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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even an imaginary country. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded.

Have fun!

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NAME: Abigail Zeuke
TITLE: The Fault in our Bugs

MYTH: For time eternal, after the sun set, there was total darkness, leaving the night creatures to their own devices, as well as leaving them blind in the darkness.

However one day, a light appeared. This light belonged to a small bug, she was tired of the eternal darkness. This light was nearly blinding in this oppressive darkness, so she hid it behind her.

Other bugs seeing her idea decided to copy her. Soon every bug had a light, and the darkness seemed not so dark. This however made their movements easier to track, and in some cases this was good; they could find each other easier so they grew more numerous and could see better. In others it made their lives more difficult; their enemies the frogs, and their cousins the toads had an easier time finding them and eating the poor fireflies.

The fireflies tried to flee higher, but their enemies could jump and leap, and had long tongues that could capture them in their mouths. In order to try and figure out a solution to this problem, the fireflies held a meeting. There were two options discussed, trying harder to flee, or turning out their lights forever.

This caused a split within the bugs, some wanted to flee, others thought the darkness had been better than the slaughter they were enduring now. This split led to some of the deciding to turn off their lights, only saving them for special occasions. Those bugs managed to hide better and thought they were better than those that decided to never turn them off.

Those that never turned them off were spotted more rapidly than their non lit siblings, and soon had to fly higher, and higher to try to escape. Eventually after flying high enough their enemies could no longer reached them. No longer how much they jumped they could not get to those triumphant little bugs. However, if a firefly flew a little too close to the earth, it was gobbled up immediately.

The fireflies began to fear the earth, and so they vowed to never return to it. They were perfectly comfortable in the sky, so they stayed there, and are still there now. We have mostly forgotten that they were little fireflies, so we gave them a new name, stars.

As for their cousins on earth, they decided the light that was given to them by their brave family should be honoured. So to show how brave they were they began flashing their lights, in order to try and be as brave and fearless as their cousins in the sky, while still honouring their ideal of hiding in the darkness.

NAME: Alex Stradling

MYTH: The universe was not always the beautiful and peaceful place we take for granted today. Four- thousand score and 700 years ago was birthed duodecaplets, from a portal leading to another dimension that was opened by the sheer will of the only thing that existed in our dimension, whose presence we now call Darkness. Darkness was so lonely she was able summon this portal and out came twelve massive, handsome, and dignified men all of whom differed in color and size. When they came to their senses these creatures angrily asked Darkness how they got here and demanded they return home or else. Darkness responded by saying “ I do not know how to get you home, so I suppose you must stay here and keep me company.” This infuriated the creatures as they would not stand to just be stuck in Darkness the rest of their lives. After a few days of living in constant darkness the creatures finally came up with a plan. The two eldest came up with the plan to kill Darkness, but the rest of the group was to scared to attempt a murder so they sat back while the two eldest continued on with their vile plan. The plan was to have one distract Darkness by having intercourse with her, while the other would slay her so they could rid this universe of darkness and find a way out.

At first, Darkness didn’t mind the idea of the first creatures company, but she soon realized she was being lured into a trap. This caused her to lose it and kill the two creatures before they managed to go through with their plan. The other 9 watched frozen in fear, and when Darkness confronted them about knowledge of her murder plot they hesitated before denying the fact. That little hesitation told Darkness everything she needed to know, and the creatures paid the price for it. She said, “You all will not be as lucky as your friends, for you will keep me company forever” and with that she turned each one of them into one of the nine planets we know today and turned the last one into the many stars and moons our universe has. Now she has saved her life, but the lack of lively company still brings her much sorrow. Fortunately, she comes up with an idea to make companions out of the planets. Although there is only one suited for making people from, which she names Earth. From clay she sculpts the first man and women and calls them Mr. and Mrs. Illuminati. She can only visit them for a certain period of the time due to her overwhelming presence, so she visits for half of every day, a period which they name night. Darkness enjoys their company so much that she makes more humans out of the clay.

As the human race begins to expand night knows she can’t visit all humans personally, so she only associates on a personal level with the Illuminatis and their future generations. Now every night she comes and gives them a synopsis of what she saw during the day, and how to secretly run and make earth a better place.

NAME: Elianna Levy
The Stars

MYTH: Luna loved Staros so much,
And Staros felt the same towards her.
The two were inseparable;
they were friends third,
best friends second,
and lovers first.
The pair spent their days together happily,
but as is the case with most happy things,
it could not stay this way.
One day Staros had to join the other gods in battle.
Luna begged her not to go;
“You’ll die!” she cried out,
but Staros went away, promising her she’d come back safely.
Staros lied.
She returned, bloody and broken, and Luna wailed and wailed.
“Sorry…” she murmured.
“I couldn’t keep my promise.”
She was soon dead.
Luna cried for months.
Her tears eventually became the stars.
She called them stars after Staros,
and is so reminded of her lover
and of happier times
every time night falls
and she rises.

NAME: Brenden Wally
TITLE: The beginning of the world

MYTH: In the beginning there was a very great and holy God, named Embolo who lived upon the stars. He was very angry that he had been the only God, and was destined to live alone forever. One day he finally broke and began smashing the stars together in the sky to let out these feelings of rage and spitefulness. Once the dust settled, to Embolo’s disbelief, he had created an absolutely beautiful planet, to which he would name Drogba. Naturally, this planet was very bare, so Embolo began altering it to his likings.
He began to stomp to crack the very ground beneath his feet, creating vast canyons. He then decided to take pieces of his hair and plant them, creating a beautiful green isle of a planet, full with grass and trees. He then took the wind and created the sky out of it, as he would wanted to gaze upon the very stars he once lived upon. While in the process of reflecting on his new creation, Embolo fell down, creating a very large empty hole that was the length of more than half the planet, he began to cry, thinking he had destroyed his masterpiece, but then realized his tears were filling up this great void, creating a large body of water, to his amazement he felt that it made the planet even more beautiful and decided he would call the ocean. Embolo had created a beautiful planet, but this still didn’t fill the void of emptiness in his heart.

Embolo did the unthinkable to combat his loneliness, he took a stone from the rubble of the canyons he had recently created, and sliced his hand open. He took his blood and poured it into the ocean, praying that this planet would reward him for making it so elegant and majestic. To his amazement, a beautiful young woman emerged from the water. She spoke to him and said, “I am Eva, the mother of this planet, Drogba, I owe my life to you for creating me, father Drogba.” Naturally, Embolo was thrilled as his wish had come true and he was no longer alone. As time passed, Embolo and Eva fell in love, which ultimately leads to them becoming man and wife. In their marriage, they created a son, to which they named Pirlo.
After many years passed, Embolo decided it was finally time to give his young and strong son, Pirlo, the chance to rule. He declared that Pirlo, would now be the God of Drogba and took a lightning bolt and struck his son with it, giving him the God like powers and immunity. He then declared he intended to leave his son there, and move back into the stars with Eva to gaze upon their beautiful son and the creations he will make. Pirlo was very eager to take on this power, but of course, with being young and gaining immense power, the foolish new God made many mistakes.

Pirlo was focusing on creating things, such as animals, like deer and rats, and neglected to take care of the very same planet that he was now the God of. The very same planet his father had spent so much time caring for and creating, was now beginning to decay by an overrun of deer and rats. Embolo tried very hard to not intervene, but finally, he could not stand another second of seeing his once beautiful, thriving planet being destroyed. With quick thinking, once again he decided to cut his hand and instead of letting it drip into the ocean, he let it hit the land. From the land, it created three people, one female and two male, to which he told his son, “These people will be called humans. They aren’t like us, they are of a different kind, mankind. They will act as your servants and will abide by your word and rules. Be wise son.”

Pirlo was wise, as his father had wanted, and told these humans, “Care for the Earth. Care for the Animals. Respect and honor Mother Drogba, Father Drogba, as well as I, Pirlo. Reproduce and create more of you, and teach them these same principle’s and look after one another.” The people listened to Pirlo’s word, and with his guidance after many years of hard labor, the earth was restored to its former beauty. The humans created huts to live in from the trees among the planet, and created beautiful shrines to pray to and honor the Gods. The humans had multiplied and now have more than a million inhabiting Drogba, and created a beautiful civilization.

Pirlo felt his time was up at the planet and missed his parents dearly, and decided to leave the humans to continue to succeed and flourish in the majestic planet, and bided them farewell with one last gift, the gift of strength. With this gift he said loudly for all the humans to hear, “Use this gift of strength to help endure all the hardships you will face in the future without me, your lives may be brief and full of struggle, but see the beauty of it.” And with this final words, he jumped into the sky to be reunited with his beloved parents to watch over and gaze at the progression and succession of all the human kind.

To this day, Eva, Embolo, and Pirlo continue to watch over the human kind.  Throughout the years, the humans have progressed so much, starting with the very first three to now having billions of humans, advances in technology, beautiful housing, and many other advances in their civilization. Though the humans face many hardships and struggles to get to the point to which they are today, they continue to honor the Gods and pray to them seeking guidance and refuge in their words.

NAME: Amber
African Bushmen Creation Myth

It's not written by me. It is in the oral tradition of the tribe of humans that the entire world seems to have been traced back to... The African Bushmen. They say Gods anger for the first trespass of humanity can be traced back to humans making fire

MYTH: People did not always live on the surface of the earth. At one time people and animals lived underneath the earth with Kaang (Käng), the Great Master and Lord of All Life. In this place people and animals lived together peacefully. They understood each other. No one ever wanted for anything and it was always light even though there wasn't any sun. During this time of bliss Kaang began to plan the wonders he would put in the world above.

First Kaang created a wondrous tree, with branches stretching over the entire country. At the base of the tree he dug a hole that reached all the way down into the world where the people and animals lived. After he had finished furnishing the world as he pleased he led the first man up the hole. He sat down on the edge of the hole and soon the first woman came up out of it. Soon all the people were gathered at the foot of the tree, awed by the world they had just entered. Next, Kaang began helping the animals climb out of the hole. In their eagerness some of the animals found a way to climb up through the tree's roots and come out of the branches. They continued racing out of the world beneath until all of the animals were out.

Kaang gathered all the people and animals about him. He instructed them to live together peacefully. Then he turned to the men and women and warned them not to build any fires or a great evil would befall them. They gave their word and Kaang left to where he could watch his world secretly.

As evening approached the sun began to sink beneath the horizon. The people and animals stood watching this phenomenon, but when the sun disappeared fear entered the hearts of the people. They could no longer see each other as they lacked the eyes of the animals which were capable of seeing in the dark. They lacked the warm fur of the animals also and soon grew cold. In desperation one man suggested that they build a fire to keep warm. Forgetting Kaang's warning they disobeyed him. They soon grew warm and were once again able to see each other.

However the fire frightened the animals. They fled to the caves and mountains and ever since the people broke Kaang's command people have not been able to communicate with animals. Now fear has replaced the seat friendship once held between the two groups.

The Bushmen of Africa believe that not only are plants and animals alive, but also rain, thunder, the wind, spring, etc. They claim:

What we see is only the outside form or body. Inside is a living spirit that we cannot see. These spirits can fly out of one body into another. For example, a woman's spirit might sometime fly into a leopard; or a man's spirit fly into a lion's body. (Fahs and Spoerl 6). This may be part of the reason that animals play such an important role in their myth.

NAME: Brent Michael
TITLE: Creation Myth

MYTH: One day, in the vast nothingness that was the world, an egg arose, divided into the four main elements. After 9 months the egg split, releasing the four main elements into the world. As earth spilled, if formed a ball that created the Earth. Fire spilled, formed the Sun and water and air flowed out and covered the Earth. From each of these elements formed a God; Qeldur, God of Earth; Veses, God of Water; Axther, God of Fire; Ipros, God of Air. They all found themselves lonely, so they each split into a female counterpart. And from their counterpart they produced Gods and Goddesses. Ipros made Noher, God of Wind; Axther made Diaris, Goddess of Heat; Veses made Herena, Goddess of Tides; and Qeldur made Miesis, God of Mountains. After years, they all found one another and started to produce offspring (I.e. Earth and Water made clay). This produced all material you see around you today. They soon found evil amongst them and created Otarr, God of the underworld. He lives underneath the Earth, with no Water, Fire or Air, for the evil to die. One of the evils created were Humans. They were created by Fyara, the Goddess of Children. She was born of Qeldur and Ipros’ female half (later named Imera). The fault Fyara made with Humans, was she incorporated every element into them. This explains why some Humans are more stern, like Earth and Fire and others, ‘flowy’ like Water and Air but how most are a mixture of all four elements. But once the Gods saw this monstrosity, they banished them into Otarr, fearing they may be too powerful. But after 1,000’s of years, the 8 main Gods and Goddess released them, spreading them across Earth, giving them water to drink, air to breath and fire to cook. This came with a price though; Fyara loved her children so much, she sacrificed herself and was banished to become the moon where she looked over her children every day and night.

TITLE: Ortizic Creation Myth

MYTH: In the beginning, there was only Darkness and Stillness, wandering about in total silence, in a void. After eons of stumbling through the blackness, Darkness and Stillness bumped into one another. Startled, Stillness screamed in fright, creating noise to break the silence, and Darkness was so frightened that light flashed from within her and illuminated the nothingness. The two, finally able to see one another, reached out, grateful for companionship after so much loneliness and tedium. Together they explored their new existence, with light leading their way. However, Darkness tired and strained from keeping the universe lit, and had to rest halfway through each day. Once rested, the pair would set out in the light again – this is how the day and nighttime came to be.

Soon after they began to explore, Stillness found a soft clay terrain beneath his feet. He thought of how pleasant it felt and how easy it was to shape; he began to mold the clay into a small form like that of himself and Darkness. When he finished his work, the clay began to breathe, its eyes opening, its mouth opening. The clay said to him with joy, becoming authentic life, “My name is Earth. You must be my father.” Stillness was filled with gladness for his first child, and brought Earth to see Darkness. Darkness, too, was overjoyed, and the two agreed to raise her and embrace her as mother and father.

Darkness, Stillness, and Earth lived happily for many years, and as they explored, Earth grew and changed from a girl to a young woman. All around her were plants and streams, even small animals such as birds and rabbits that she had molded from her own clay. After she had grown up, Earth asked her parents, “Though I love you dearly, could I not also have a companion of my own as you have each other?”

Darkness considered her daughter’s words and arranged for her a surprise, shooting light into the darkness of the night. She created countless stars, and then a young man Moon, to keep Earth company. Earth was delighted, and she and Moon became the best of friends as soon as they met. They arranged the stars and the clouds into pictures at their leisure. Earth spent her days creating more animals from the clay, some bigger, some more complex, as she went. Moon learned to move masses of water, forming the Ocean and its tides for he and Earth to splash in. Stillness served as ruler of the underground, Darkness as ruler of the sky, one at each side of Earth to love and comfort her.

Stillness, always full of the happiness that his children had given him and Darkness, decided that they would mold more out of the clay. Darkness and Stillness then created Passion, Wisdom, Flame, Music, and Death. As Stillness was nearly finished shaping a final child, Earth and Moon playing by the sea created a large wave, sweeping over the clay figure, diluting its form, waterlogging it, and shrinking it as the water washed layers of clay away. Stillness hurried to fix the wave’s damage, but the figure opened its eyes, looking up at its massive father in awe, gazing about in confusion, shaking water from its hair.
“My dear child!” Stillness rushed to the small person, wet and disoriented, “Are you alright?”
“I believe so,” it replied, looking about at its beautiful surroundings. “But I am quite confused.”
“Well, I am your father. And your name… I shall call you Man.” Stillness picked Man up in the palm of his large hand. “But dear me, you are so small, and you seem so fragile. How will you be able to care for yourself like this? You won’t be able to defend yourself from the animals that earth has made, nor the storms that sometimes roam the skies, or the waves that rock these shores.”
Wisdom approached Stillness and said gravely, “If we should leave it alone, Man will die out. He is weaker than us, and one day he and all of his kind must die. The water has weakened him, and he is without both the powers of gods and the claws and fangs of animals.”
“Then what must we do?” Stillness asked, sorrow striking his heart.
Man looked about at Earth and Moon playing in the distance, at Darkness floating above in the sky, speckled with stars, then back to Stillness. “Perhaps I won’t perish, Father,” Man said, piping in with optimism. “I must at least try. This world does not seem so cruel.”

“But you are vulnerable,” Stillness pleaded, fear overtaking him, “Oh, what have I done?” He looked to Wisdom, whose brow was furrowed in thought.

Wisdom then said, “We cannot change what has been done, but we can make this life better for him, no matter how short.” She scooped clay from the ground, and began to mold it as she had seen Stillness do. She placed the new clay figure near the water and allowed its waves to wash over it. Just as with Man, it shrank, then coughed and opened its eyes. “There,” Wisdom said to Man, “I have made you someone who can help. Here is another being like you. Her name will be Woman.”
Man looked at Woman with nervousness and curiosity. Woman, rubbing the saltwater from her eyes, looked finally at Man and smiled. She took his hand and they began to chatter happily.

“I have blessed her with intelligence,” Wisdom told Stillness, “so that the two of them may stay safe and out of trouble.
The others Gods now gathered around to watch their youngest siblings. They knew then that Man and Woman could not live amongst them, and instead gave them gifts to use and to remember them by. Passion stepped forward and gave them each the gift of love; Music gave them the gift of song; Earth gathered a bounty of edible fruits and vegetables and set it at their feet. Flame lit a torch and handed it to Man and Stillness laid his hand upon Woman’s stomach and gave her the ability to create children of her own. Death, watching from the shadows, trusted he would not meet them again for many years, and turned from Man and Woman before they could learn to fear him. Finally, Darkness created a star to guide them, brighter than the rest, which would point north so that they would never lose their way.

With these gifts given to them, Man and Woman were sent on their way into the wilderness. They lived out their lives in toil and in hunger, but always thanked the Gods for the gifts they were given. Finally, they were given the greatest gift of all: their daughter, who they named Hope. Though Man and Woman eventually died, Hope, mankind, and the Gods carried on, caring for the world and all of its life, expanding the universe, and always exploring with hope in their hearts.

NAME: Joseph Iafelice

MYTH: Once, millions of years ago, there were only 2 beings on the Earth. The Earth was barren and just one large desert wasteland, but Pate and  Pite loved each other very much. Pate and Pite weren’t people, but instead were amorphous, beings, each with an immensely powerful soul. Despite having eachother, Pate and Pite still wanted some form of companionship; taking one half of each of their souls, they created a new being by the name of Eden. Eden too, was a being beyond description, and Eden was adored by its parents. However, one day a great illness fell upon Eden, and it seemed to be incurable. The next day, Eden died, and from Eden, came all manner of creatures, ranging from deer to lions, and most importantly, humans. All of the magnificent beings that sprang from Eden’s soul possessed a small fragment of Eden’s soul, giving them life. The parents of Eden were grief-stricken, seeing their child dead, but they were immediately relieved to see that instead of truly dying, Eden had created life. But, the Earth was a cruel place to live for the spawn of Eden, and seeing this troubled Pate and Pite. Using the tears they cried from the death of Eden, they formed great oceans and lakes, and using the earth beneath them, they formed all types of lands, from mountains to valleys, from tundras to fields, and so on. After 1 day of preparation, the Earth was then made completely habitable for the creatures. However, Pate and Pite noticed something about humans, they were smarter than the others, and so the 2 omniscient beings were able to recognize that the human species carried the largest parts of Eden inside of themselves. Because of this, they favored humanity, and taught them how to make tools, farm, and build settlements. After making sure the Earth was well cared for, Pate and Pite left the Earth to rule the heavens, where the dead would go to after their death. And from that day, when 2 beings gave life, they gave a fragment of their soul, Eden’s soul, to their offspring, and when a being died, its soul would go to those with new life, and it's mind would go to the heavens to spend all eternity in.

NAME: Shane Duncan
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

MYTH: Eons ago, just after the dawn of humanity, there was the god of sleep and imagination, Traumador. The humans favored him greatly, and they made regular sacrifices to him of animal fat, fine linens, precious gems and in one unfortunate lapse in judgment, a virgin girl. Fortunately, Traumador, confused as to why the humans would think he wanted a young girl, had Cideris, goddess of death, send her back with a small note to please never do that again. (Even the goddess of death found human sacrifice a bit sociopathic.) The girl, Valadora, arose from her tomb, much to the shock of the populace of her local town. Those who first discovered her all bent to their knees in reverence.

“Oh, Valadora, clearly you are the goddess of the afterlife! We are honored and unworthy of such grace as yours!” Valadora, confused at such adoration, shook her head and pleaded with the crowd. “No,, no. Stop that, please. I’m no deity.”

“But you are arisen from the hereafter!” someone from the crowd shouted. To settle the dispute, they turned to the goddess Rheotora, the patron of speech, stories, literature, (and after this event, sarcasm) to settle the matter, as she was the wife of Traumador and often spoke for him.

“Is Valadora the goddess of afterlife, she who may grant us eternal bliss in paradise once we die?” the people asked her. Rheotora, disinterested, shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah, sure.”

“Rejoice!” the people cried out. Valadora was hailed as the queen of paradise and the soul, a goddess of her own right and soon received many sacrifices to her alongside the other deities. Modest Valadora, to her credit, denied these accolades as often as she heard them. The mortals were convinced that she would live forever in order for them to gain bliss in another life after death. Eventually, Gefahr, god of warfare, menace, plagues, and other such pleasantries grew jealous of the sacrifices the other sacred beings got. “Why does no one sacrifice to me? I deserve to be worshipped, don’t I?” he seethed.

“No, not really” Pyhros, god of fire said.

“Well, Gefahr, maybe it’s because people just don’t appreciate a good plaguing like they used to,” Rheotora added. Rechtus, the Elder god of justice and Esteo, goddess of water looked on and nodded their agreement. Cideris was too busy doing whatever goddesses of death do to hear Gefahr’s bemoaning, but she surely wouldn’t have cared anyway. Spurned and angry, Gefahr stormed off (in a figurative sense; Blitzeros was the god of storms and would not appreciate Gefahr overstepping his boundaries…) to plan his revenge. After a good thirty seconds of consideration and plotting, Gefahr had a plan to avenge himself against the others. Soon, a civil war broke out in Valadora’s city state. It raged for many months and only ended after the siege of Volikospolis itself that left thousands dead or dying. Most notably among the casualties was Valadora, killed by the rebel factions attempting to usurp the rightful regent’s thrown. It is said she was buried with a tombstone with the inscription: “I tried to tell you.”

Later, the deities discovered Gefahr’s plot to kill Valadora and brought him before Rechtus for trial in the gods’ domain of the Otherworld. Rechtus determined Gefahr guilty of reckless warfare and responsible for the death of many mortals, particularly Valadora. Gefahr protested, “But Rechtus! Surely you recognize that this entire event is Rheotora’s fault as well!”

“Rechtus? Nearly killed us,” Phyros quipped before the other deities glared at him for such tasteless humor given the moment.

“How so?” Rechtus asked.

“Rheotora convinced the humans that Valadora was immortal, causing her to be worshipped above everyone else! Surely she ought to be punished as well as me.”

“Wow, ever think this is why no one likes you?” Traumador said.

“Really? I thought it was the whole ‘killing people’ thing, Traumador. I really did,” Esteo replied.

“Enough of this,” Rechtus commanded. “I have decided that Gefahr has a point.”

“He does?” Rheotora asked.

“No, not really,” Rechtus said, “but you really ought to be less sarcastic. Therefore, once Cideris sends all the dead mortals back to their world, Traumador will grant them each a piece of their own afterlife in order to repay them for this misconception Rheotora gave them.”

“And just how am I supposed to do that?” Traumador said.

“Each night, when a human sleeps, they shall have images and events dance throughout their heads that they might enjoy their wretched lives. They shall begin to dream in order to experience another life outside the one they escape in sleep. Furthermore, in order to repay Cideris for all the souls she has had to return recently, and furthermore to repay her kindness in tolerating a false goddess of the afterlife when she is the queen of death, no human shall henceforth ever be allowed to return to the mortal world once they pass the threshold into death.”

“Yes! Awesome!” Cideris cried out.

“And what about me?” Gefahr asked, about to discover he really shouldn’t have opened his mouth.

In order to best answer Gefahr’s question, Rechtus decided that action spoke louder than words. He cast Gefahr out of the ranks of the gods and forbade him from ever entering the Otherworld again. This turned out even worse for the humans, as Gefahr eventually learned to infect their dreams with horrors due to all the time he had to spend with them in the mortal world. Thus, dreams, nightmares, and the afterlife are all explained. (Rheotora prefers more comprehensive storytelling.)

NAME: Natalie Frank
TITLE: Creation of Dreams and Nightmares

MYTH: Eons ago, before any mortal beings there was a group of gods who lived upon the earth as the centuries went on and the gods got bored, one god Amari decided to create humans. The gods loved to interfere and play with the humans lives. This often caused chaos and despair for the humans, and this was no exception for Esther. Esther was a farmer’s daughter, she was smart and intelligent but was not taken seriously. She would often sneak off during her morning chores to read her brothers scrolls. Many of the boys in town teased her for her love of learning and she would often come home crying. Her brothers and father were no help and did not want her to continue these studies. All the teasing and stress from her family made it very hard for her to sleep, not to mention that she loved watching the stars and looking for the different constellations. Esther would often sneak out her window and lay in the fields to watch the sky. One night as she lay in bed watching the sky through her window she saw something strange fall out of the sky and land in her father's field. Esther was so shocked she didn’t know what to do, but her curiosity got the better of her and she raced outside to see what had fallen. The object…or thing that had fallen was glowing bright blue like a scolding fire. As esther got closer she saw it was a young girl with silver hair. Esther ran to the girl to make sure she was okay. Suddenly the girl sprang up Esther was so confused, this girl had just fallen from the sky and here she was bouncing around like nothing had happened. The silver haired girl explained that she was the daughter of luna and was sent to assist her mother with a special job on earth, the girl's name was Lea. Esther was nervous and scared by what this girl was telling her. Though very apprehensive Esther offered to let Lea stay in her father's stables. The next morning Esther introduced lea to her father and brothers. when they learned that lea was a daughter of the moon they immediately allowed her into their house and told her she could stay there as long as she needed. The two girls became best friends over the next few days and were basically inseparable. One day as Esther was ignoring her chores lea came up to her a said she had a secret to place to show her. Lea brought esther to a cave by a nearby hill. Inside the cave was misty and dark, Esther began to get nervous. Then through the haze Esther saw a glimmering light stuck inside a glass bottle. Lea explained that this was what her mother had sent her for and that it was very dangerous. Esther couldn’t believe that something so light and pure could be bad, but she trusted Lea. The reason Lea had brought Esther to the cave was that the bottle was stuck within the wall of the cave and Lea could not figure out how to get it out without letting what was inside out. Esther was a very smart girl and made a plan to safely retrieve the bottle. In her studies she had read of a substance that could get through the hardest of metals. Suddenly the light inside the bottle flashed across the cave. Esther saw a vision that showed her how to make the substance, it was amazing and so vivid and in a flash it was over and Esther passed out. When she woke up Esther asked Lea what that light was. Lea explained that the light could show the future and also things that people desired, it even could reveal where to find such things. Then Esther and Lea went off to find the ingredients for the substance. They boiled it up and began to apply it to the cave wall, but as the substance ate through the stone wall it also went through the bottle. There was a loud boom as the light sprang from the bottle. When it escaped Esther noticed that the light was not as pure as she thought it had been, it had a dark undertone that looked like a deep void.  Esther did not know at the time but the bottle had contained a creature that luna, the moon goddess had fought long ago. This monster used to wander the earth at night and give people dark visions while they slept. Luna was so mad at the girls for failing their task, she forced them to spend the rest of eternity tracking down the creature and all its victims. Lea was also given the task of fixing all their dark visions they were plagued by and turning them into nice visions of hope and happiness. Thus nightmares and dreams were exposed to humans.

NAME: Leslie Austin
TITLE: Earth

Formation of dirt
from which the process starts
Life and Death’s routine

A Journey ahead
With that of Coal, my daughter
Anxious I hold tight

Darkness surrounds me
Here I suffocate pressed tight,
In Mother’s small womb

Transformation comes
Strong, beautiful, Diamond now
Mother feels it too

Something says to leave
That is what I try to do
Resistance is strong
Hundreds of years since
Now grown, I dug my way through
On the outside it's baron

Mother and me don’t speak
Loney I only have sky,
Blank he ignores me

Quiet I remain
Last I spoke Truth to Mother,
things became hard for Diamond

Destined to create
Future knowledge, I have
She’ll find out in time

I am a diamond
One time Mother told me so
What do I look like?


Despair overcomes
What to do? Think…Create now!!
Build up energy

A matter of time
She will control everything
Ungrateful child

In a dream he came
My creation and Lover
How to make him real?

From the Earth, I think?
I’ll help him escape Mother
Together Complete

A twist of vines,
bark and dirt a rustic man
Tree he shall be called

Free on foreign land
Uncertain fear yet, comfort--
Upon seeing her

Wow he is here now
From the Earth with my bare hands
Together complete

Desires realized
Future family plans and hope
Together complete

They create the world
Each in the other’s likeness
A world of balance

NAME: Sydney French
TITLE: Creation of Man
MYTH: Everything in the universe started with a vast nothingness.  After 2 years of being in complete darkness sprouted a tree; this tree was called Avtune.  After 6 months of the tree being there, a leaf fell to the ground and out sprang a woman named Sodono.  Another leaf fell and came another woman named Maritae, the last leaf fell and Jelido was born. From those three women Sodono made the sky and the sun, Maritae made the oceans with all the sea creatures and Jelido made the moon and the Earth with all the animals.  They all made sure to keep Avtune fertilized so more women could be with them.  Leafs kept falling and they became stronger and stronger; Witmis, the goddess of animals was born, then Daimones, the goddess of fighting, came to protect everyone from wild predators.  Once all the goddess were born and had their duties the world was at peace, everything had its place.  The women started thinking about offspring; they wanted younger generations to continue the cycle of peace.  They realized they couldn’t do it alone and needed help.  So they decided to flip the tree upside down and shake it, from that came the first man, Predatim.  Let’s just say he wasn’t the smartest in the bunch, maybe it was because he was dropped on his head as he was born.  They wanted to make more men, so they tried again.  Out came Teligous, there was something off about him too, after 20 years everyone noticed he wasn’t like everyone else and that he was human.  From that Jelido made the underworld and put Ferbrous in charge of it.  Teligous wanted a female to keep him company, so the goddess made a human girl, named Clemis, to keep him company.  They started the human race by producing many children.  Predatim wasn’t making a good impression on all the goddess, for all he would do is try to swoon them and sleep.  They decided to try to make men in a different way; they took a leaf from Avtune and put it into the ocean.  Out came the perfect man.  So the goddess did that numerous times to get a man for themselves until there were an equal number of men to women.  From then on the world was never as peaceful as it was; some of the men wanted to fight all the time and kill the animals: with the help of Teligous and Clemis creating the human race, they are in the midst of destroying which once was the most beautiful place in the universe.


Out of complete darkness Nicki came up out of nowhere from the ground, covered in dirt and seeds. As she began to walk around, seeds fell from her and flowers began to grow. Wind blew, and the pollen from the flowers mixed with other seeds and new flowers sprouted. From the distance she could see talk "flower" looking figured later figured out to be trees and named after Meek, God of nature. A few yards away, Nicki discovered a large puddle of clear liquid, a lake. As she began to walk into this small, shallow puddle something (later discovered as fish) tickeled her feet. Scared, she ran onto land. Once in land, she began to think out loud and screamed! Hearing the mummurs of voices behind trees near her, she walked over to them and demanded the explain who they were! One by one the introduced themselves, Wayne, God of weather. Rhian, Goddess of rain (wife of Wayne.) Drake, God of animals. As well as (previously introduced) Meek, God of nature. They explained they were speaking of her (Nicki) where she then explained she was slowly discovering what this new place was (Earth). " I came up out of the ground with dirt and seeds covering my body," she explained. The four of the murmmuring voices^ then explained what was of this new place. The trees, home of birds and squirrels. Bushes, a place more for bugs. Flowers, for some birds, but mostly bees. And the mysterious puddle of water, a lake, had fish in it. Hence the tickiling feeling on her feet she felt once entering the water.

NAME: Sydney French
TITLE: Creation of Man

MYTH: Everything in the universe started with a vast nothingness.  After 2 years of being in complete darkness sprouted a tree; this tree was called Avtune.  After 6 months of the tree being there, a leaf fell to the ground and out sprang a woman named Sodono.  Another leaf fell and came another woman named Maritae, the last leaf fell and Jelido was born. From those three women Sodono made the sky and the sun, Maritae made the oceans with all the sea creatures and Jelido made the moon and the Earth with all the animals.  They all made sure to keep Avtune fertilized so more women could be with them.  Leafs kept falling and they became stronger and stronger; Witmis, the goddess of animals was born, then Daimones, the goddess of fighting, came to protect everyone from wild predators.  Once all the goddess were born and had their duties the world was at peace, everything had its place.  The women started thinking about offspring; they wanted younger generations to continue the cycle of peace.  They realized they couldn’t do it alone and needed help.  So they decided to flip the tree upside down and shake it, from that came the first man, Predatim.  Let’s just say he wasn’t the smartest in the bunch, maybe it was because he was dropped on his head as he was born.  They wanted to make more men, so they tried again.  Out came Teligous, there was something off about him too, after 20 years everyone noticed he wasn’t like everyone else and that he was human.  From that Jelido made the underworld and put Ferbrous in charge of it.  Teligous wanted a female to keep him company, so the goddess made a human girl, named Clemis, to keep him company.  They started the human race by producing many children.  Predatim wasn’t making a good impression on all the goddess, for all he would do is try to swoon them and sleep.  They decided to try to make men in a different way; they took a leaf from Avtune and put it into the ocean.  Out came the perfect man.  So the goddess did that numerous times to get a man for themselves until there were an equal number of men to women.  From then on the world was never as peaceful as it was; some of the men wanted to fight all the time and kill the animals: with the help of Teligous and Clemis creating the human race, they are in the midst of destroying which once was the most beautiful place in the universe.

NAME: Allie Bausinger
SCHOOL: Pennsbury High School
TITLE:  Pangea

MYTH: At first, they was only water, churning and crystalline blue all over the Earth. Out of the sea had risen a large landmass, spanning miles and miles. It was called Pangea. Contained in Pangea were seven continents. There were four males and three females. The males were named: Asia, Africa, North America, and Antarctica. The females were named: South America, Europe, and Australia. Everyone was always happy, always getting along, and peace and harmony were in every heart. However, as it does, love got in the way. Europe, who rested between North America and Asia, was beautiful beyond belief. Both of her neighbors were positively smitten. They began fighting for Europe’s attention. Although Europe was very deep in love with Asia, North America wouldn’t take no for an answer. This caused great rumbling in the ocean around them. South America and Antarctica supported North America, knowing how infatuated he was with the European beauty. Australia and Africa sided with Asia, knowing he was deeply in love with his delightful lover. Once all of the continents took sides, the rumbling in the ocean became so intense that it cracked the borders between the argumentative seven. The waves pushed each of the continents as far apart as they could, leaving Europe with her lover, Asia, and keeping each of the brawling brothers with their allies. However, the continents still shouted at each other daily causing earthquakes and tsunamis. North America began to think he needed to defend himself. Out of the sticks and stones covering his surface, he fashioned human beings whom he called “Native Americans.” He asked South America and Antarctica to do the same. South America fashioned “Hispanics” with leaves from the rainforest and water from the Amazon. With their cold climate, Antarctica was unable to create humans out of its snow. Instead, he created black and white flightless birds that he called “penguins,” but that’s a story for another time. Australian spotted the penguins slipping and sliding around the icy tundra and told Asia, who was furious. He asked his allies to do the same as North America had. Asia spawned “Asians” out of the mud from its yellow rivers. Africa dug some mud and Cyperus leaves to create “Africans.” Europe fashioned its “Europeans” out of water. All of these humans were made with hostility and and bitterness in their hearts, making them war with other races for generations upon generations and despising each other for the rest of time.

NAME: Houdaa Zahed
TITLE: How the earth was created

MYTH: The sky was dark and the seas were dry. Strong winds blew everything and the dust started to roll over and created a goddess called ‘Anita’. She was lonely and quiet. She looked over the Earth seeing it blank and brown. No seas and no lands. She got heavy pain in her stomach and started to cry, her tears started to form the seas. She still looked over and saw no lands so she was still lonely. A few months later she gave birth to a man called ‘Zois’ he became a god. His coughs and sneezes started to form the atmosphere. Both Anita and Zois were still lonely and they both started to cry. The tears started to form the lands this time, this made Anita very happy. The plants that grew died a few days later and started to decompose and eventually created humans. Anita and Zois were both really happy watching over there people and gave there servants a rule to pray to them. Time past by and the earth wasn’t blank and brown anymore. It was full of life.

TITLE: Creation Story
NAME: Coree and Jack

MYTH: Once upon a time, there lived a man named Ug. Ug came from a village named Orgatown, this little town was occupied by many giants. These giants were formed from the core of a volcano, they are made from lava and rock. The giants can shoot fire, and when you look at their head, the giants make you melt. One day, Ug went to the top of a volcano, when he reached the peak of the volcano, he yelled into the volcano “Stop doing this to my people!” He was furious with the giants because they were taking over the town.

The giants in the volcano yelled back at him, “Jump in as a sacrifice and we will let the people live in peace, but if you do not jump, we will keep ruling Orgatown.” Ug refuses to jump in, instead he says these memorable words, “If ones sacrifice will make you stop, how would the sacrifice know what you have done?” Ug continued on saying, “If you continue doing this, everything will darken, things will die and we will all be in an eternal pause.”

The giants hesitated, “Well, we will never stop.” They all climb out and destroyed the town. And just as Ug wisely said, the world came to a pause, there was a blast of energy from within the ground. Everything went black. Over thousands of years the Earth began to form, but the materials used were from the giants’ bodies. The head made mountains, the fingers made the trees, the blood made all of the lakes, rivers, oceans and streams and the skin made the dirt. Over time, the god of the giants sobbed as he missed his giant family, he created waves in the oceans and formed a tsunami, this tsunami caused a world-wide flood, then from the dirt grew grass, and the trees grew larger and stronger. From the tree bark came all the animals, and the tree sap made two humans, Ug and Org. They were instructed to multiply their kind and watch over the world as the god and goddesses. They still look over the world till this day.

NAME: Nate Evans
CLASS: Mr. Worley’s English
TITLE: The Laser Pointer

MYTH: There used to be many gods and goddesses, but there was also one smart giant named Osram. This giant was different than anything else, for Osram had a magical power. Where ever he pointed, a laser would shoot. Osram was usually a very gentle giant that kept to himself on his very own planet. One day and evil god by the name of Aliah came to town. Aliah was very furtive. He wanted the Osram’s power for himself. He thought it foolish to have such an amazing power, but never use it. So he came up with a way to get it for himself. One day he came up to Osram and said, “If you can use your laser to shoot at 3 stars, I will give you the ability to create life. If you can’t, I get to keep your power to shoot lasers.” Knowing he could do it, Osram accepted. That night he saw many stars, but he chose three.

First he shot at a star that was big but weak. This made the whole star light up in flames. He called this star Sun. Then he shot at a very small but strong star. He hit it causing craters. He named this star Moon. Then he saw a star that was strange. It was bumpy. He shot causing many craters and valleys. Some of these craters began filling up with a liquid. This was a liquid like no other. He named the liquid water and it took up 75% of that star. He couldn’t think of a name for this star, but it had birthed a new liquid that had never been seen before, so he called it Earth. Aliah was furious. How could a mere giant had the ability to shoot 3 different stars. He gave Osram the ability to make life, but he always stayed in the shadows waiting for Osram to get old and weak so he could take his power from him. Osram now had the ability to make life. He created many plants and animals that lived in peace and harmony for many centuries. Aliah had been waiting, he created a being called sickness. One day Osram became sick, he knew he would want his legacy to be passed on so he created a smaller version of himself called man. Man revered Osram. They built statues as tall as him to live and work in. They even built statues on the Easter Islands, that look just like him. This was great, until these Mankind began getting sick as well. Man could do nothing but die. Osram found out what Aliah wanted all along so with his last strength he encompassed his power of laser in multiple containers and gave them to Man. Man called these objects laser pointers.

With Osram’s last feat of strength, he created a being to help and save man from the sickness that Aliah had created. These beings were called Woman. They cared for Man and made sure that they were happy. Eventually sickness will get the better of everyone, but we have the protection of Woman. As for Aliah he did not have the same virtue. He died alone after sickness turned on him and he didn’t have a Woman to save him. Even though Osram died he is now remembered any time his power is put to good use. Especially in teachers class rooms… and distracting cats.

NAME: John Reilly
CLASS: Mrs. Hakes Honors English
TITLE: The Day Things Began
MYTH: In the beginning there was a vast planet of stone, nothing grew and nothing lived there. There was only one thing there, a god who had the power to do anything. He lived there for many years and was bored of the nothingness, so he decided to create things that would entertain him. He first created plants to grow on the planet and provide many things for what he had planned. He then created animals, innocent animals, and hostile animals for balance. While he was creating these animals, he created something unexpected, he created a creature on two legs and was very intelligent he named them humans. These humans would grow the plants for food and advance in technology.

The humans began killing the animals, at first for survival then for sport. The god was so upset he started crying and his tears made huge canyons and they filled up. He liked this creation and called them oceans, then there were smaller ones he called lakes, then rivers and streams. This didn’t solve his problem though so he put evil monsters on the planet to kill the humans in hope that they would stop. At first it was ok but then the humans advanced in combat and started beating even the monsters, so the monsters hid away in caves and in dark places. The god thought that if he made nighttime after the daytime the monsters would have an advantage. This balanced things out with the animals populating the planet again. The god wasn’t satisfied with this though, so he created a challenge where near the end of every year the land would become desolate and full of snow, nothing grew. He thought he would reward the humans every year they survived the winter with gifts.

After many years of this cycle the god stopped rewarding them because they started rewarding themselves with things that they made for entertainment. The god was pleased with what he created everyone was in harmony and everything was in balance. This didn’t last very long with the humans because they wanted more and more until wars broke out. To counter this the god put humans in different parts of the world with different looks and languages and ways of life. The god was pleased with everything now, he called this planet earth, he decided to make more of these planets to see the different ways he could make things and the different outcomes.

NAME: Peyton Weingartz
SCHOOL: Hakes, Honors English I
TITLE: Good and Evil
MYTH: Once upon a time, there was a great god called Orto.  He was very lonely, as he was the only god.  With this thought in mind he created a son named Lozo.   Lozo would one day become the great ruler of the skies, and Orto of the Earth.  Orto promised Lozo that hand in hand they would rule the entire world.
Orto soon realized their would be no point in being a great ruler if there was nothing to rule.  So Orto created a village of people, he created them to live among each other in perfect harmony.  There was no war, no poverty, and no violence.  The people worshipped Orto they created memorials and temples in honor of him. 
Lozo was very jealous of Orto's creation.  He didn't like the fact that Orto had people worshipping him.  Lozo wanted to be glorified.  He wanted to take out Orto’s village and create his own.  He remembered the promise his father had made to him.  He tried to fight back the temptation.  Eventually, the young god's envy got the best of him and he created bad people.  They worshipped him and did anything he told them.  Then Lozo came up with a devious plan to have his people go and destroy the village Orto had created.  Lozo's people journeyed to the village.  Now it was only a matter of time before the whole human race was changed. 
Lozo's army tore through the small village, lighting houses on fire, kidnapping children, and stealing people's riches.  Orto was infuriated, he told his people to fight back against Lozo's people.  It was a bloody battle that changed the world forever.
Eventually, Lozo's army had killed off most of the village, causing the surviving villagers to surrender.  The young god was not yet satisfied.  Lozo overthrew his father and put him in a place he would never escape, the Underworld.  Now he could rule all people and have all the glory to himself. 
The few of Orto's people who managed to survive the horrid battle,  tried to repopulate the earth with good people, but they could never get rid of the bad people.  However, they could prevent the bad people from doing bad things.  To do this they invented a system of protection and called them the police.  The police’s job was to fight crime and put the bad people into a place where they could not escape, they called this jail. 
Orto's village was destroyed and now there was nothing he could do about it.  Because of Lozo's selfish acts there is war, poverty, and theft.  Humankind would never be the same.

TITLE: The Coming of Women

MYTH: Long ago there was once a land far away in the east. The land was hot and nothing grew. The beauty of flowers and plants was unknown to those who lived there. They could not see the beauty in everyday things and they wandered the land alone and lost in their thoughts. They were named the lost souls and were later to be known as men.

One day a leader rose out among them, he was more powerful than any other and he built a society based on trust and love. Legends have called him, Bob. The men were now satisfied, their short lives finally had a purpose. However they were never truly happy and they soon started to fall back into their old habits. Bob decided the men needed companions, people to watch over and care for them. So he brought women to the land. They were more beautiful then life itself and their wisdom was truly a gift from Bob. They bewitched the men with their nature and their many divine qualities.

Each man took a woman to be his companion and she was bound to him forever. The bond could not be broken so a ceremony was performed for each couple. In this ceremony they were pronounced husband and wife. The men, with the help of their wives, concentrated on the path Bob had chosen for each of them and all was well.

Over time life in the land started to change and this worried Bob. The women who had once been pure and good had started to lead the men astray. Their beauty and wisdom had bewitched the men into doing anything they wanted. Some had persuaded their husbands to steal jewels from other men. Others had made their husbands harm other that had displeased them. The women thought this was their only power over the men so they tested how far they could push them. Bob was troubled because although it was the women’s only power, it was dangerous and it could break down the whole society that Bob had built.

Bob pondered for many months about what he should do. He could not send away the women, as the men would surely be distraught without them. He looked down from the valley where he lived and saw some women walking along the long, stony road. He noticed that they had not changed since he had brought them here. While the men grew old and frail the women stayed young and beautiful. This troubled Bob so he finally came up with an idea. He called all the women in the land to his palace and told them they had a choice. They could either keep their beauty and their youth or they could keep their wisdom and divine qualities. He warned them that if they chose wisdom they would no longer be forever young and would grow old with their husbands. However if they chose beauty they would be forever young and lose there personality, wisdom and the very things that made them who they were.

Bob believed that all the women would choose their wisdom and their personalities as he thought they would value it above their appearance but he was wrong. Some of the women were shallow and vain and chose beauty and eternal life. Others felt they would no longer be loved by their husbands and also chose beauty. Only a quarter of the women chose wisdom. They valued it above vanity and they went away feeling satisfied at their decision. They were no longer as bewitching as before, they could not ask their husbands to do hurtful things but they loved being good and wise. However the women who chose beauty found that they were only loved for how they looked and not themselves.

What happened next is almost too dreadful to tell but I will for the sake of my own peace of mind. The women who chose wisdom had been run out of their homes and had taken refuge in the high mountains. The beautiful women had grown jealous and had banished them from their homes and villages. They lived in the mountains for many months and Bob could no longer control his anger at what had happened. He summoned all the women to his castle, even the women from the mountains. He told them how disgusted he was with their behavior. The beautiful women were letting their jealousy rule them and the wise women were running away from their problems. He told them about his anger and that he had decided their fate. To the leaders of the beautiful women he stripped them of their beauty and they were left with no good qualities at all. To the remainder of the beautiful women who had taken no part in the banishment, he let them keep their beauty but refused to give them back their wisdom. And lastly to the wise women from the mountains he gave them the greatest gift of all. He promised them that to anyone who truly loved them they would be more beautiful than any other in the land.
TITLE: The Sky
NAME: Cassidy Dalton

MYTH: One day Persephenie was playing outside in the Garden and decided that the garden needed more color. The only colors in the flower garden where is yellow, pink, purple, and red. Persephenie thought that she hadn’t ever seen a light blue before and so she went inside and started mixing colors. First she tried purple and some blue but it didn’t seem like it was right, she continued mixing the colors and decided that she liked blue and white mixed together. She came out with a paint brush and some paint. She began to stroke a pink flower with her paintbrush when a bird came from the sky and picked up the bucket of paint and flew away.

When she thought that she would never get her paint back the bird threw the bucket in the air painting the dull white sky. The bucket fell on the ground empty. Persephenie went inside to get more paint. When she came out she was holding her blue and white paint. She put them on the grass and got extra paint so if anything else happened she wouldn’t have to go get more. Persephenie continued painting her flower. When her cat jumped out from behind the bushes and into the white paint. When her cat realized that there was something on her feet she was startled. The cat jumped so high her feet touched the sky leaving big white paw prints. Now Persephenie was mad she had no idea what the gods might do to her for making a mess on the sky. But she continued painting the flower thinking of what she would do about the mess.

When Persephenie heard something in the woods, she was scared. But then she realized that it was just her elephant wanting for her to give it some food. He came out of the bushes and was curious of what Persephenie was doing so he walked over to her. He was watching what she was doing when he saw a mouse the elephant was frightened. He started running around and knocked over the the paints throwing it in the air. Paint splattered in the sky everywhere. Persephenie started crying now knowing that not the just the gods would be cross but her mother to. Persephenie ran inside crying to her mother that she was trying to paint the flowers but the animals came and ruined the sky.

Her mother went outside and looked. Her mom said: “I actually think it is really pretty but if you think that it is a bad thing, than we can try to clean it off.” Persephenie ran inside and grabbed rags for her and her mother. Her mother and her climbed up a tree and began to wipe but it wouldn’t come off it was already dry. Again Persephenie began to cry, when Zeus came out of Olympias and spoke to Persephenie and her mother.

Zeus said: “Persephenie, I do not think that it was bad that the sky is like that I think that it is quite beautiful so I am going to leave it like that. And don’t be sad because I am not cross, none of the gods or goddesses will be mad at you.”

Persephenie was so happy that the animals did that and she is not mad at them. Every day Persephenie came outside and admired what the animals had done. Now when you see the sky you will know it is from the animals of Persephenie. Some people might say it is the reflection of the ocean. The world is better and has color, there was darkness before. The clouds are the cats paws, but now it's not just a painting the gods and goddesses made clouds fly and soar through the sky so that planes can go in the sky not just hit the sky and fall. So that the people in the planes can get closer to the gods and goddesses and see what they have created.
distant train
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