a break-in in the home of Restolu, the North village’s elder.

“Icerius, do you have any idea what the thief looked like?” Dragonfeather asked pressingly as the room grew warmer and Dragonfeather snorted smoke.
“It is him Dragonfeather…” Icerius stated depressingly, as if all hope was gone. “And he stole it… the Gem of the Dragons…” When Icerius stated that, the whole Dragon Council gasped in despair.
“But… that means if we don’t get it back before the Crystal Growth Moon… then all of our land between the rivers shall perish!”

Gwenretoa was right. If the dragons did not get the precious gem back before the Crystal Harvest Moon, their beautiful land between the two silt plentiful rivers would perish, and the dragons would be forced to eat each other to survive.

“ORDER!!!!” Dragonfeather shouted over the panicking dragons while beating her tail on a rock. “We WILL get the gem back! Melonsery! You are Restolu’s son and you visited him just yesterday, correct?”

“Y-yes-yes Dragonfeather, and h-he did ha-have the gem then, h-he told me he w-was st-studying it…” Melonsery stammered quickly and nervously. Dragonfeather stood up and walked out, looking over her scaly shoulder and said, “I doubt I will come back… Crystal… you have always been my most trusted friend and associate… I will trust you to take over my position if I fail to return… Snowestery I would like for you to come with me!” Dragonfeather said, and with that she dismissed the Dragon Council.

“Are you sure you want to do this sister? It is almost certain that you will… not return…” Snowestery asked.

“Yes, come. Let’s go.” Dragonfeather stated bluntly as the two sisters started out the door.

The two sisters flew hundreds of miles, finally arriving at a mountain with a cliff edge in front of a solid rock wall. “In here, and quietly…” Dragonfeather whispered as she walked right through the stone wall, as if it were just an illusion.

“H-H-How did you do that?!” Snowestery was in shock of seeing the last of her sister’s golden tail disappear into the wall.

Dragonfeather’s head reappeared through the wall.

“It’s just an illusion… and I thought I said quietly!” she whisper shouted as Snowestery followed her. They walked down a dark corridor to come upon a torch-lit room.

“Ah! Dragonfeather and Snowestery! So nice of you to drop by… and thank you for shadowizing my body… it’s so much easier to steal what I need to return to material form…” As the voice said this, a shadow of a dragon appeared on the wall holding a brilliant blue gemstone.

“It made sense you stole it! And it makes sense that I’m going to get it back! HEERRRRAAAARRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!” Dragonfeather shouted as she charged at the shadow the moment it materialized and the gem glowed. Dragonfeather ricocheted backwards.

“Dragonfeather, Dragonfeather, Dragonfeather…” the newly materialized red dragon chuckled as he strode forward while Dragonfeather struggled to stand up.

"You will NEVER rule this land Mastochi!” Dragonfeather shouted as her necklace glowed. “Because I! WON’T! LET YOU!!!!!” she shouted with all her heart as her eyes glowed purple along with her claws and horns. She charged at Mastochi. Then there was silence and a blinding light. Dragonfeather lay on the ground, dying.

“Snowestery, take my necklace and the gem and move the dragons to Sky Mountain…” she whispered as she created two small clay figurines. Within minutes of Snowestery’s leave, Dragonfeather passed, and when she did, three feathers from each of her wings fell off and were absorbed into the clay bodies, three in each. The feathers gave them knowledge, willpower and emotion. Dragonfeather’s last breath gave them life and her body disappeared. The dragons retreated to Sky Mountain and the clay figures turned to humans and they now ruled the earth. The dragons created gods for the humans to believe in. The land between the two rivers became Mesopotamia.
TITLE: How the World Came to be
NAME: Dylan McLimans

MYTH: Once upon a time the world was as blank as a sheet of paper. There was nothing but dirt. Then out of the middle of nowhere a figure of life appeared, and this creature was named Bob and Bob created everything you could think of on earth. Bob wanted peace with the world and no destruction to his land. Well Bob designed a creature to live on his name and he called it a human. Bob created his human to be, a body with arms legs feet hands etc. The humans did not like Bobs demanding rules so they found a person for a leader, and this person understood his job. So they went to fight Bob and his army and they won and took over the land. There new leader was noble and courageous but did his job. He handled crisis and problems with care and he made life easier for the people. These leader was killed by a break away rebel group. They tried to take over the land but were killed by the good people in the world. After everything calmed down the people settled down but a person started a deadly disease that pretty much killed the whole population. But with a last bit of hope a baby was born. But not long after his mother died and the world was in his hands…

TITLE: Solanco Island
NAME: Christopher Natale 6th Grade

MYTH: More than one billion years ago there was nothing except the gods. There were 5 main gods (sky, water, moon, sun, wind) but they really believed in hundreds of minor gods, also. They are polytheistic. They lived ca. 600 B.C. They settled between Providence and Bart-Colerain. They were luckier than other civilizations because most of their resources were already there when they settled. So, all they had to do was use it to their advantage. The god that protects Solanco Island is the sun god, Brighten. Brighten is the second most powerful god; the first is the sky goddess, Victorian. These citizens are so happy they found a safe place to stay because they have traveled from place to place for almost 5 decades! Except they had one problem. They had no houses! So, they took sticks and string, tied the sticks together to make teepees. They wanted a sturdier place to live but the teepees will have to do.

After they got settled they realized that they are starving! They already knew how to grow crops. So, they started to grow them, but they take a long time to grow fully and they are really hungry. Then they figured out what to do. They had to kill the animals, but they didn’t know how to! So, they made what we call a Bow and Arrow. Then they killed the animals and ate them. Then later that night they all got sick! They didn’t know why they got sick but they kept eating it. As we all know, they forgot to cook the food so they got sick, but they didn’t know that. Then one day a villager tripped on a rock and his meat fell in the fire. Food was scarce and he didn’t want to waste any, so he dug out the meat and ate it. The villager loved the meat and told everyone in the village what he found. They all loved it too. Later that day they didn’t get sick, so they kept cooking their food. After that the village thrived. Soon after the cooking discovery they learned how to write cuneiform! Then everything kept advancing. They had the best life anyone can have. And that is how Solanco School District came to be!

TITLE: The Creation of the Universe
NAME: Kyrian Sowards
AGE: Grade 6

MYTH: Before the dawn of creation, Darkness and Light, were the only beings that existed. These beings, since they were the only beings in the universe, slowly got lonely and longed for children. Then these beings had many sons and many daughters. They named their sons Star, and their daughters Planet. When their sons and daughters grew up, they wanted to have children as well. Alas, they couldn’t mingle because the planets would die, so their parents, Dark and Light, decided to give Planets life and Stars brightness, but eventually the Stars became greedy and took ten or more Planets as their wives. This made Dark and Light angry, and in return they made few planets be able to bear life, this is how solar systems began. Then Dark and Light made certain animals on those certain Planets more intelligent and to grow in size and numbers. One day Dark and Light got angry at each other and started a war, the War of the Universe! Dark made black holes and dark matter, while Light made hypernovas and solar flares! After a while they wanted to stop the war, but their creations did not cease to exist, and have continued fighting for millennium and will continue fighting forever and ever.

TITLE: World Creation
NAME: Eliyahu Kauffman

MYTH: So the world starts out as a gigantic mess of energy, and out of the giant glob comes the first god. The god of the oceans was the only conscious being at the time, so he created more beings from the mass of swirling energy, and he named these beings Indra and Ashura, gods of the sun and moon. Indra and Ashura wanted somebody to appreciate their light, so they created the god of Earth, Jura, who created the earth, while the unnamed first god created oceans to fill the rest of the globe.

Indra and Ashura still were unpleased, so they created the Earthlords, beings who created many machines and wonders powered by the sun and moon and gave many objects of wonder to them, but yet Indra and Ashura were unpleased.
So finally after all that, they created humans, the first race with any learning to do, and they appeared to them in times of need or peril, helping to form the races knowledge before they faced the full peril of the world. But unbeknownst to them, Jura grew displeased, and with the sea god, he created creatures of unimaginable might, boars with muscle rivalling lead in density, and creatures of the night to spread plague. However, humans grew too advanced to be destroyed by them, so Jura and the sea god caused all their knowledge to be lost. But, in doing this, Jura and the sea god sealed themselves, Indra, Ashura, and all other immortals except the Earthlords, who moved to another realm, away inside an endless darkness.

NAME: Joel Behrens
TITLE: the creation of music

MYTH: In the beginning, there was no sound. There was also two frightening beasts that roamed amongst the humans. One was a male and the other a female. The male wanted nothing but silence, so any noise from the humans was strictly prohibited. Whenever the male fell asleep, the humans would whisper to the female and each other. The female thought their voices were beautiful. She even taught them to sing. One day, the humans got the female to sing to the male. She joined him on a volcano and sung the most beautiful song. The male’s anger boiled over and he pushed her into the volcano, right before it erupted. When his anger finally faded, he wept and his tears became music notes as they softly hit the ground. Then he decided he would let the humans talk and sing as much as they liked. That is the creation of music.

NAME: Nele Weber
TITLE: Why Penguins Can’t Fly

MYTH: Many years ago, when God created the world and all the living things in it, he also created Penguins. Originally, when creating them, he at first thought, “what am I going to put on the Poles?” Since he believed birds should be everywhere on the planet, he opted to create a bird who could withstand the extreme cold. As his thought process went on he decided that he wanted these birds to always look as though they dressed up to be wherever they went, so he ensured the colors of the coat feathers matched that of a tuxedo.

He then decided that he wanted the penguins to be the cutest bird on the planet so that human kind would have a reason to come visit these cold places on the planet. He believed that creating an incentive for people to come would cause human kind to expand their worldviews.

So, the penguin was created but God soon found a problem with his logic. Although penguins could withstand the extreme cold, they would rather avoid it. Penguins had figured out that if they flew north they would reach the warmth of Australia and Brazil. God had not anticipated that penguins might not enjoy the cold so he instead had to come up with a new way to keep the penguins where they belonged on the South Pole.

God thought long and hard how to accomplish what he wanted without locking up the birds so back to the drawing board he went. He thought about making the South Pole smaller so that the distance to the next country would be smaller. This would eliminate a lot of living space on the pole though making living conditions even rougher. He thought about taking away one of their wings to prevent them from flying, but the birds just looked a little off.

So what God finally chose to do was take away the penguins flying power. They would still be born with their wings but would just simply not be able to fly. Penguins, by nature, couldn’t swim long enough to reach another continent. God looked upon his work and thought he had done well. Penguins were now staying in their home while the human interest had been evoked in finding out where these funny looking creatures had come from.

NAME: Lashaundra
The Zulia Myth

MYTH: A long time ago, there was a god named Buthrzon. He was the god of all animals and nature of Zulu. No creature or plant alive was made without him. One day a little boy named Zeon asked Buthrzon for an animal to be called his companion and friend. Buthrzon didn’t understand why the little boy couldn’t chose one of the animals already made. When Buthrzon examined the animals he made, he realized that they were harmful and dangerous. In rage of his own creation he wiped out all animals, and placed them with new ones. Some were still dangerous but the others were harmless. Zeon was amazed but wasn’t happy. He prayed again for an animal to be called his companion and friend. Baffled, Buthrzon thought the little boy was crazy and he didn’t have to make anything for him. Zeon became sadden by Buthrzon, because his god wasn’t answering his prayers. Zeon began to make a list of new creations. Soon after the little boy stumbled across the word Inja, meaning dog in the Zulia dialect. Buthrzon was so astonished by zeon that he began to make this new animal. Using his magical hands, he mixed a mixture of clay, children tears, and a piece of zeons heart into the dog. He created a snout with a small body, than a long tail, four legs and he added claws. After four days of building and modeling this loving and caring creature, Buthrzon was done. He gave the dog lungs and breathe air into it. As soon as he touch the dog, it jumped with joy and licked his face. The Inja was alive! Proud of his creation he waited until zeon was asleep. Waiting for two hours, he came down in the shape of a man, and placed the Inja into zeon hands. When he woke up, Zeon was so excited that he thanked his god Buthrzon for the rest of his life.

TITLE: The Creation of the Squids
AGE: 12

MYTH: In the beginning, there was water; but the water was lonely. So the water went to the bottom of the Ocean and grabbed some clay. Then it started to make a body of a creature and made 10 arms. Then it created eyes and a mouth. Now, he needed to name it. He named it a “Squid”. Then it got mad squid disease and the water made a medic squid. So, it cured all the squids. But, there were not a whole lot of squids, so the water made female squids. The more squids, the bigger their empire gets.
The squids began to worship the water and the water built a large temple. The water made food, seeds, animals, and more. But rebellions rose up and started to attack the squids. But the squids had armies, large armies, and destroyed the rebel scum. Finally, it was a time of peace and started to grow crops of sea weed.

The squids were peaceful until “he” came, the destroyer of all worlds called, THE GREAT DEVAUREN. This  war between the squids and sperm whales began. The water then made the Warrior Squid—protector of Squidtopia and fighter of the great squid army. But 10 years into the war, the squids became leaderless. The squid praised the water to make a king, so the water made a King Squid, leader of all squids and one ruler of Squidtopea.

TITLE: Nothing Turns to Something
NAME: Makairyn (age 10) and Kelbie (age 12)
MYTH: There once was a big rick that had a little soil on it. Also, it had an atmosphere from a small tree that was next to a lamb that was close to a puddle of milk on the other side of the rock. Each year the small tree grew a yard, so does the rock. And the puddle grew with the small tree and the rock. The lamb got old enough to be a grown up. Soon the small tree became a big tree; when the tree got big, the sky of the rock started to turn into blue because of the tree.  When the rock got big enough, grass started to grow. Then the sheep got bored one day so he decorated the sky; he used his wool to make the clouds, then the next time when he got bored, he made the sun and the moon which also is made from his wool.

One day, flowers started to pop out of the ground. Then, the milk turned into water but when the sheep got hungry, he started to eat the grass. Soon the sheep didn’t want to be alone so he went to the pond which is the water that turn into a pond. When he got to the pond, he formed a catfish, then put it in the pond and it came to life. Now every day he made an animal like a cat, dog, deer, bear, turtle, all kinds of animals. Soon the rock got so big that it became a planet. The last thing he made was humans, which is us. Later water rose but it only went at seven spots of the planet. But when sheep was teaching the human each day the sheep taught the animal one thing. Soon a lot of plants all over the planet. Even later all of the animals were all over the world.
TITLE: untitled
NAME: Janson (age 12)

MYTH: Once there was darkness, a man and a staff. He was in the darkness for years when he finally grew tired of the vast emptiness and hit his staff on the ground and the darkness or shattered into small pieces. There was light. Then he hit the staff to the ground and the dark floor broke and there was Iand and water, then he stabbed the staff into the ground and it became a tree. Then he took his dark clothes and laid them on the ground and another human came into the shape of the clothes and they reproduced and made life.
TITLE: The Beginning of the Stars
NAME: Maya (age 13) and Emma (age 12)

MYTH: Engulfed in darkness was a sunflower seed, floating aimlessly through space. A sudden gust cracked the seed, allowing the goddess Theophilia and the stars to emerge. The sun flower seed was too heavy and was not able to be held, so it fell and created gravity. Theophilia would have fallen too, but her large mesmerizing dove wings saved her. As she flew around in space, Theophilia fell in love with the beauty of the glowing stars. So she proceeded to create a humongous star, bigger than all the rest. However, this attempt failed, but Theophilia still managed to make a dim star, which she called the moon. Theophilia wasn’t discouraged by her failure so she tried again. She made a big rick again but broke into hundreds of small pieces creating humanity. To save man from falling for eternity, Theophilia created another large hunk of rock for man to live upon. The barren planet wasn’t enough for the humans, and they began to complain to Theophilia so the stars began to fall on the rock. Each star became something else. The first melted some of the rock, creating water.

The second star created all types of animals as it fell, and a third star created the vegetation on the planet. This appeased the humans and Theophilia named the planet earth. Once the humans began to explore, they came across the sunflower seed. The humans tried to throw the sunflower seed to Theophilia, but instead, hit and killed her, bringing death into the universe. The seed broke completely in half because of the impact with Theophilia, allowing the sun to escape because it was too big to emerge with Theophilia and the stars.
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