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Write your own creation myth! The Big Myth Webmaster will read each entry, and will choose the best ones to post online. Create an imaginary country- how did the world begin? It can be written for any time period - think of the past, to present day, even the future.

Scroll down to see what other students have written. Of course, this is open to everyone of all ages, not just students. For example, maybe you're a bored Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer who's feeling creative, or an overnight security guard looking to fill time. Give it a shot and perhaps you'll discover a passion for writing. Your email address won't be published, but please include it so we can let you know that your myth has been uploaded. Have fun!

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NAME: Olivia
TITLE: The Creation of the Snake

MYTH: In the beginning, snakes were birds. They roamed the sky freely and happily for many generations, until the time of the humans. Men were a superior and powerful race, and wanted total control of planet Earth. They fought all species in order to achieve their great power. The only thing that stood in their way were the birds--”the mysterious and unknown kind.” Birds were also a powerful race, but were not superior. They were wise and knew that they weren’t capable of controlling the world, and they also realized that the world wouldn’t survive if they were to rule. During the day birds would fly through the sky, constantly on the look out for humans near their territory. They knew that mankind was a threat to their race, and that they wouldn’t survive if men found a way into the sky. The birds weren’t the only ones who were always on guard; the men were also always watching their territory. They created deadly weapons, missiles, knives, and ropes as their shields from the birds, because they knew that at any time the birds could easily fly into their territory.

For decades, humans brainstormed ways that they could rid the world of birds, until finally, they had a brilliant idea. There would be no more guarding of territory or threats of invasion, but instead full-on war. The war began soon after the plan was set. The men gathered to consult on how they would attack. They planned to lure the birds into their territory, where they would then strike. However, the birds had overheard the plan of the men and left the next morning heading south from their territory. A woman had seen this flock and reported to the men that the birds were trying to escape. The men abandoned their plan, grabbed their weapons, and began to chase the birds. When the birds came into sight, they began to attack. The men threw weapons at the birds from all directions, and the birds were unable to escape. In this process, many of the birds’ wings and beaks were chopped off. The birds fell to the ground and became slithering serpents. Some fell into rivers and oceans, while others fell into rainforests. Some even fell into the dry deserts of southern Africa. When the men saw these creatures, they became afraid. They vowed that they would let the remaining birds continue to fly freely through the sky, while the snakes began to produce more of their kind. To this day, both snakes and birds roam the world, but knowing that they were once like them, the snakes envy the birds.
NAME: Ryan
TITLE: Creation Myth

MYTH: Before the world was created, there was a bird. This bird's name was Miaka. Miaka was flying around in a dark, dark nothingness. Miaka got lonely, so she created another bird, and his name was Giennk. Giennk and Miaka soon together, got lonely. So they decided to create, a large nest. In this nest, they gave birth to 3 baby birds. One of the baby birds, Unaka, flew off, away from her parents. Unaka later realized that he could create anything he wanted to. So, he created another nest, a bit smaller than her parents’ though. Later, Unaka got scared without her family, and he couldn't see anything around him, because of the darkness. So she flew very far away from her nest, and created a large, sphere, a ball of light, naming it “Sion”. After making it, he could see many things. When this happened, he got overwhelmed with her power, flying and creating many, many more stars, naming them, as he wanted to.

After he had finished making 100’s of stars, he returned to his nest, to see that it was burning. He tried to put out the fire, but got himself burned in the process. After this happened, he got mad, and used fire to destroy things. He later learned to like it, and created a large, square with living things to play with his fire. After doing this, Miaka and Giennk saw how he was torturing these innocent living beings, and they made a final resting place for them called “Hell”, and made Unaka stay there for eternity. The other 2 birds, Beon and Jhene decided to go to Unaka’s cube, and turned it to a sphere. Then, they saw all the burning beings, and created water to put them out. They accidentally created too much water, and all this water filled the craters of Unaka’s fireballs. Then, as they traveled on their creation, many beings saw them, and worshiped them. This made Beon and Jhene very strong, and then they gave the beings materials to make nests for themselves. After doing so, Miaka and Giennk came to see their kids’ creations, and they decided to help Miaka realized that, if the beings lived forever, they would soon over-power them, so they made a lifetime limit. They made it so when the beings died, they would go to Hell. Many of the beings complained about Hell, and how it should only be for the wicked and bad, so Miaka and Giennk created a Heaven, for the good doers. Later, Beon created another being, much different from them, but made just to worship them.

Jhene decided to create many many things, and named them, as he wanted to. After they had created all the beings, they created landscapes to help them survive, most good, and some bad. Jhene later realized that the land of the world was getting full, so he moved to the water. After creating many, many beings in the water, Jhene and Beon made a palace on the ground, and they became the god of land and water. Miaka and Giennk later realized that the world was too peaceful, so they created all the bad living things, sickness and other bad things. When Jhene and Beon heard about this, they realized their creations suffering, and gave them the essential items and knowledge to survive. Later, after Hell and the Heavens were filling up, they had to reincarnate the beings in Heaven, because they all deserved to live again, but in Hell, the number of people just became bigger, and bigger. Later, Unaka took fire into Hell, and burned many things. Miaka and Giennk later went to the Heavens, and became the God and Goddess of Heaven. Then came a great war. Unaka broke out of Hell, and burned many, many things. Miaka, Giennk, Beon and Jhene, got together the things in Heaven, and went to war. Many beings were killed, and Giennk too. After the war, they realized that if they had Hell on this planet, bad beings could break out of it. So they created a place, in the middle of the sun, and they locked Hell inside, along with Unaka, and made it so it would never let anything out. After this, Miaka returned to the Heavens, and lived there for eternity. Jhene and Beon stayed on the planet, and are still making changes today.
NAME: Tom Schoenauer
TITLE: Guardian of His creation

MYTH: Once there was only darkness, but there was one life form in this dark void, he called himself God. God had immense power but he had no idea what to do with all the power, so he decided to make huge circles and smaller ones. The big ones He lit on fire and the small ones circled around them. He scattered them around space making the stars. He then travailed to one of the planets and called it Earth, God decided to place a drop of water, which covered the Earth in an ocean. Then He used His power to make the wind, trees, grass, coral and flowers brining the plant to life. God then decided that none of the plants could talk so He got out some clay and started making animals for the sky, ground and water. But when God looked again he saw that the animals were not as smart as He intended, so with some more clay He decided to make people in his image and he made sure that they were smarter than all the animals so they could rule and protect the Earth.

After all was done God decided to leave Earth to make the other planets full of life. Every year God comes back to earth to check on the planet and to see how the guardians of Earth are taking care of it. And sometimes he realises a plague or a meteorite or a flood to wipe out the species.

God watched as man destroyed His Earth, He was so embarrassed of His creations that He tried to kill them off using a plague, but they adapted to this plague. He was so impressed that he decided to uplift the plague that He had bestowed on them and then He left thinking that it had changed them. But when he returned he found man had become greedier. This enraged Him, He thought they had truly changed but they hadn’t. He considered the future and the consequences for the planet that he loving created and handed over into the care of man. He decided that He had no other choice but to discipline man so they would respect the planet and repent from their greed. As man destroyed Earth more and more God made the punishments more severe, however man adapted to the disasters, man learnt and become wiser. They survived the disasters, there were truly good men among the greedy, evil and destructive ones. All of mankind was not corrupted.

Their knowledge increased and then one day God saw man reach the moon. God felt scared and happy at the same time. They had achieved the near impossible in a great act of unity and creativity. He foresaw the destruction of other planets but he thought that man would learn from his mistakes and the goodness amongst men would grow with their knowledge. And one day they would truly become more than just the guardians of the Earth; they would become the guardians of space and protect all his other creations.
NAME: Dane Begovich
Year 9
Creation Myth

MYTH: Five billion years ago, in the darkest corner of space, where there was no life, no nature, nor any people, just darkness. But within that darkness, was a passion, a passion to create, a passion to make something unique, something that will be bright and lively. Something that would bring joy, to not only the darkness itself, but all the habitants. The darkness brought, the ignition of fire. This fire, that the darkness brought unto us, was not just the typical fire we know of today, but, it was indeed the creation of our solar system, our universe. Within this fire, full to the tip of the flames, was the passion imbedded by the darkness.

This passion that the darkness sought to create with, was more powerful, and more majestic then he could have ever imagine. The fire grew out of control, and the passion, began to build and build, until it could not hold anymore. Without hesitation, the darkness released the fire and the darkness braced himself for the upcoming outbreak of the fire. Within an instant, the fire detonated, sending out sound at incredible speeds, shattering the nothingness and bringing voice to the darkness. He exclaimed “Passion is the key to life, bring passion to the world!”

From the sound travelling at great speeds, the groove left behind created galaxies, and within the galaxies, the darkness brought planets which all had different personalities, some that brought life, some that did not. Some that were hot, some that were cold. Every planet specialising in something with a passion which brought joy to the darkness. Each and every planet, taking refuge within their galaxy, but one galaxy in particular, made the darkness most proud. It was called the Milky Way Galaxy, in which the Earth was created. This planet not only showed it was capable of turning its passion to succeed into life, this included, nature, people, animals, oxygen to breathe, and water to drink. There was land to live on, and resources to thrive. He named the inhabiters, Humans, and gave them the right to rule the Earth, and to look after the land.

The Earth achieved more than the darkness could have ever hoped. He had created luscious hills, rocky mountains, soaring birds and exotic fish in the ocean. This planet the darkness created, had everything for a planet and its inhabitance to survive, not to mention, thrive. The darkness liked the humans he created, they reminded him of himself, they showed him, what it was like for others to have feelings, what it was like for others to have a passion. This was not an ordinary feature that just any creature would receive. The darkness saw them as achievers and decided to give them enhanced intelligence and courage. The darkness brought hundreds of millions of planets to life, and from each planet, the others looked like tiny bright lights he called stars, to remind everyone how important passion is, and, if you approach everything you do in life with passion, anything is possible. “And from within that darkness, there was a passion, and within that passion, brought life.” - Darkness
NAME: Christopher Meadows
SCHOOL: Guildford Grammar School
TITLE: The Creation of the World

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing. No light, no water and no land. No time and no shape. It was just darkness, space and the creator Apollo. Eventually four and a half billion years ago, Apollo created a helper who he called Demeter. Apollo told Demeter that she would help create the world with him. It took Apollo and Demeter three long days to create the entire world.

On the first day Apollo and Demeter created the Sun, the stars and the nine planets called Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Sun was the main source of light along with the stars and the planet Earth was where life would live since it was too cold or too hot on other planets. On the second day Apollo and Demeter created life. First they covered Earth with water. They then made land which they placed on top of the water and also created gases such as oxygen to help life survive on Earth. Apollo and Demeter then planted plants, flowers, bushes and trees. They also made the animals including birds and fish which spread all over the land and water. On the third day of creation the creator Apollo and his helper Demeter created humans. The humans were male and female and were all different sizes and ages. There were black people, red people, white people and yellow people and each coloured group of people spoke different languages. The people also spread out to different parts of planet Earth. Their only instructions from Apollo and Demeter on how they should live their life were to remember and respect their creators, to live in harmony and treat others with respect, and to look after the world, Earth and the animals and plants.

The humans lived for many years and multiplied across Earth. However as they kept on living the people started to fight because of their differences and only a few people remembered their creators Apollo and Demeter. They also weren’t looking after and caring for the land, plants and animals. One day when the black people, the red people, the white people and the yellow people were fighting, Apollo spoke to them all from the sky and told them that she would have to destroy the world if the people did not stop fighting and disrespecting their creator and the land they live on. Apollo told the people that whoever still remembered himself and his helper Demeter and whoever has cared for the world would go to a place called Heaven when they die which is a good and safe place. However, the people that have disobeyed their creators will burn to death in a place called Hell.

In the following days there was no fighting and there was just peace. The people knew that they had to be good now but they were not sure if it was too late. As the years went on people were dying and more people were being born. People still worried about going to Heaven so there were not as many fights as before. No one knows if there are real places called Heaven and Hell and they also do not know when the world will end. To this day people still worry about not going to a safe place when they die and instead going to a horrible place where they will be burnt to death. This is why people should always treat others how they would like to be treated and to respect their creators and where they live along with the water, land, plants and animals that surround them knowing that if they do they will go to a safe and happy place for the rest of their life when they die.

MYTH: Once, there was a land named Aöjren, in which the gods, creatures and others resided. Aöjren was not a wealthy land, nor was it a deprived land, in which the inhabitants felt neither glee, nor sadness. It was a land of pure neutrality. Many thousands of years ago, as he was sitting at his throne, the god of life, Fown, decided that there should be a place in which beings can experience the emotion of happiness, and began to build a place for these new creatures to live, and named it Earth. The god of destruction, Asige, could not destroy this land, for Fown was protecting it, so he decided to curse the land with the feelings of hatred, fear, sadness, and sorrow. Whilst Fown was creating this new land, and sending the creatures to this land, he realised that they could not experience these feelings, and that a new species had to be created. Fown took the feet from an ascor, the hind limbs from a leeber, the body, and abdomen from a roylar beast, the upper limbs from a jenser, and the head from a kinslon, and called this new race human.

These divine creatures could now live on this new world, called earth, and multiplied, and lived together, experiencing this emotion of joy. Asige was soon to realise that he, too, needed to create a race that could inflict his negative emotions on to the new humans. He decided to not make this new race identical to Fown’s race, but to make them tiny organisms, called vibes, also known as bad vibes. When a human was to come in contact with some bad vibes, they would become angry, sad, and other negative feelings would overcome them, unless they had the power to fight back, and withstand displaying these emotions. Fown decided, that, those who ignored these bad vibes, and helped rid others of their bad vibes, would be rewarded, in the way of receiving good luck. This world, however, was not yet complete, and required much more for the human race to last many more years, so he created the sun, trees, plants, food, other creatures, and more, so that the human race could survive. He created a source of these good feelings, and started to spread them out throughout the world. Asige also created a source of the bad vibes, making them look human, and also called them human, as to make them blend in with the other humans.

As an ultimate reward, Fown decided that those who ignored bad vibes, and lived positively, would get to live in a land with no bad vibes, and everything they could imagine, and he called this place “Dolatoge” meaning ‘ultimate happiness’, in the ancient language of the gods. He also, created a second world, for those who spread bad vibes, and called this world “Melotoge”, meaning ‘ultimate sadness’. Those who neither spread bad vibes, nor ignored them, came back, to live in Aöjren, with the other creatures, in a land of neutral feelings.
NAME: Thomas Stanicich
TITLE: Creation Myth - The Overflow

MYTH: A long time ago, before the dawn of our universe, there was an alien population known as the Adowak aliens, who lived many, many light years away. This alien population was so advanced that at the time they had the technology to create whole universes and galaxies. The Adowak aliens were also a very fast growing alien race, and would soon need somewhere else for their people to live. So their ruler, Lord Fowak, decided that they shall use their technology to create many universes and the galaxies inside of them, until they found an optimum planet similar to their own. They created 15 universes, with at least 5000 galaxies in each. They sent scouts in their light-rockets to scout every galaxy to search for a planet which would suit their needs. After over 200 years of searching (not that 200 years was very long for an Adowak, as the average lifespan was 1000 years), the Adowak aliens finally found a perfect planet which they had created, and named it Earth, meaning new-found homeland. This new planet, Earth, was to be where the Adowak’s would send half of their population.

When the Adowak’s arrived on Earth, it was almost perfect. They created animals and plants which would help preserve the land as well as provide food and they made rivers and lakes to provide fresh water for them to drink. Everything on Earth was better than on their old planet, Sovike, and the Adowak’s on Earth let their old friends know about it. This caused an outrage on Sovike as all of the Adowak’s wanted to go to Earth, but they weren’t allowed to. A huge war broke out and almost all except seven of the Adowak’s on Sovike died. The news of this civil war spread quickly to Earth, where the other Adowak aliens decided that they needed to return home. But before doing so, they knew that they would need someone or something to look after the Earth while they were gone.

After much planning and thought, the Adowak’s decided that they would create two genetic clones of themselves, one of the male type, and one of the female type. However they also decided that they would need to reduce their lifespan as they didn’t want them to become as advanced and wise with time because the Adowak’s couldn’t risk their secret being discovered. They also decided to genetically engineer the clones to have a quicker reproduction rate so that they could increase in numbers quicker and therefore have the Earth covered in these clones in no-time. Finally they decided on the name of the clones, humans, meaning caretakers of the Earth.

The Adowak’s destroyed every bit of evidence showing they were there, before letting the humans loose to look after the planet and then flying off in their space-craft. They arrived back on their home planet, Sovike, to see the complete devastation of the civil wars which had taken place. They knew that they would now have to regrow the planet bit by bit, being careful to regrow the population enough to stabilise the planet, but not too much that they would have to leave again. However, the Adowak’s made sure that the humans survive to this day and forevermore, so that Earth can survive and be there when one day the Adowak’s may have to return.

NAME: Lola Kearney Lane 
AGE: Age 8 3/4

MYTH: Firstly  there was nothing just a rock and heaven.  Meanwhile up in heaven there was a duck girl named Sandra.  She had six babies they were named after the elements, Water, Ice, Fire, and Rock and the others were called Shelter and Weather.  Unfortunately one of her babies fell out of her nest.  So she spread out her golden wings and flew down to earth but the clouds did not open.  So she sang a lullaby and the clouds opened.  She flew down and grabbed her child, the sun started to shine and her golden feathers shone as she called down her other children to the rock.

However it was still just a plain rock.

Then she had a idea her children could be the elements but it was not complete they had to have humans so they made a potion and poured it on the tree.  Then seven days went past and the first boy and girl sprouted out.  The girl had luscious long hair and golden lips that sparked in the sun light and the boy had curly hair like a clown.

Suddenly they heard crying, it was coming from the girls hair.  So Sandra opened her hair and there was thousands of babies unfortunately they needed clothes so Sandra span around 10 times and thousands of clothes fell out.  And that is how the world began.

NAME: Christian Pitcher
Lyndhurst Primary School, London
Year 4

Once a sausage dog was walking on a very stony path.  The sausage dog was as brown as a hazelnut.  When the sausage dog came to the end of the very stony path he saw different types of trees.  The trees had lots of fruits on them.  A small droplet fell from the sky and hit a very large, shiny apple.  A magical event took place and the apple was changed into human like features and started growing taller and taller and started growing arms and legs and had a face with eyes and a mouth and started communicating to the sausage dog and took him back home.

Many years ago there was another sausage dog.  He was walking on the stony path.  He was as brown as a branch on a tree.  Soon he got to the end of the stony path and he saw lots of trees with lots of juicy fruits on them.  Just then a small rain drop fell from the sky onto a shiny, tasty and large apple.

A magical event took place and the apple turned into a human being.  His arms, legs, face and the rest of his body shook out and grew taller and taller and he started communicating to the sausage dog and took the sausage dog back home.  

NAME: Aiden Zeka
Animal Earth by

INTRO: At first there was nothing but clouds with shelters on them, and clever animals that can make farms for food and can survive just like humans in 2014. But it is the year 0000 there because time didn’t exist yet. You’d might think they didn’t have electricity, but you’re wrong because on every cloud there was a: never-ending-power-battery.

MYTH: The leader of the animals is a robin named Rio. You can tell he is the leader because he has a gold crown on his head and is holding a staff made of diamond. Rio started to get bored of the emptiness and decided to make a planet called: Earth. So he made an announcement, he said that he will need lots of help.

They started by carving a sphere about half the size of Earth today, then doubled it. Soon they created the ground made of soil. In Rio’s mind he said: I hope it will turn out perfect. So here was the plan: The dogs will make the air and the trees. The cats will make the grass, paths and make stuff grow. And the rest will make humans but Rio will make the sun and the moon.

The next day they made the humans and the first one was made by a cow and was called Gunnigap. Rio also made food and shelters for villages.

CONCLUSION: So in the end they all created sunrise and sunset. Later they dazed upon the world they created.

NAME: Kymani Skyers 
SCHOOL: Lyndhurst primary school

MYTH: Before time began there was just heaven on heaven there was a flower this flower was a normal flower that you would see today. Then one day this flower grew to a human this human was mixed race and had a tiny, yellow cloak and green trousers. The green trousers were so green it was like he was wearing grass he had a small cap perched on his head all of his clothes had a weird patterns on his name was Kuturaman He decided to create humans these humans and him made the earth they worked for 10 days to create the earth and there was a big female Jaguar her name was balangi she had a yellow background and small tiny black spots and red eyes also balangi had children she wanted to take over the world but they drowned. After they drowned balangi became the sun and her children became the moon. Soon after Kuturaman made it rain on earth this rain would create animals and humans. In the rain there was DNA of animals and humans.
NAME: Maya Deckker
TITLE: The Axe Of Life

MYTH: At first there was almost nothingness. Floating throughout ebony coloured, cloudy lumps, was just a tree. This tree was unknown, for all it had was prickley leaves and wonky branches. Strangely, inside the tree was a very peculiar bird named Looka-Nooka. He had slept all his life in the tree but now that was going to change! Terrified and confused, Looka-Nooka sat up curiously wondering where he was, as he had never in his life been awake before.

He fought dangerously to get out of the tree, because he thought the atmosphere was tight and he felt like a huge tiger locked in a tiny cage. Eagerly, he swiped the trunk of the tree with all his might, using a golden axe. The fighting was no use! The tree was as strong as a brick wall! Looka-Nooka was extremely furious and annoyed, so he angrily threw his axe away from himself and it landed right in the middle of the tree with a big THUMP! It took a while for Looka-Nooka to realise that the axe had actually made a hole in the tree, when he did realise, he cautiously flew out.

Surprised and amased, Looka-Nooka sat outside and waited for something amazing to happen. He waited and waited but nothing happened, so he just sat and stared at the tree He could not believe what the tree looked like from the outside. Well, from Looka-Nooka’s point of view it was amazing.

The tree had curly winding branches and prickly green leaves gently swaying in the wind.  The trunk was rough like a crocodile’s skin and so tall that Looka-Nooka couldn’t even see the top.  After weeks and weeks, Looka -Nooka noticed that the tree was unhappy! It was dreadfully wilting!  Looka-Nooka realised that the tree had died.  Gracefully, he flew up to the top of the tree and collected four leaves to make fire, water, ice and mountains.  Carefully he collected the three winding branches and made people grow out of them.  The first two people that came out were called Has-Nook and Pes-Nook (a man and a woman).  Finally, the last of the three people was born, a girl called Shesa. When she died, her tears became all the other people of the world.  Looka-Nooka collected the left over leaves from the tree and created the heavens.   With his axe, he cut off the trunk of the tree and dropped it down to make earth.

Whilst Looka-Nooka was flying down to the new earth he created, he dropped his axe and tumbled down after it.  He landed head first onto the axe, which surprisingly did not kill him, but became his golden crown.  This crown marked the beginning of the world.

NAME: Anthony Ozor
Lyndhurst Primary School, London
year 4

At first there was nothing, just vast nothingness with an eerie silence atmosphere that was so muted that you couldn’t even hear a pin drop. Slowly from out of nowhere popped out two realms, one realm was the hectic fires of Raspin and the extraordinary second realm was the immense howls of Akrixnes. Mysteriously these spectacular realms emerged together and then a tremendous particle collided with another particle and caused a crazy explosion! Suddenly out of nowhere rose a substantial, robust Giant God. Instantaneously that atmosphere of pitch blackness turned into neonic, indigo colours and tons of prodigious heat waves were vibrating all around that mesmerizing atmosphere. As Yackmir the substantial, neonic God walked the whole of the magnificent atmosphere trembled like a colossal rock collapsing flat on someone. Crazily Yackmir decided that the world would be dull without any body so he said “let there be people!” And straight away two children squirted out of his gigantic armpits. One was a boy and one was a girl these children were also gods and were not to be messed around with, because they were called the creators of humans which meant that they created people but these people would only start of as diminutive bugs and then they would transform into normal size humans. Yackmir’s children Acmirxt and Xanpower went on a crazy adventure hunting mysterious things to eat with their magical, strong powers and then they came back to their father and he cooked the food with is magical laser eye power.

Then Acmirxt had an excellent idea he decided that he was going to do something out of their world and that he was going to make there be a sky a moon and other things like humans, but what he didn’t know was that an even bigger and powerful was coming to take over. At that moment the atmosphere turned pitch black and in the distance was an immense figure getting closer and closer every tremble of the way. Yackmir was outraged and he didn’t like what was happening so he and Zenzir had a fight they fought and fought until Zenzir killed Yackmir then after that death he killed his children and now he had the world to his self. Instantly he created a volcano and suddenly a massive explosion happened and out flew humans. All of these humans were already trained so they grew crops and built stuff. Two of these humans got married and their kiss turned into the sky their faces turned into the moon and the glistening sun, finally the world lived in peace or did they there is still more terrifying tales to be seen and told!

NAME: Emily

MYTH: First there was nothing. Just empty darkness and a huge blub of light it was heaven. In heaven there was a house inside the house there was the most beautiful goddess. She was brushing her gold, silky hair and she had rosy, pink skin and a crisp, white dress with a golden belt and silver, shiny shoes, her name was Sandra. One peaceful evening Sandra was playing with her golden ball and she rolled it of the edge of heaven and landed on earth so she went down to earth to find it. But she could not find it. While she was looking she noticed that the land looked a bit lonely so she zoomed back up to heaven. Tired and depressed she sat on her bed and went to sleep and had a dream which was about how she could make just a pile of rocks into a glorious world with humans. When she woke up she found her self face to face with her pet called Coco rush. She was half dog half cat and had bright colors like yellow, lemon green, pink and light blue and was wearing a orange tutu skirt and a dark blue t-shirt. She has the power to make your wishes come true. Then an idea popped into Sandra's head that maybe she could wish for life on earth. But unfortunately that did not happen because Coco rush was sick and her ears were down and she kept sneezing and her tail was not wagging. Her colors went down to dark colors like black and brown. So Sandra thought again then she remembered that she had baby chicks as her brothers and sisters. Secretly she hovered down to earth and she blew her special whistle to call them down so they could use their powers to create the world. All of the chicks had different powers: one had all the elements and the others had the other things like shelter, food and water, tables and chairs, cups and plates, animals and other things. Then Sandra spotted two trees she shaped them into people. One was a girl and the other one was a boy. She gave them thought , sight , hearing , movement , breath , voices , thought, love , feelings and taste. They became humans, they had babies then they had babies then so on and so on. The babies grew up to be a grown man or grown women and they would eventually die.
NAME: Deniz Su Kaplankiran
The Seed of Life

MYTH: Once a space turtle ate an apple and pushed some soil of heaven .The seed planted itself in the soil. Out of the soil grew the first god out of a flower. His body had little bits of fire bouncing witch suited his pale skin perfectly. His name was Umbagango. More flowers grew to form elements just after he had created his first two humans. The girl was Lily who had golden swirly hair with a pretty dress. The boy had giant afro hair with slim, dark clothes. Unfortunately the elements crashed together and killed Umbagango. The pale yellow sun set as Umbagango’s body formed other things on the Earth like mountains, hills, gems and roads. The elements crashed together to form more things but they created a spell to make sure that humans don’t live forever. That’s why we never live forever. 3000 years later life is like now.
NAME: Molly Shury
Lyndhurst , LONDON

First there was nothing. Just pitch-black, silence and nothingness, emptiness swirling around a black hole of darkness. Out of the swirling darkness rose the moon that floated up high into the sky and a spot of light could be found in the darkness. From the darkness you could see a tiny speck on the moon getting closer and closer. After a while it was clear this figure was a god floating from the moon. This god was Zacralza. Half his body was tiger, the other half man and his yellow eyes shone like the sun. As he settled floating in mid-air the emptiness stopped swirling and he stood there like a soldier back from battle. Seconds later his cousin Xamirat walked down from the moon. Her dazzling purple eyes glistened in the moonlight matching her indigo skin. Her scarlet dress matched her blood red hair that flowed around her head as she flicked it. They nodded at each other and raised their arms and a hill rose up from the emptiness. This hill was called Zam-Cram. Xamirat clapped her hands and five humans appeared on Zam-Cram. Adam who wore robes of blue, Carl who wore robes of red, Anaya who wore a green dress, Kat who wore a yellow dress and Seth who wore ragged robes of black. Xamirat and Zacralza floated back up to the moon (which was heaven).

In heaven Zacralza called for his faithful servant Spike. His scaly green body crinkled when he moved and his golden bird-like head gleamed in the moonlight. His pointy black teeth stuck out of his brilliant blue beak. His bright multi coloured wings beat the wind away and his spiky black tail aims ready to shoot. Zacralza told Spike to give a gift to each human. To Adam the gift of love, to Carl the gift of personality, to Anaya the gift of thought, to Kat the gift of happiness, and to Seth the gift of hatred. Spike had the job of picking each gift from its tree or plant. First of all he went to pick up the love from the Ubanaya tree where he could also find the personality. So he picked those but he added a bit extra love. Then he set off to the Zuluba tree to get the thought which looked like a brain. As Spike walked and his tail swayed he set off to find Hultzax, the tree of happiness. After he picked the happiness he went to Darkness the tree of hatred. When he had picked the hatred he decided to give one more gift to the humans, immortality. So he left the basket and went to find the immortality plant. But while he was gone some cheeky monkeys came out of the Darkness tree and put extra hatred in, took some happiness out of the basket and drew lines that twisted and turned and ended with a knot so humans would eventually die. When Spike came back the monkeys stole the immortality and gave it to the gods so humans are mortal. Spike delivered the basket to the humans and they sprinkled it on each other and joined as one. Zacralza zapped the earth so there was sun, fertile land, wind, plants, more humans and sky.
NAME: Olivia
AGE: 9
TITLE: Style Chavarnie and The Apple Tree

MYTH: At first there was nothing, black inky nothingness, twisting and turning in the dark. In a corner of the nothing there was a monkey God called Style Chavarnie. One day he was itching his back against a tall tree when suddenly it fell into the sky. Slowly, a plump red juicy apple began to grow on the tree. Suddenly the roots twisted and formed the earth. The large apple formed a mighty human called Yacky-Yockie. His golden hair swished in the breeze and his muscles grew like volcanoes. As he was the first human he became the half God of the earth. From that day on Yacky-Yockie roamed the earth. One day felt lonely so he decided to create more people. He loved playing with his friends day and night but one morning he got angry with his friends because they played a trick on him, so foolishly he said that humans shall not live forever. One sad morning Yacky-Yockie caught an illness and died because he forgot that he was half human. Months later he rose and became a real God that loomed over the adults and children, like a true God, like he had always dreamed of. At last the birds sang and the clouds began to clear once again.
NAME: Ava Hayward
TITLE: Yamivahvah

MYTH: At the beginning of the world there was only a big rock floating in outer space but in the clouds there was a female and male who were in a deep sleep. The sky was covered in stars as they slept but a few minutes later they were nowhere to be seen because a silver star had sucked them up. Tonight was a very bad night to be in space because there was a giant space storm. Suddenly the star got thrown to earth and was hurtling to the rock and they landed with a crash on earth. There was a woman with beautiful golden hair and pale white skin she also had bright pink lips. The boy had thick brown hair, was the most slightly tanned and had freckles on both cheeks. Silence filled the air as the woman got to work doing her duties. The woman was the only one out of the two of them that had the powers to grow plants. Luckily some plants made humans but the only animal the plants could make where panthers. After they had been on this world some time the woman fell in love with an evil panther called bizzo. When they had been married they had a beautiful baby half human half panther called zizika with gorgeous golden hair. Unluckily the panther did not like her because he wanted to rule by himself and do that wickedly. That night it was pitch black no star to be seen but bizzo carried on with his hunt and because he was a panther it was easy for him he was used to hunting at night. Silently he ran into zizika’s bedroom and murdered her but what he did not know is if she is killed the universe will end. Luckily all her body parts made earth once again… earth is back!
NAME: Petra Whelan
TITLE: Nicha and the Mayflower.

MYTH: A long time ago there was only vast nothingness, through that nothingness was a gargantuan desert. Silence filled the desert as a beautiful mayflower opened itself to reveal four children. Its name was Mow Chi and the children were called Jonica, Lakiwi, Nicha and Joco-loco. As they grew up they planted seeds from their tears which grew into galaxies. Nicha was the queen but Joco-loco was jealous and black hearted so he crammed the universe into his mind so no one could get it. Foolishly he ate Mow chi but he was too full so he spat out Pluto and Saturn. Nicha was outraged, so she ordered Jonica to kill Joco-loco. But Joco-loco battled hard against Jonica so Nicha sent Lakiwi, but the same thing happened again. Filled with courage Nicha strode out into the desert. As she got closer to Joco loco she saw the burning flames in his eyes, and his grinding teeth. They fought for many long hours but in the end there was only one hero. The mighty Nicha had conquered evil and the world was in peace and harmony.
NAME: Salvidor reyes christopher delapaz
TITLE: The Tree of Life

MYTH: In the heavens there was this tree it was called the tree of life. This tree of life was an apple tree, the tree began to blossom and apples began to grow once they became ripe one fell off the tree and down to earth. As the apple fell through the sky it began to change its form. The stem of the apple turned into a head and a face, arms and legs began to grow and the body of the apple turned into a belly. Once the strange being had finally landed down to earth it began to cry, an eagle heard these cry’s and flew towards them when he as close enough he was this strange being not knowing what it was she picked it up and flew to her nest. She sat the strange little thing in her nest and looked at it for a long while and decided that she would keep it and name it. She named it Balaam; she raised Balaam and watched him grow. He grew bigger and bigger with time he grew too big for the nest so she had to find somewhere for him to live close to her. She flew off into the sky in search of a place for Balaam to live, after a little while she found a cave big enough for Balaam to live and very close to her. She flew back to tell Balaam that she had found a place for him, he was very excited to now have his own place but knew he would have to learn to live alone and do everything for him self .

Well Balaam now head to his new home he was excited yet a little frightened to be on his own. Over time he taught himself how to hunt, fish, build shelter and make clothing. He was on his own for quit a long time and he felt lonely because he was the only one like him. He called for the eagle and she came down and asked him what was wrong he then told her ”,I feel lonely and out of place I’m the only one like me no one else it like me,” he said to the eagle. He told the eagle that he wanted more beings like him, she said “, alright Balaam come to my nest tomorrow and we will see what we can do about that,”

He then went down to his cave and sat there thinking about if the eagle could actually make more beings like him. He grew excited about the fact that he will soon have more beings like him if it works out. He then went to bed because he was so excited about the day to come. The next day he woke up and went to the eagles nest like she said to when he arrived he saw that there were 4 eggs, the eagle said are you ready Balaam, he then nodded yes to her. “Okay Balaam take that rock and cut your hand with it and place your hand one each of the eggs,” said the eagle. Balaam did as she said he then asked”, now what do I do?” Balaam asked the eagle, she said “, now we wait till they hatch I will care for them when the day come for them to hatch I will come and get you,”

Balaam returned to his cave and waited just like the eagle said, he began to gather and make things for the new babies that were to hatch. He made the cloths and each of them a small nest to sleep in. by the time he had finished doing all of this it was around 3 weeks since he had touched his hand to the eggs, then suddenly out of nowhere he heard a cry. It was the eagle he ran towards her as fast as he could, “Come come!!” screamed the eagle, and Balaam hurried to the nest. He arrived just in time to see the first egg hatch it was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen he couldn’t believe his eyes it was a small being just like him. He walked over to it and picked him up and named him Damodar then he heard a sound and the other three hatched at the same time another boy and 2 girls. He named the other boy Kabir and the two girls were named Sarras and Pari.
Balaam took the four babies to the cave and put the cloths he made on each one then laid them in their nests. As time went by the four grew bigger and bigger with time like he did when he was small. He taught them everything he taught himself to do. He watched them grow to young men and women once they grew to adults Balaam told that they would have to separate and make their own living. “Damodar and Sarras you two are now a couple and will make a family of your own same with you Kabir and Pari” he watched them walk away to make lives of their own with a smile he waved and said” I will come and see you soon,”
The two couples went and found their own caves and began their own families they each had a baby and when the 2 grew old enough Damdar, Sarras, Kabir and Pari told them as Balaam told them. They said once you two have a family of your own you will do the same and they watched as their kids walked away to make their own living just as they did when Balaam did.
From the tree of live in the heavens and thanks to the one apple that fell to earth is how the human race came to be.
NAME: Kaity Echterling and Travis Fuller
TITLE: The Wolf Who Cried Boy

MYTH: North America began cold and harsh with no light to be seen. Without the light from the sun, Wolf was alone with no friends because he was intimidating and feared by many. The woods where Wolf lived were dark, gloomy, and cold with no creatures around except for the occasional moose. Wolf strolled through the woods where he lived, kicking sticks and branches out of his path. As he neared his cave he noticed a bush move. He grew excited and picked up his pace coming closer to the bush that had just moved. Wolf shouted hello, hoping for a response but the only one he got was an opossum scurrying away from him. Wolf walked into his cave and lay down, the longer he lay there the more he grew discouraged and depressed.
Wolf couldn’t take it any longer, he busted out of his cave running away from everything, hoping for a new start. Wolf ran and ran not caring about his surroundings. Before coming to a stop towards the peak of the mountain Wolf jumped over a giant brown rock. Wolf sat down at the top of the mountain, he began to sob, his sobs turned into cries, which turned into howls. His howls became so loud they began to shake the mountain and split the skies.

Wolf watched the sky open, shocked at what he had done. He saw something falling toward him, something he had never seen before. The figure was falling faster and faster towards him from the sky. Wolf looked back down at the mountain just in time to jump out of the way as Moose ran towards him. Moose knew he had to save the figure falling from the sky. The will power Moose had to save this figure continued to build inside his head. Knowing he couldn’t catch the figure with his hooves he began to become frustrated. Wolf watched Moose as antlers began to grow out of his head forming a basket shape. Just in the nick of time the antlers safely caught the figure.

The creature stood on two legs; it was unlike anything they had ever seen. The figure explained to Wolf and Moose that he was Man and had fallen from the sky world. Man began to shake; he was cold in the world of darkness. Wolf cried for Man asking the sky to warm him. The mountains began to shake once again, opening the skies. The sky opened farther and farther, allowing a bright light to shine down from the sky. Man told Wolf and Moose that the bright light was coming from what the sky world called the sun. The animals could see North America in a whole new way. North America was now filled with light and warmth.
A few months had passed and the sky filled with clouds. The clouds were dark, heavy, and filled with snow. The snow fell from the sky for days at a time. Man did not have the fur of Wolf and began to become very cold. Wolf had to keep his only friend warm and alive. The only way that would be possible is if Wolf snuggled up to Man to keep him warm. Throughout the winter they laid together in the cave, staying warm and healthy.

Other animals began to see Wolf through new eyes, realizing what he had done. Animals began to climb the top of the mountain and cried, opening the sky and allowing humans to fall to North America. Throughout the years Wolf kept Man alive while Man kept Wolf company. They remained friends for years, while the other animals did the same. Even to this day dog is still considered man’s best friend for this reason.

NAME: Nhien Truong

MYTH: Long time ago, all of the continents used to be stuck to each other. At that time, Dinosaurs and plants are only beings in the world, of course if we don’t count Gods. To keep peace, most of Dinosaurs only eat plants. Day by day, dinosaurs had eaten too much, which made the Gods angry. He decided to recreate the world, but first he has to kill everything! He threw a big rock, make a Boooomm sound. That rock was too big, and made a big fire that kill almost all of the dinosaurs in the world, and make the Australian continent separated from others. That’s the reason why we only found Comodos living in islands, not in the continents, and Australia’s place is too far from the others, and Australia has a big desert.

The explosion also destroyed eggs, but not all of the eggs were destroyed, some of them stay safe, then cracked and first humans appeared with other species. They had been living very well, only eat plants to keep peace until one day. They ate a lot just like dinosaurs, which made the Gods angry again; he threw another big rock, made a Boooommm sound again. That rock landed at Mediterranean, which separated Africa from Europe and Asia. Unlike dinosaurs, big and dumb, humans are small and smart. They find places to hide and use water to destroy fires, they stored food to get over the disaster, so they were still alive, but the fire from the rock kill most of the foods, that’s the reason why there are many deserts in Africa.

Because of having no foods, people start to move to America, followed by a lot of bulls. Those beings had been living well once again. People start to eat bulls and animals – trying not to make the God mad again! But bulls ate a lot too!!! People raise bulls, and feed them with grass. So God one more time get mad and decided to throw a big rock to Alaska. But he realized fire can’t kill them, so he threw a big ice, which created North Pole. It was so cold, so they moved to the south side. And from that day, Inca Empire always kill animals, or sometimes even human and give it to Gods, so they will have peace! From that day, American continent was separated, and nobody know where it is until Columbus discovered it.

NAME: Sam and Logan
Oom the Sun God

Centuries ago in a galaxy far away, the sun Oom was not the color it is today. He was a blue lonely star. He traveled for centuries across the galaxy looking for love. Searching for years almost giving up on life, he finally meets earth; he instantly falls in love and his color turned into a steaming burning yellow.

The sun and Earth have been talking about making a new species that would live on Earth. Oom sends heat waves which impregnates Earth. Earth has earthquakes which mean it his time to give birth. The first ever humans were born, coming out of volcanos, and those humans were given powers, powers to make animals, plants, food, shelter, and more humans to balance everything out. There were only two humans, a boy and a girl. Their names are Ekko and Mila. Voices in their head told them what to do to create a planet that has all elements to survive, Rock, Water, Air, Fire.

Ekko and Mila have been fighting, when they argue storms happen. Storm like tsunamis, hurricane, tornadoes, disaster everywhere. They killed about 200 humans. After that Ekko and Mila split up, Ekko became the eastern U.S, and Mila becomes western U.S. They both used their powers to create a border between them, the Mississippi river. Ekko makes mountains and Mila becomes the land. Ever since they have not been with each other.

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