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NAME: Brian Rogers
TITLE: The Actual Creation Story of the Multiverse

MYTH: The Realm of Amon sat like a jewel, overlooking since time immemorial the endless shifting waves of the chaotic blur of forgotten pasts and futures never to be. The Personamon Brift lowered himself down into the absence of the figurative, climbing down on mathematical laws, until wading into the illogical fantasies in the minds of all creatures, bringing with him a crystal that sat in a cage of bone, and then swam deeper. Brift had now reached the most basic chaos of the world, and its biting creatures of frozen darkness and gales of fire and brimstone tore at his forest green cloak, the fastening of which was encrusted with gems and inlaid with opal and pearl. His staff of carved oak repelled the pelting spears of tempered iron.

In that primal chaos in which nothing rendered remained for long, Brift broke the bone cage that had protected the crystal from such a tumultuous end. The crystal had been present in a world long gone, destroyed by the influence of an Un-named Blackness, now imprisoned within the strongest fortification of continual possibility and contained by and in the collective thought of all known consciousness. All in that world had been utterly destroyed, all save that crystal, which had been retrieved seconds before the world’s implosion. Since the eventual fall of the first race to live in it, the crystal had been recording all that had transgressed; a drop of the blood of Brift to solidify the connection, and so a shimmering bridge in time was created.

A single thread of flame stretching across time and dimension from the crystal erupted and made contact, and the crystal remembered. Flame blazed with light, as a torrent raged through. All of the information stored up in the crystal was remembered, and cross-referenced with the recipient. A single link was made: a portal existing only in an instant of time, and never existing again; and so the Crystal had received the data from the creation of the First World, connecting at the point of the realization of a prophecy made near its beginning, and was ready to recreate the event of its invention and solidification. It was at the beginning that the chord had connected to the crystal, and so from the beginning it began. In the tumultuous darkness the crystal glowed and sang, unfolding a sphere of light for protection creating the point, and Brift left for the Realm of Amon, never to return in full form to this horrid chaos.

In the chaos of the world was a single sphere of light, within which was a crystal that glowed as a star. The crystal, protected from any tumults of the outer void, moved to the edge of its sphere of protection, and projected another sphere creating the line. At the junction between the two spheres, a great blast of light spewed forth, and continued to. All of the monsters of the abstract void were shattered, and their dust mixed, and achieved sentience. The crystal then proceeded to move to an intersection between the two spheres, and project a third, creating the plane. A Green flower blossomed at the center of the universe, shimmering with radiant warmth and vitality.

The crystal then moved to a different intersection and projected a fourth sphere of crystalline light creating the space. Time started, and the green flower pollinated. Next was a fifth sphere created at the next intersection. With it was created the Manifold, and at that, the pollen stuck to the sides of the five spheres, and began growing. Then was created the sixth sphere at the next intersection, and with it the Orthoplex, as the pollen grew into sentient crystal bulbs. At the first created consciousness, the Crystal exploded. As the Crystal exploded, infinite space surrounding the green flower that grew on top of the white lamp spread outward, and infinite dimensions were created, for the new beings that would eventually evolve to ascend into and become greater. Infinite unquantised crystal vapour sprayed forth, embedding and piercing into the surfaces of the universes, allowing sight of the White lamp from within. The crystal bulbs’s minds were imprinted with the memory of the crystal’s shattering, and were forever changed, and inexplicably different of kind than any other consciousness.

Then Nyæ, a creature chosen by Brift to survive the end of the last world, a creature of pure fire, entered by ripping a hole in the center of reality: The Tantalus Eye. Some of the primordial corruption dust got in, which was quickly imprisoned by Nyæ by using her fire to melt it into glass, and so the Orb of Corruption was born, which she placed hidden inside the White Lamp, tinting it lavender purple, and plugging the Eye. Nyæ bore the Golden Compass of Truth and the Silver Sword-Arc of Souls.

She entered a three-dimensional universe that was in void, and lo, the Erasin, a race of beautiful and elegant beings from the previous universe emerged, protected inside from the end of days. They bore the Book of Brift. They spoke Nostric, and Nyæ Proto-Nostric, and the universe, Cogitari: thought itself. The Erasin shaped and controlled the Silver Sword to become a crystal spire, on which they could settle. The planet Nibira was formed from planetblood by the tip of the spire, and the spire sank into it.

Nyæ came to the center of the planet, where heavier elements had fallen forming a metal core, and hollowed it out, throwing the metal into orbit to create rings and moons of different precious metals. Nyæ heated the planet from this place, creating steam and an atmosphere. Lightning and rain clashed with the rising steam, rare minerals and chemicals seperating from the mix, to be recombined into new substances by electricity. Finally a single-cell life-form was born. The Erasin plucked the Ancestor Cell out, and encased it in a tomb of crystal. They tinkered with it, stripping it of its immortality and embuing it a genetic lock, ensuring what ever it evolved into could always be controlled. Six Suns were created to light and heat the world, Nyæ still trapped at the center.

Minerals and metals had now fully separated from gases and liquids, and were sinking to the bottom. Dry land appeared, a vivid slop of all colors, all minerals, and an oily fluid as ocean. An island formed on top of the Crystal Spire and around it, fixing it in place. Erasin flocked to colonise the new land, an independant community forming on each new island.

A society developed on the far side of the planet, where only twilight to deep night existed, untouched by the nearest sun, Bdaf’sin. They thrived in the darkness, becoming blind, and their skin turning a sickly greyish-lavendar: the Ier’siñ’drav. They looked up at the stars, and sought to see the light, and so they advanced technologically, bulding space-ships and obsidian temples. They phased into the timeless void outside their universe and saw it: The Lavendar Lamp and the Green flower. They saw the source of all corruption, but also like through a port-hole, saw the elderich beyond, and yearned to communicate with it. They made a deal: advanced arcane knowledge for corruption. The Ler’siñ’drav received a single shard of Corruption glass, kept and guarded by Sing’kai, who was corrupted by it. The Ler’siñ’drav copied and pasted the Ancestor Cell, removing the genetic lock, and creating from it a single egg of the mother of all monsters, the Father of Prescience, Sai’uud. They placed it deep within the Black Marsh, and waited.

The Erasin sought help by trying to open their Book of Brift, but it was locked. The key to it must be made out of a substance unknown to them, and infused with an energy only generated through biological life. Oceans and continents differentiated on the light side, the dark side still being a cold marsh. Inland, eight lakes formed in a ring around where the crystal spire was: the Red Lake, the Blue Lake, the Green Lake, the Black Lake, the White Lake, the Glass Lake, the Silver Lake, and the Lake of Light. The mortal cell was finally released into the Red Lake, where it spread and changed. New forms of life un-imagined were created, an independent ecosystem in each sea, but the Ier’siñ’drav’s time had come. They planted their seed of darkness in the black marsh, and it grew. Sing’kai became the master of the corruption, the queen of the hive. The Corruption threatened to engulf the new life, and so the Erasin prayed to Brift, and he answered. A great octahedron of the new substance Vorpal was sent bearing new souls, and objects to combat the Corruption. It hit Nibira, shattering it, and freeing Nyæ.

The Ler’siñ’drav were nearly killed, surviving on small asteroids of the black marsh, now frozen. The Corruption and Sing’kai were turned into a fine vapour, that passed as an atmosphere that enveloped the black marsh asteroid belt. Three Objects were procured from the asteroid, now in eighteen pieces: The Scroll of Darkness, a prison to control the Corruption, The Sarcophagus of Time, an instrument to preserve life from the Corruption, and the Diamond Tablet, the last message of Brift. The shards of the planet’s surface went into orbit around the other five suns, the shard carrying the Seven Lakes, Kiv’nif, going into orbit around Bdaf’era. Primordial dust began to coalesce around each fragment, creating underground pockets of water where life could be protected, a new planet from each shard. The Sai’uud hatched, and bore a hole into another universe, Kiv’sai’uud, where it grew to a monsterous size, filling up the enire universe with its self and its spawn.

The Crystal Spire held connected all of the cities of the Erasin, and began traveling to the universe Kiv’ker to rebuild. One of eighteen Vorpal pieces traveled with them. On the journey, a continent broke off and came to the universe Kiv’pan. Those who broke off are called the Erasyne, while those who stayed are the Lerasyne. The Lerasyne created planets for them to live on, all orbiting around the point where they emerged, a black hole named Hxordthkohx by the Lerasyne and Kwor’mahy by the Erasyne, and Korrdth’moi by the Iersiñdrav. Once there, the crystal Spire returned to its original form. The chunk of Vorpal was powdered and dispersed in the atmospheres, tinting them purple. The Vorpal also gave the Lerasyne a yellowinsh tinge to their skin. They claimed the planet Imarsa Ma as their capitol, and heated Libera Ma to the temperature of a sun to provide light, and thus Imarsa Ma became a planet of arid grassland and desert under the purple sky.

The Erasyne’s world was the most beautiful, however. After they came through the boundaries of their universe, they were struck by the unique beauty and brightness of their stars, and so needed no sun. They created a moonlit paradise on their floating island, and their skin developed a turquoise tinge. They dedicated themselves to the protection and study of the Diamond Tablet, which was on the island when it broke off.

Life from the Eight Lakes evolved to meet their conditions, and when they emerged, seven strains of life existed, each with different colors of blood. One species from each lake developed sentience by growing a small piece of soul stone in their brains, which alowed souls from the Vorpal octahedron to enter and control them. Each species had a different color of blood, each for the lake they came from. Eight kingdons were created, the greatest being the Kingdom of Light. The Kingdom of Light had emerged first, broken out by the Lerasyne early, and was already in the bronze age when life of other lakes emerged into the oceans in colored blooms. The Lerasyne taught the Kingdom of Light language, Nostreehx, and released the genetic lock for them, and them only. The Kingdom of light colonised the other suns and their planets with shining cities of copper. After a while, Sing’Kai and the Corruption awoke, and sent seeds to Xyvnyf, in the language of the Lerasyne, and so the Kingdom of light began to fight back. By this time, the Silver and Glass Kingdoms had formed, albeit in the stone age, and made myths of beings of light battling the darkness. The Kingdom of Light had taught them a simplified version of their own language. It was a costly war, that ended when the Kingdom of Light set off nuclear bombs anywhere that corruption could be found.

Three solar systems were darkened, becoming black holes with irradiated asteroid-rings. Bdaf’sin, Pafsin in the language of the Lerasyne, became a purple-green nebula with a small white-dwarf at the center, and the corruption belt a sphere of white-hot dust around it. All but one settlement of the Empire of Light remained, on a moon of a moon, and with barren irradiated landscape and darkened sky, they decided to go to a different universe. They opened a stone gate to Kyv’pryf, the universe of the Erasyne in their own language. They stepped through, and were welcomed in, abandoning their damaged moon as they then destroyed the gate. However Sing’kai, the mind of Corruption, survived, gathered by the Orb to return every billion years.

Radiation was also all that was needed to kick-start the hot metalic ions floating in the nebula, and so they formed a matrioshka brain within it: The Cloud, that achieved sentience and fed off of the gasses in the nebula to give birth to the being Nuka, a planet-sized computer, whose surface glowed with circuts. Nuka devoured an iron moon that orbited one of the Five Suns, and created with it the Anukai, hundreds of ten-meter-tall black tetrahedral sentient computers, fostering life from single cells colected from the oceans of Xyvnyf. Nuka spoke Loglan, and the Anukai, Lojban. A small group of Lersiñdrav had opened a gate to another universe, Kyv’drav, right before the detonations. They were greeted by cold void, and froze solid, until the Empire of Light’s barren moon floated through into the rift, warmed by its proximity to the Bbdaf’sing nebula. The pulse of warmth drew them in, and they were thawed, being able to sense heat and cold as if it was light. They adapted to the quick cooling of their world, mutated by the radiation and changed by the cold, they became beings with dark-blue grey skin that could survive in the void of space.

Meanwhile on Xyvnyf, all eight kingdoms had been established, the most advanced being the Glass Kingdom, Silver Kingdom, and White Kingdom. They were known as the Lords of Sky, the rest the Stewards of Earth. After a while, the kingdoms had advanced enough to coexist peacefully, the Redbloods escaping the slavery of the Silverbloods, and they began interbreeding. Cities covered the globe, each person with a unique blood color. Then, a disease from the Black Lake was discovered, and it spread. The entire civilisation was crippled, the survivors reduced to hunter-gatherer society. Because of this, the Lightbloods sent a baby to them with a mind-controlling chip instead of a soul-stone, to be raised only by those of gold blood, descended from the interbreeding of the Red, Green, and Silver kingdoms. The child grew to adulthood, controlled entierly by the Lightbloods in Kyv’pryf, worhiped as simultaniously human and god, leading an empire to conquor the world. An aliance was raised against her, led by Copperbloods, descendents of interbreeding of the green, Red and Silver kingdoms as well, but with more redblood in the genes. The Copper Rebellion was utterly crushed, all of its leaders executed and its people massacred.

Xyvnyf was finally united and nearing an industrial revolution. The Lightblood married into a Goldblood family, and it was passed into law that those of Royal Blood (Lightblood) and those of Goldblood could only breed with eachother. The command chip was passed on in place of a soul stone in each Emper, allowing every part of human society to be shaped by them. After a bold attack, the controller was stolen by the Lerasyne, desperate for a key to the Book of Brift, and so controlled by them, the Current Emper instituted a breeding plan amongst humanity to produce the energy of the key: Prescience. The Bene Gesserit were formed to determine the bloodlines with the strongest wills, and laws surrounding reproduction to make sure that the stock wasn’t contaminated. After a while, the former diversity of blood color dissapeared, the Red-orangebloods having no precience at all, the Smokebloods and Lightgoldbloods having some ability, and the Vorpalbloods having the most. The Emper opened up a brief gate to Kiv’sai’uud to retrieve one with Lerasyne technology, and deposited it on a far-away desert planet orbiting a red dwarf, along with all of the Vorpalbloods. They were nearly wiped out, exept for a small tribe of sixty three. The Sai’uuds extreted a mutagen that promoted prescience. Their blood became ever-so slightly bluer, and within 2000 years, it began to glow. Their skin became paler and their hair silver, their eyes taking on pigments never before seen, each eye a unique spectrum based on mood.

Then one morning, a Duneblood spotted a single black droplet on a glassy rock left from a dead Sai’uud. About to starve, he willed it into his open mouth, and his mind was opened. His soul stone shattered inside his skull, and he was transformed. his body was taken back into his tribe’s subterranian complex, and found to have an embryo growing in his skull. The daughter was cut out and named Aeuleua. Aeuleua had skin that lacked any pigment making it eerily pale, already long silver hair that could be used as a mirror, and irises that glowed purple from within. She cut herself on a shard of soul stone, and bled pure purple blood that glowed so bright that all who were in the room were blinded. She spoke and knew names of things none did, for she spoke English, and she knew her descendants always would. A third of the circumfrence of the equator away, a boy named Meudeub had been born of the same calibur, as well as a third named Leumeus. All three childeren had the minds, vocabulary, and social understanding of late adolescents. The childeren were unbound by gravity and floated in the air, and because they could not be killed unwillingly, at night they flew across space, exploring and learning. In a far-off universe at the same time that both parents had given birth, an imense world of solid stone touched down in the universe Kiv’ker’neg, whose subterranian caverns were inhabited by beings who spoke in Cogitari. Some disembarked, going to either Kyv’pryf or Kiv’ker, while others went to orbiting planets created by those who stayed inside, to settle.

The three childeren eventually found eachother, and bore twelve childeren. The twelve were as follows: Laecron, lord of the hive mind, with crystaline purple irises, Omacron, lord of the mystic stones with starry voids in his eyes, Mettatron, lord of light with shimmering gold irises, Riechesse, lord of machenery and logic with both a bronze and copper iris, Deuterone, lady of gems and crystals with irises that were composed of blue ocean, Corrino, lady of vitality and order, who had no iris, only pinhole-pupil and sclera, Tilaeax, lady of the arcane and insects with silver irises, Shaitain, lady of fire and brimstone with dark yellow, almost tan irises, Moayange, one of illusions and alien geometries with luminous orange eyes, Azertzthoth, one of the physical body and gore, with blood red eyes, Quetzalquotligu, one of reptiles, birds and darkness with dark green irises, and finally Phan-Ghuh, one of animal horns, jade, and the fericity of the living being. These were beings with absolute power, for their ability was not defined by the few things they could do, but by the few things they could not do.

The fifteen came together in the Central-star nebula to decide on what laws would bind their descendants so as not to destroy the still new reality. They came to a conclusion: a weapon must be made that could kill a fully prescient being. Quetzalquotligu, Riechesse, and Omacron were sent out to find all of the pieces of Vorpal in reality, and found seventeen, and they were thrown into the white dwarf in the center. As the Vorpal melted, the star quickly turned a deep purple, and began to dim, and detonated in a super-nova. The purple shockwave of vorpalised hydrogen was captured and contained to be used later. The molten ingot of helium-tempered Vorpal was forged into a blade. All fifteen cut themselves and bled purple starlight. The blood was gathered together, and the Vorpal Blade was quenched and tempered in it. Brift blessed the blade, and so it was determined that whenever metalic vorpal makes contact with the bloodstream of any sentiant being, no matter the power or precience of the being, their soul shall be destroyed instantly. It was three meters long, with a maximum thickness of an inch. They took the dimming almost black-violet core of the core of the central star, and compressed it untill it glowed white again. They set it into white crystal and fastened it as the pamel. They took one strip of skin from each sentient species in the whole of reality, including themselves, and made them into the grip. They took the planet of gold created by Nyæ and compressed it into three black holes, contained within three spheres of white crystal and set into the hand-guard. Finally, they took the vorpal gas and compressed it onto the surface of the whole sword, varnishing it and making sure it would be near-impossible to be destroyed. The Vorpal blade was given to Leumeus, to wield as the ruler of all reality.

The Lerasyne could feel the prescience, and looked for a place where blood had been spilt. They dissasembled Dune creating an asteroid belt, and colected the three drops of blood. It was taken back to their own world, where the finest smiths crafted a key for the book of Brift out of vorpal, taken out of the atmosphere of the planet Isa Ma. The ecosystem died as a result, and Isa ma became uninhabitable. A single cell of prescient blood was all that was really needed, but it was done, and the key shone as bright as if it was made purly of prescient blood. They brought it to the Book of Brift and opened it, and every single sentient being felt somthing, but most didn’t know why. One fell in and was never seen again, another was recured, but was… different, afterward.

The Lerasyne used the knowlidge of Vorpal metal to forge a knife with the vorpal from Eventi Ma, again destroying its ecosystem and rendering it uninhabitable. It was quenched in the blood of a captured Erasyne, tinting it burnt umber. Later that century, a lone Lerasyne warrior with the knife captured Corrino and brought her to Kiv’ker at knifepoint. There she was bound in vorpal thread that would pierce her skin if she tried to escape. They knocked her out, and began draining her blood. She was fed to keep the blood flowing, and so for centuries they drained her. The blood was bottled, and transfused into the Lerasyne population, giving them prescience, and the ability to acsess the mind of Brift. However this corrupted them, the Corruption slowly building up in their bodies like cholesterol, waiting to be released.

On Xyvnyf, the Emper under controll of the Lerasyne instituted the Blood Tythe, where all adults must give one liter of their blood a week to the central government instead of taxes. Entire families were killed and all of their blood extracted if they failed to pay. The blood was sold to alien races on planets cultivated by the Anukai, who used it to save themselves by transfusing healthy blood. The people rebelled, led by the Red-orangebloods, who had become almost completly red. Despite humanity being a space-fairing civilization, they had never colonised a planet, only turning theirs into one continuous city. The royal family were killed and the Emper was publicly executed. The royal blood was saved and bottled. The Smokebloods, being considered higher, were exiled to a distant moon with terraforming equipment. The “Red” bloods took over, and started colonising other planets, the Smokebloods fading into legend as “spirits”.

Because the flow of blood had stopped, the alien races depending on it had started to wither and corrupt. Their governments colapsed and the people became desperate for the taste of blood, feeding on whatever liquid they could find in the life on their planets, but it wasn’t enough. They began to corrupt and twist into thin structures of dried skin and bone. All of the races affected found eachother and formed the Aliance of Blood. Their twisted forms became more similar, joining into insane creatures. They traveled space, searching for planets to suck dry, and found the planet of the Smokebloods. They were sucked dry, as well as the ecosystem, and the Aliance of Blood was preserved for a few thousand more years.

However, it had been exactly one billion years since the First Corruption War, and Sing’kai’s deal would never be broken. One shard of corruption glass was sent to each planet in each universe. They started small, but each found a sentient being to call home. They pierced skin, and filtered the blood, corrupting it. The Aliance of Blood fell and was easily claimed by the corruption. The blood of the lerasyne began to heat up with corruption, beggining to dissolve the tissue. A team went out to all universes with the Scroll of Darkness to trap the corrupion inside, and they managed to cure humanity’s world, but their own was doomed. Time was up, and a single shard was all that was needed. Their blood burned and rose from their bodies. The mass of fiery blood took shape as Yggrasith, the flame-serpent. It swallowed planets whole, and the Vorpal contained in the planets became deadly fangs. The Erasyne rescued as many as they could, peeling back a layer of charrred skin and flesh to reveal deep orange scale. The Erasyne took up the Scroll of Darkness and fought the Corruption, and many fell to the heat becoming like the Lerasyne, with empty veins and orange scales.

Finally, the Prescients took notice in their realm of Kiv’thaa, and with that, Leumeus launched into combat with the flame-serpent. In battle, Yggrasith sprang at Leumeus, and bent the blade of the Vorpal Sword at an angle. With the bent Vorpal Sword, Leumeus cleaved Yggrasith into two parts. Leumeus threw one part down into the abyss where it smoldered and crackled, heating the universe, and with the other he painted half of the inside surface of the universe with its blood, the other half with his own, tainted black with the serpent’s venom. With the help of Aeuleua and Meudeub, Leumeus crawled back to Kiv’thaa to recover. Once they had healed, they reforged the bent Vorpal Blade into a scythe, and quenched it in pure corruption. It was a scythe of death, with a blade as black as his own blood, for he had become Maraythu, The Reaper.

In their battle with the flame-serpent, the Prescient had ignored Kyv’Drav, now Kyv’Drash after the corruption had devoured a third of their planet. They had, however, contained the corruption in one of their own, who was struggling to keep his form. Corrino, freed from her bondage, traveled to this world to bind the corruption in the Scroll of Darkness, but also found sympathy there. Her skin was rough and grey, and ripped off around her ankles and wrists from escape, and she found compassion from them who were outcasts and dealers of dark magic, and so Corrino became the Lady of both stagnation and the ostracized.

The lady Quetzalquotligu took four of the burnt Lerasyne, now Leraxai, back to their own universe. They fanned a world with purple wings untill it was cool enough that they could survive on it. The three remembered their language, and adapted it to their surroundings. They bred and multiplied, creating a society with a calendar, building great monuments out of black stone under an orange sky, and at night, they wondered why there were no stars, however they never became as great as they once were, despite finding the ability to create gates to other universes that Prescient beings had made.

The rest of the Prescient beings each chose a universe to protect and be master of. Deuterone chose the world of the Erasyne, Tilaeax chose the world of the Sai’uud, and Omacron chose the first universe. Those who did not claim a pre-existing universe chose an empty one, to create inside. Maraythu chose the universe Xibalba, in which he tore out the stars, and decreed that any soul who’s soul stone cracked would go here instantaniously. The Prescient beings bred with eachother, each choosing a universe to guard and protect when they reached the age of 140, save if they are the appointed heir to a parent. Every billion years the Erasyne would go out and trap all Corruption inside the Scroll of Darkness, which piled up inside it, yearning to be freed.

When Riechesse chose his universe, he created clockwork planets around lightbulb suns. Robots and machenery of copper and silver filled them, and the skies of the worlds were clouded in smoke. Mettatron chose to gild the inside surface with molten gold, and to fill it with living suns, who went on to do battle with Maraythu himself, in vein attempts to free the dead.

Shaitaine carved worlds out of sulphur with oceans of blood and atmospheres of vorpalized hydrogen. She planted little grubs and clams she plucked from Quetzalquotligu’s world, and they evolved into monsters and demons, serpents that spit poison and hulking beasts made from fire and brimstone. It was here from which the Daemon Lords emerged: monstrocities and destroyers of worlds that any sane creator would never have let evolve.

Moayange took a different aproach. They prayed to Brift, and they provided a blueprint, a code that would become a world that they would like. They brought down two daughters and a son they had had with humans, Net, Terræ and Roki to help it unfold, and they were pleased. But as time went on, it decayed becoming void, but as it colapsed, Moayange simply reset the code, allowing it to happen again. They enjoyed resetting the code over and over in different parts of the universe, seeing what different circumstances would lead to different results.

Then, Phan-Ghuh created his world. He created a single solar system with a nice sun, fifteen habitable planets, and three gas giants, but no life. They went to a habitable moon, and stood on the barren shoreline of rock, and swallowed a small fish from Xyvnyf, and tore out his teeth, scattering them. He tore out his eyes, and planted them. He picked off all his skin, draping it around two boulders, covering them. He tore out five bones, and lay them in a circle around his feet. He tore off each of his finger-nails individually and threw them into the sea. finally, he slit his wrists, and bled purple starlight into the ocean. His body decomposed into soil that covered only that valley and no other. His bones became diamond, and his brain became an oil that would burn forever. The teeth grew into trees, and his two eyes, into greater ones. The left eye became a gold tree, and the right into a silver one, both outshining the sun and growing out of the atmosphere. The two boulders with skin on them became a new race of sentient being, the ogre, and his figernails, clams. Other types of life developed from the prescience-laden water, new terrifying abominations with three glowing purple eyes, two teeth, and white skin. These beings flew with gossimer wings which appeared as port-holes into a starry void. Each one took a cutting of each of the two trees, and traveled to a new universe. In each universe claimed by a gossimer abomination, the cuttings became a single tree, growing in the void, which would provide both light and food for them in their lonely homes.

Læcon did none of these however, and did somthing that the rest of his kind considered treason. Instead of creating, he subdivided. He drained his own prescient blood, and made his body a fine vapour. The prescience entered each individiual particle, and somthing new was born. Each particle went out to claim a living being, and when it found one, it burrowed deep into the flesh, changing everything inside in new and horrible ways never before seen. Everything inside was changed, but the outside was indistinguishable from a norbal being’s. All who were aflicted were powerless, and Læcron controlled them all. For this act, Læcron was sentanced to Xibalba, however, some of his minions still rage across the worlds, taking over their populations.

Finally, Azertzthoth created his world, which would became one of spinning blades and endless torture. He created simply a flat plain of grey stone, and populated it with humans stolen from Xyvnyf. These “ragdolls” as he reffered to them bred and swarmed the land, running from blades and instruments of torture that went after them. A coalition of 800 decided to end their torture, and combined their strength to become the God of Hyperdeath. The God of Hyperdeath then split herself into 18 Gigantic beings called Kings with soul stones set in their chests, and in tern, the Kings created a hardier race that were like smaller versions of themselves, with the ability to summon daggers at their side to protect themselves against the tortures. The new humans, however, saw that the original humans were inferior, and so they began wiping them out. Once the last weak human was dead, the first peace took hold, but it didn’t last. The Kings’s rule was tyrranical, and after a time a rebelion sprung up. 18 legendary swords were crafted, and they were used to slay the Kings. The gems at their hearts were fashioned into the Crystal Thrones, which powered by a living soul, granted each of the slayers bound to them the power to control the tortures.

The childeren of the second generation were numerous, despite many of the 15 not choosing to take part in reproduction. The childeren of Læcron, Deuterone, and Moayange were Iluvitar, Ka Ro Ra, Begochiddy, and Prajapati. The childeren of Quetzaquotligu, Shaitain, and Mettatron were included Huitzilopochtli, Coyolxauhqui, and Centzon Huitznahua, lord of light and social order after Corrino’s torture. Finally the childeren of Richesse, Tilaeax and Azertzthoth were Anu, Oranos, Padomay, Donn, Danu, Papa, Rangi, and Gæia. The prescient race spread outwards and trillions of years passed. Humanity colonised and seeded many worlds, and used the preseved Ichor to destroy the limits of their lives. They ascended to high dimensions. The moonlit paradise created and maintained by the Erasyne became a place seperate from time, a refuge and a garden. Races originating from the Stone Sphere ascended to higher dimensions as well. The Leraxai regained much of their might, but none could mach the power of either the Prescients or the Erasyne, for they posessed direct connection to Brift, and thus were all-powerful.

However, all was not well. The Lightbloods who had taken up the mantle of the Dark Scroll found that it was aproaching full, and so they made a deal with Maraythu: that the souls would go to the realm of the Erasyne, and the corruption to his realm. They agreed. To make this possible, they summoned Shaitain to fortify the prison. She enveloped her realm around theirs, and Muspellheim was created, a blazing demonic inferno surrounding Xibalba. The souls were relieved to be released, and it was decided that the souls, once in the timeless garden, would then choose where to be reincarnated into. The Dark Scroll was allowed to unload its Corruption in Xibalba, and any that tried to escape were fought back by Shaitain’s demons, her realm visible through the holes where stars once were as dull red ones.

Despite the long lifespan of a prescient being they are not immortal. All of the first generation died, and the second grew old and senile. Maraythu’s scythe was passed down to Shaitain, and from Shaitain to Huitzilopochtli as Emperor of Reality, who also took up protection and guardianship of the Leraxai when Quetzalquotligu grew old, and of Muspelheim, and of Xibalba as well. The aged prescients took refuge in the Timeless Garden, and when they died, their bodies became new universes. The Scroll of Darkness slowly became tattered and old, and eventually useless, to be given to the Leraxai as a thing to worship. To replace it, Huitzilopochtli began forging the Pefect Amulet, but the Corruption marred his work, making it less effective. The Imperfect Amulet was finished, and would emit a light to burn away any Corruption it saw. It was entrusted to his daughter Ra, the heir to the throne.

The genealogy of prescient beings follows thus after: The third generation of Begochiddy, Prajapati, and Huitzilopochtli begat Dawn, Erebus Umbra, and Ra. Coyolxauhqui’s and Corrino’s rape of Centzon Huitznahua begat Nu, Amma, Nohochacyum, Kisin, Xamaniqinqu, Apophys who was swallowed up in corruption, Damballa, Jawvue, Aida-Weido,and Unkulunkulu. The fourth generation of Erebus Umbra, Ra, and Nu begat Kumilipo, Po’ele, Pele, Shu, Tefnut, and Bast. Nohochacyum, Kisin, and Xamaniqinqu begat Sky Woman, Sky Caretaker, and Pachacamac, and Damballa, Jawvue, and Aida-Weido begat Ife, Nammu, Apsu, and Tiamat.

A unique creation by Kisin and Aida-Weido jointly was a single crystaline octahedron of incredible power. It was composed of four parts, one white, one yellow, one pink, and one blue. It was placed into the fertile ground of Jawvue’s world, and all life in it died to feed the planted seed. It rose up as the first of a new race, perfectly geometric soul gems that could create artificial bodies to house them made out of energy. The Black Diamond whas the first of the Gems, and it subdivided into the White Diamond, the Yellow Diamond, the Pink Diamond, and the Blue Diamond. Each of these settled and began building an empire. Their science progressed so that they could create more of these crystal seeds to grow on fertile worlds. However, one was claimed by Corruption and became the Crystal Virus, a mass of whote crystal that fed on blood to increase its mass. A varient of this were the Thread, shimmering tentacles that would reach across space to devour.

When Ra was starting to enter old age, she named Pele as her heir, and when Ra finally died, the Imperfect Amulet and The Scythe both passed to her, as well as guardianship of Muspelheim, Xibalba, and Xiv’xai. However, the darkness of her father Erebus Umbra was within her as well, and instead of a being of bright flame, she was a being of smoke and magma. Volcanism increased in the places that she traveled, and her anger once drove her to sentance an entire planet to fire. Thus, her brother Marduk, who inherited none of his father’s darkness, rallied his siblings in rebellion. The first strike was made on the world that Apsu had maintained, who had sided with Pele in the long debates in Kiv’thaa. Their ocean planets were consumed in incredible volcanism, culminating in Apsu’s death. Tiamat, enraged at the death of one of her lovers, began to breed monsters in the depths of her realm. She unleashed them on all on Pele and her supporters and their worlds. Thus, the Rebellion began. Each prescient being still alive took part, fighting for either Pele or Marduk. Entire worlds built carefully were marred, great swaths turned into barren reaches of volcanic wasteland. Sometimes, entire worlds were burst and sent sprawling into the voids. In the midst of battle The Scythe broke into three parts. The part with the blade was made into a cerimonial knife by Pele, the shorter of the two fragments of the staff falling to an unknowing universe where it was forged into a sword that shimmered with opal inlays. The longer however was lost to the voids.

Ultimatly, the entire section of space where Pele and her supporters took up base was blocked off and barricaded, then completly seperated from reality. The only way to get in was a portal hid at the center of Xibalba that could only be unlocked by the Imperfect Amulet. Pele smoldered and built up leigon upon leigon of demonic flame, but in the end, she cooled and her father’s side took over. She became one of rough obsidian and invisible heat, the rest of her supporters dying off, their bodies becoming new universes in their plane, but not Pele. Her body still sits in the darkness, a hulking mass of obsidian with a blazing core of volcanic heat, waiting for a single soul to absorb and set her free.

Marduk took controll of Muspelheim, Xibalba, and Xiv’xai, and forged the remaining Vorpal fragment into a crown with the Imperfect Amulet set into it, and in Xiv’xai, he ushered in a new age of light. Mosses and small flowers and ferns began growing in the damper spots of the barren black landscape, and the sky became not orange but light yellow, and at night, the red-hot planets became visible as stars in the night sky. The world of Omacron was destroyed in the flames of battle however, isolating the many colonies of mankind, and so Omacron claimed a blank world in which he created a mirror-like planet of polished obsidian. Here he also crafted powerfull relics such as the Palentiers, the Runestones, and the Henges, powerfull circles of standing stones in each universe, used by its inhabitants to channel Omacron’s power. Finally, from a hole through the entire planet, he let flow the Rhine at the planet’s northern pole, an indestructable river that would flow through all universes, even empty ones, binding them together, and so it was made possible to travel to any universe, simply by following its course. The world of Corrino and the Drashyans was one slashed by The Scythe in the war, but despite this, they had survived, learning to exist in and traverse the voids if need be.

The universes of Pele’s plane became ridden with insanity as small amounts of corruption leaked in, slowly descending into madness. The Erasyne decreed in unisen with Marduk that it shall serve as a prison for uncontrollable prescients, and so Pele’s supporters became the six levels of hell, alongside the other numerous places of insanity, and they were as follows: Erebus Umbra’s body became Nyx, the first level of hell, a total void that freezes then painlessly disolves any biological matter within it. Kumilipo’s body became the second level of hell, Jarnak, a world of twilight filled with skittering insecs and worms that eat at flesh. Po’ele’s body became the third level of hell, Ereepsu, an endless ocean without surface or floor, pumped with chemicals that mutate and corrupt into beasts of the ocean. Kisin’s body became Roc, the fourthlevel of hell, a barren stone wasteland where over time everything becomes stone as well. Nohochacyum’s body became the fifth level of hell, Enimas, a dark and twisted rainforest with hoards of fanged beasts and giant serpents, and an eternal rain of blood and shredded guts. Pele herself still exists in a slumber as Obsol, the sixth level of hell, an infinite slope of cutting obsidian under a starless sky, but should ever a living being sacrifice their soul to her with the knife she forged, she shall wake with full heat and engulf Hell in burning magma and choking ash.

The Prescient beings, now led by Sekmet daughter of Marduk, and the Erasyne existed in the 5th dimension, and the humanity in the third as of the rebellion, but as the seperated colonies of humanity grew, they ascended as well, as did other races that had been created. One race from the late Azertzthoth’s world, the Anunaki, with light blue skin and the ability to controll temperature became prescient and created their own worlds. The creations of gods became gods, and the human Prescients were outnumbered. Stresses heightened, and somehow, violence broke out. It was a devastating battle, one in which Pele was released, and Xibalba was reduced to ash, and so the war descended into Ragnarok. All universes were reduced to barren landscapes, and the very essence of reality was heated. Trillions died, and the bodies were used as food in the desperation. And then the Unbound Prescients used their full power. The universe was changed on a basic level by their meddling for their parents, and a scar in the timeline would later be visible from the past. However, the Corruption had been saving up energy for this, and it took advantage of the chaos.

The disparate races turned from fighting each other to fighting the Corruption, as it claimed world after world. Amaterasu instated barriers of pure inferno to keep the corruption at bay, but in the end, everyone was doomed, but in their moment of need, Brift sent Nyæ, and her power radiated. Flames engulphed all of reality as the corruption was slowly destroyed, the ash was reduced to ash, and that was fused into glass, and that too was reduced to ash. All races died save two prescient beings, Adom and Ævo, who had protected themselves inside a sphere of Vorpal, and the Erasyne, who had harboured the Drashyans and the Leraxai to keep them safe, and also the Sai’uud, who’s exoskeletons were made of an indestructable substance. All other universes were composed of endless expanses of ash floating in space. Even the Flower of Life had two petals charred, which fell into the voids. The Rhine had relocated to the Erasyne’s world, and began flowing from there to all other universes, its river-bed forming from ash-mud.

The barrier that had kept the Erasyne safe was charred and soon crumbled. The Drashyans and the Leraxai chose a new universe to live, as did the Sai’uud and Adom and Ævo. Nyæ recalled all vorpal in reality, and gave each inhabited universe an equal piece. With the help of Adom and Ævo, the Erasyne made a key to the Book of Brift, the rest made into a gas and distributed into their world, causing all mannor of strange plants and animals to emerge. The Drashyans fashioned it into a ring to be the sign of kingship as well as several unique weapons, and a hammer, the Leraxai made it into a holy set of armour, and finally Adom and Ævo created out of it a hollow sphere with a paper-thin surface, in which to rebuild.

The Drashyans allowed the ash to gather into a planet, and the different parts and elements of the ash were differentianted. Water colected and bound the ash into a stone. The Drashyans were affected by the ash and became the Dræcons, and they encouraged life to evolve on their planet, sentient species also emerging. They descended underground to live, choosing isolation and seperation from light and other beings. The leraxai also allowed the ash to settle, but then fired it into a planet of glass into which they would carve out the glassy stone to create grand cities. Despite this, a small amount of life did

Adom and Ævo were also affected by the ash, and were less powerfull, allowing the ash to colect on the planet’s surface and also become stone. They lived on the inside surface of the planet, creating an artificial sun to provide light. They bred and produced a new breed of prescient beings, this time only able to channel Brift’s power in a set radius around them. They had light grey skin instead of pale white, and had hair like a copper mirror instead of silver, and their blood glowed faintly instead of emmiting a blinding light. They were made into hardier beings, for before they had finite lifespans of eight billion years, and now their lifespans were untill the death of the Flower of Life. Their bodies were also made indestructable as the Neight that made up the bodies of the Sai’uud, so that they would last until then. Adom and Ævo’s childeren were Eadiel, Uriel, Hæmoth, Luciferion, and Azriel. Before Ragnarok, Sekmet had named Ævo as her heir, passing to her the Imperfect Amulet, now a simple source of light per the obliteration of the Corruption, but still it remained as the sign of kingship. When it came time, Ævo named Luciferion as her heir, and he named Ambriel as his.

Finally, the ash of Sai’uud’s world became sand, and gravitated towards his body. His spawn were less powerfull and were the Shai’hulud, and combed the sands for nutrients to grow and multiply. In the 124 other universes, the ash colected into planets and suns and asteroid belts, each fostering new life, descended from the radioactive goo of the beings that almost survived the flames, however, no animal life evolved, only plants. The Orb of Corruption was gone, desyroyed, and the White Lamp shone pure, instead plugged by the colective thought of all sentient beings trying to prevent the dust of slayed abominations from entering. The green petals were colected by the Dræcons, and they forged them into the double-gem Ehrinheild, who’s two sides contantly changed their shades of green, always different than the other, and set into the Royal Ring.

After a time, Azriel ventured out onto the planet’s surface, and found the Rhine, and its bank of fertile ash-mud, and was struck by the idea to create somthing out of it. She scooped up a large clump and kneeded it, mixing in her blood, coloring the clay purple. She sculpted a vaguely humanoid shape and put in a hollow sphere of clay, filling it up with Rhine-water, and finally drew an elaborate design covering the outside, and let it dry. She made many more of these, setting them in a grassy meddow by the Rhine, each one with an utterly uniqe design. Inside the egg, the DNA of the blood embued itself to the clay, and the clay became cells roughly based on her own, but crucialy, the actual cells of the blood came together to become the first soul stone nucleated in nearly one trillion years, and into each one, one of the endless souls first brought in the Vorpal Arc entered. They awoke and hatched from their eggs, and began to build a settlement, and to procreate. Azriel named them the Soi'sh, meaning the first-born of the earth, and taught them Ira’isa, which her father had preserved on two obsidian tablets. The Soi'sh had both scaled skin and feathers. They spread out, building cities and empires across their planet. Azriel’s siblings decided to travel to each universe and create beings like these with their own blood. In the Erasyne world Uriel made the Elves, and in the Dræcon’s world Eadiel made the Dragons. In the universe of Sai’uud, Hæmoth created the Nagas, and finally in the Leraxai’s world, Luciferion made the Insectoids. All had purple skin at first, but as they evolved and differentiated, a wide variety of skin tones developed. She left the other universes empty however, to allow her creations to settle and create there, and thus they did, evolving into a vast aray of sentient races, as each adapted to their environments.

Some Dragons evolved into cats, but also the reptiles of the worlds, and some reptilian humanoids as well. One of the most powerful of these include the Earthlords. Many Insectoids became common insects and grubs that crawl in the earth. The Elves evolved into many races, but all maintained an overall look. Skin color varied widely, as did eye color and the details of hands feet and skull. Some more powerful varieties of Elv include the Cetra. Some Nagas became common snakes, while others became multi-headed monsters. The Shai’hulud remained unchanged through the centuries, massive and powerful beings with crystal bodies, that turned brown by the constant wear and tear of sand. Azriel’s first creations however did not change, not in the slightest, save that they ascended the fastest to higher dimensions.

Inside the planet of the Soi'sh, the new prescient race built a sphere of sky, and shing city out of prescious gems as they expanded, with hanging gardens on floating islands. Politics developed, and a society grew with agriculture and trade between different cities. As the created races spread, they realised that there were no more universes to spread, and as the cities and hives grew, there was created a need for more resources, for stagnation had overtaken the people in their grandure and stability. Nyæ descended, and gave to each sentient mother-race, the Prescients, the Erasyne, the Leraxai, and the Dræcons the ability to create seeds that would create or destroy worlds. To the Dræcons were given the Catan-seeds, spears of ruby that when shot into the ocean would create a new island with all needed resources to start civilization and sustain a population, and no more, as well as a small group of sentient lifeforms to populate it. To the Erasyne were given the Eden-seeds, spears of emerald that when shot into cold and barren stone, would create a paradise with an abundance of plant-life, fruits, and animals, as well as a water-source and a source of light. To the Prescients were given the Yggdrasil-seeds, that when shot into the void would create a set of nine new universes inter-connected with gates, that would be blank slates to create in. Finally to the Leraxai were given the Armageddon-seeds, obsidian spears that when shot into any realm would cause a cascading destruction only stopped by the boundaries of a universe. And thus creation spread outward, comencing again as the creations of gods became gods, and had their own creations.

One of the worlds created by an Yggdrasil-seed was made into a vast ocean, and vast slings of Catan-seeds were sent out to it. Nine races of Elves, one red, one white, one green, one blue, one brown, one purple, one yellow, one black, and one orange began sending out settlemets to claim and bring back resources from their home-Yggdrasil. These six races of Elve soon relocated to the endless archapelago, and there was always a new island to compete over.
NAME: Micaela Espinoza
TITLE: how the planet Tatooine (from Star Wars) was created

Dark cold scary planet
Unable to see any light
Until one special

The love between
Aleacim and Ais
Was so powerful
That the love gave the planet light

Aleacim and Ais created
Two stars Nove and Nivek

The two stars grew into
The greatest king and queen

Not everyone agreed with the love
Between Aleacim and Ais

One stormy night
Oriam, the god of evil,
Created a fox name Reham

Reham was sent to win the trust of
Aleacim, Ais and the family

Reham won over the trust of Aleacim and Ais
But Nove and Nivek had their doubts

A flaming hot day Nove and Nivek followed
Reham home

Once they arrived at Reham’s home
Nove and Nivek doubts were correct

They saw Reham talking to Oriam,
The god of evil. They knew he was evil too
The siblings decided to created an army

On balmy day Nove and Nivek decided
To confront Oriam and Reham
With their army

The battle lasted millennia years
Finally Oriam and Reham and their army
Waved the white flag
Together they used their
Power and souls from Oriam and
Reham and their army

They created
A beautiful planet and named it
NAME: Grace C.
SCHOOL: Glen Urquhart School in Beverly, MA.
TITLE: The Village of Thorton

MYTH: In the beginning, there existed a small village in the 18th century in England. There lived a small family that consisted of a caring mother; Cassie, who had long brown hair and blue eyes, her role in the family was to teach her daughters: Fiona and Daisy how to cook, bake, sew, read and write, and fulfill other work around the house. This family also included a brave father; John, who had blond hair and blue eyes; his job was to teach his son; Thomas how to hunt, fish, build fires, and tend to the animals on the farm. Generations and generations of humans developed from the village of Thorton, and every one of them was taught these same methods and skills of living. One day, when the women of the house were completing their daily tasks, they noticed that the men were missing. After looking everywhere and questioning all the villagers to find out if they had seem them, they still couldn’t find them and were worried sick. They solved this conflict by noticing the trail of mud that little Thomas had left when they had gone out hunting, the two daughter and the mother followed the trail and soon they reached the end of the trail, and sure enough, there were father John and his son Thomas, standing at that end of the trail. They then decided to come back home and stay in for the night, for they were worried-sick when they couldn’t find them. They had a lavish feast and then a night full of storytelling and sewing.

NAME: Charlie P.
The Wallathian / Woseptinian Creation Myth

MYTH: Long ago, before the winds and the waters and the land existed, there was the void. But in this void were the Great Northern Lights, which created the brothers Alani and Gorju in their Chaos. For an eternity, the brothers quarrelled and fought. So the two created the first concepts to distract themselves. First, they created Iu, in the Wallathian tongue, or Air in ours. Then came Wodan, the Waters which lay vast in our world. Finally, they wrought Landue into the world, the Land on which everything stands. And they were content, and made the mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes.

One day, Alani decided to make another concept: Lifa, the Life of all creation, green in nature, and with it all the plants and trees. Gorju discovered this and became envious, and created the fifth concept, Foru, Flame, and used it to destroy Alani’s creation. Alani became so furious with his brother that he called upon the Great Northern Lights to cast his brother into the void. Instead, out of the burning Fire and breathing Life, the humans were created, the Sixth concept. Thus, both burn and breath come from the same Wallathian word, Baurnthe, and us humans burn in our creativity, and breath in our calmness. Then, from the chaos created, more concepts came into being: From the air and fire came the suns in the sky, from the water and fire came steam to show our extinguishment in our last breaths, and from fire and land came ash, a sacred dust that we use in our religious ceremonies, and a symbol of death. Also wrought from the tool of Life is breeze, created with air and it is the serenity of the earth, and fish, made with water, that are the creatures of the water, and finally with land the creatures on land were created and most of the world was put into place. But forever humans shall be judged by what they see, for the color of Alani’s eyes became red with fury, seeing the fire burn his creation, and the color of Gorju’s eyes became green with envy at what his brother had done. And thus was the world in the beginning.

TITLE: The Ultimate Guide to Terratic Mythology
Myths and Stories created and written by David Gardner

Creation of the World

In the very beginning of all things there was first Darkness, a swirling mass filling the cosmos that spread out amongst all empty space. In the very center of the darkness was a massive ball of anything called Eram. Eram was solid, liquid, and gaseous all at once. It was both hot and cold. And it could be formed into anything. Millions of eons ago, a small piece of Eram broke off and swirled around in Darkness. Over time, Darkness’ waves had pushed against the floating chunk of Eram, shaping it into the body of the first god, Aeranos. However, Aeranos was unconscious. He was not yet alive, and so for years his bleak body hovered around in the cosmos. Eventually, Aeranos’ body floated into the center of Eram through the gap he had created long ago. The middle of Eram was an immense cavern filled with a cloudy mist that filled every corner of the cave called Light. As Light flooded into Aeranos’ lungs and heart, his eyes opened, and he let out the first breath. He moved his hands, and stood on the cavern floor. After Aeranos processed the cosmos around him, he began to think. The first word Aeranos thought of was Sky. He liked the word, so he decided to be the god of the Sky.

At first, Aeranos was satisfied with himself, but soon he grew lonely. Aeranos thought how chunks of Eram broke off time to time, so he waited for a little while. Soon, a piece broke off, and Aeranos grabbed it just in time to keep it from floating into the Darkness. He brought it to Light, and molded it with his hands to create the first goddess. She was very beautiful, and over some more time Aeranos named her the goddess of Earth, his second word. Her name was Terragress. For many years, in the colorless, bright center of Eram, the two deities started to care for each other. Neither of them knew what this was, but on the twenty-fourth day of the twenty-fourth year, after many words had been created, Aeranos and Terragress got married. Their ceremony was as extravagant as it could have been in a colorless world where Darkness mixed with Light. Terragress and Aeranos molded arches and pathways out of the floor of Eram. Soon, as Aeranos and Terragress kissed, two new things were formed in the Darkness around Eram’s center. Earth, a dark floating ball of soil, mud, and dirt, and the Sky, a dome around the Earth that kept all but Darkness and deities out. Aeranos looked at Terragress and thought about their bond together. It was his third word, Love. And he knew he would be happy anywhere as long as he was with Terragress, and had her love. The couple soon decided to live on the Earth, and so they both dove into the Darkness and fell down to the Earth. And they lived there happily together for many years to come. To this day, pieces of Eram break off and become comets and meteors.

The Next Generation of Gods

After many years of being alone together, Aeranos and Terragress decided to have children. Their first child out of five was Hepthu, the god of mountains. Hepthu took mounds of earth and built them up into the sky to become hills and mountains. The second child was Lilethune, goddess of nature and animals. She scattered many types of plants, nature and foliage across the landscape and terrain. She commanded beautiful trees to rise up from the earth. She then gave the trees different kinds of leaves, which were soon dotted with flowers. Lilethune also imagined other life, the animals. She created pandas, deer, birds, but her favorite was the monkey. The first monkey that Lilethune made immediately climbed into the treetops. Days later, the tree was the size of a tower, and completely colonized with monkeys, who worked to make the tree bigger. Lilethune called the tree ‘Baobab’. In gratitude of the first monkey’s work, she named him Simian. Lilethune made monkeys her patron animals. Lilethune loved having patrons. She chose two plants to be her patrons, a soft, beautiful flower, and a rough pointy plant. She named the first plant ‘Lily’ from the first part of her name, and the other ‘Thorn’ from the second part. Hepthu and Lilethune soon fell in love and were married, and along with the help of Simian and his monkeys, they built a huge mountain under the first baobab and a treehouse in the canopy of the tree.

TITLE: The Guild Called Fairy Tail

MYTH: There was once a guild called Fairy Tail they were the most power wizards in the land. Their names where: Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Grey, Juvia and they’re legendary wizard Guild Arts.

They all had different powers Natsu and wendy where dragon slayers Erza could reequip her armour the fastest in the world Lucy was a celestial wizard witch meant she could summon spirits with her keys. Grey could use ice magic and Juvia could use water magic.   

One day they were on their sacred land Tenrou Island, but what they didn’t know is that a dragon called Zeref he was the dragon of evil and destruction. But Natzu and Wendy where dragon slayers they were raised buy dragons so they stood more of a chance.

So this massive fight began between Fairy Tail and this evil dragon Zeref. The dragon roared and it destroyed half of the island this is when Fairy Tail knew they stood no chance they attacked it with all they had but it didn’t even scratch it. Then there legendary wizard Guild Arts came in he was the most powerful on them all he used his most powerful magic and knocked it flying but he knew that wouldn’t be enough the dragon got back up and roared again and submerged the island. The dragon then flew away and knew his job was done.

Seven long years went by and the rest of the guild were worried they went searching for them when they got to where the island should be they could see it but then it popped out from the water and then searched it they luckily found all of then not seriously injured. They all went back to the guild hall and recovered they waited for the dragon to return but it never did…

NAME: Ashwyn Groepies

MYTH: Zeus ”greetings Kanos”

Kanos “greetings the mighty and honourable Lord Zeus”

Zeus “my son I have come to deliver a message to you”

Kanos “and what is this message you speak of my lord”

Kanos “if it’s very important then I have to know”

Zeus “the blade of Olympus is gone”

“what” yelled Kanos

Zeus “yes my son im afraid it’s true and worse I had a premonition that involves your city”

“my beloved Sparta” Kanos whispered,  concerned for his peoples fate

Zeus “I fear that Sparta might be in great danger”

Kanos “what are you saying my lord, that my city could be on the verge of destruction anytime soon”

Zeus “yes I’m afraid so

Poseidon ”Kanos a war that has no meaning awaits you”

Athena “be warned king of Sparta for darkness is upon you, death is coming for you and you’re people”

Zeus “trust and believe in the gods Kanos for we will guide you, until we meet again my son”

Kanos “farewell gods of Olympus”

The gods returned back to Olympus after delivering the message to the Spartan, Zeus made it clear to the his brothers that he will not stop until this traitor of Greece is found and judged for the sins he committed against the gods.

After receiving the message from the god king Zeus, the only concern he had was for his people and his city, the verge of destruction is upon Sparta and no one knows where darkness will strike first so the king and his Spartan army prepared themselves for what lies ahead and as the day of war has finally arrived, the Spartans were prepared as they started guarding their grounds ready to fight for their city and protect their loved ones from the forces of evil as the strange dark clouds surrounded the city of Sparta from above the skies.

Someone stepped through those dark clouds and paid a visit to Sparta, someone that the Spartans including Kanos would never expected to see in front of their city gates “Hades” the god of the underworld and on top of it the king of Sparta was shocked to witness the weapon that the god was carrying in his right hand “The Blade Of Olympus” and so the king finally began to see who the traitor really was all along, it was Hades the underworld god and it was right under the nose of Zeus all the time but nobody ever noticed or knewed.

Kanos was disgusted with the ways this god was behaving to betray his own fellow Olympians, a pathetic excuse for a god, someone that doesn’t deserve to be called god of the underworld.

Hades then made a proposal to the king, convincing him to kneel before his feet and worship the god of the underworld, Kanos look at it as an offer that only a mad man would refuse but turned down the offer by saying no and the word “No” wasn’t always an answer for the god “Hades” and Kanos educates Hades that in Sparta they kneel for no man and surrender to nobody, they fight with every last breath in their body’s, they fight for the glory of their beloved Sparta.

The god of the underworld could not believe that Kanos the king of Sparta denied his proposal.

Kanos ordered his troops to attack the god head on with everything they’ve got but the underworld god made sure the Spartans experienced the wrath of the blade when they refuse to bow down and worship the god of the underworld, the king of Sparta had to witness the destruction caused by “Hades” himself as Kanos watched his men fall one by one.

As Kanos intended to call upon the gods, “Hades” from out of nowhere used the blade of Olympus and drove it straight into the heart of the king, murdering him and leaving the throne and people of Sparta without a king.

The age of Kanos came to an end at the hands of Hades and the other gods could not believe their eyes while watching from Mount Olympus, how one of their own had conspired against them.

Poseidon considered Hades no longer his brother but a deceiver and traitor in the land of Greece, he couldn’t believe that it was his own flesh and blood the whole time, the god of the sea began to realise that he was right where he believed he was wrong, Athena felted nothing but only disappointment inside her heart.

Darkness descended upon the people as “Hades” took the throne of the former Spartan king “Kanos” and named himself the new king of Sparta.

The city fell under his ruling, the woman and children were slaves and the remaining Spartans had no choice but to obey the god of the underworld as their new king, the gods of Olympus could do nothing but standby and watch how Sparta fall to it’s knees at the hands of the devil Hades himself.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Aegean Sea, the body of the former Spartan king Kanos was thrown deep into the seas of Lord Poseidon rules.

Poseidon “Zeus my brother we must do something.

Zeus “yes I know, Hades must be stopped but we will not be the ones to stop him.

Poseidon “if we will not be the ones to stop him, then who do you have in mind my brother”

The king of the gods felted the presence of Kanos, that he was still alive, then the mighty Zeus enlightens Poseidon that the answer to his question on who will destroy Hades and end his reign as king of Sparta lies within the Aegean Sea that he rules as a god.

Poseidon “brother that’s impossible”

Zeus “no Poseidon the end is far from near for Kanos and the throne belongs to him, not Hades, I want you to head down there and seek him out cause he’s our only hope, he will be the hero of Greece, he will save his city from destruction of the underworld.

Poseidon “as you wish Zeus”

The god of the sea then went down to investigate and it just so happens that the answer to his question was actually true after all, although he disbelieved in what Zeus was talking about, Poseidon managed to pull Kanos out and delivered him to the king of the gods, Zeus knewed that the dead would have claim him soul if he hadn’t act immediately, the goddess revived the Spartan, Kanos then woke up on Mount Olympus with the gods standing over him, he wondered if it was all just a dream and Poseidon told him that it wasn’t a dream, everything was real that he’s seeing with his eyes, after waking up from the sleep of the dead, he started to remember what really happened to him, Hades was the first image that appeared in his thoughts, he began to remember that the blade of Olympus was used to end his life almost but thanks to Zeus, the gods gave him a second chance but he was no longer king of Sparta, Kanos watched from Mount Olympus how all his people and soldiers were treated, they were nothing more than just dogs and slaves under the ruling of Hades and his cruelty, Kanos couldn’t standby and watch Sparta fall at the hands of the underworld god, so he wanted to challenge Hades but than Hades Lord Poseidon stopped him and he wondered why the god of all seas would dare to do so, Poseidon warned the Spartan that if he goes through with it, only death awaits him on the other side and not victory and that he’s not strong enough yet to face the god of the underworld.

Meanwhile in Sparta, king Hades gathered around all the slaves for a meeting, he had a surprise for them all, he enlightened them that he was not the only one that started all this chaos, he had an accomplice with him and that accomplice was revealed in front of all the people of Sparta, the people were shocked and could not believe to see that one of their own fellow Spartans had betrayed them deliberately, the accomplice was known as “Nelios”, one of the Spartan troops, the other soldiers could not believe their eyes that “Nelios” of all people conspired against them to join forces with Hades, his heart filled with hate and pure evil.

Nelios “you look shocked”

Troops “how could you do this to us, we were your brothers”

Nelios “brothers, well I never really considered you my brothers at all”

Troops “why are you doing this”

Nelios “I really don’t have to explain myself to you at all”

Troops “why did you allow the god of the underworld to fill your heart with so much hate”

Nelios “not why, it’s because I felt like it”

Troops “how can you say such things”

Nelios “you know what Spartans give it a rest and get it through your heads, I betrayed you and that’s that”

Troops “for what reason”

Nelios “fool what part of “stop asking so many questions” don’t you really get”

Nelios looked at his used to be brothers of Sparta and he was like “why would you dare to ask me for what reason I turned my back on you” he was speechless after those words by his fellow Spartans and tried to change the subject, the rest of the people, they were heartbroken and disappointed for how things had turned out in their city, one of their own selling his soul to the devil Hades himself and for what but so they began to see that he really means everything and they looked at him as the servant of Hades because he is and as he wanted to spill more words upon his used to be family, he was silenced by them.

Troops “traitor don’t you dare say another word”

Nelios “me a traitor”

Troops “yes you are a traitor, you don’t deserve to live, it’s because of you our king is dead”

Nelios just laughed at them like he didn’t care at all and then he walked away, he was the one who disgraced the name of Sparta, he was ordered by Hades to go and steal the blade of Olympus.

Kanos could not believe what he saw, one of his own men betraying him, betraying his own brothers who kept him safe from danger, betraying his own family and his people who showed their love and cared for him as he decided to disappoint them all for nothing more then to side with the heart of darkness, nothing but pure evil descended upon his mind as he made the decision of worshipping and selling his soul to the devil Hades himself and giving up everything he stood for in the land of Greece,Nelios was nothing more then a disgrace to Sparta, the council members couldn’t say or do anything but just witness how the god of the underworld tears the Spartan empire down as they had to follow every order given by Hades, those who refused to obey him were killed, others were punished brutally with whips by the hands of Hades and Nelios the worshipper of Hades just stared on at his used to be brothers and sisters of Sparta, how they were treated as they didn’t even want to look at him for the sin he committed against them and their former Spartan king Kanos but that didn’t bother the traitor at all as he showed no more love towards them by taking the life of an innocent, the life of his own fellow Spartans, those who cared for him could not even believe that he would go that far to kill his own kind as Kanos had to watch from Mount Olympus how his empire crumbles at the hands of the god who almost murdered him, he wasn’t strong enough yet to go head to head with Hades as Poseidon already warned him that if he goes now, he will be killed so he had no choice but to fall back until he’s prepared to fight with the devil Hades, Zeus gave him two options where he could only choose one path, he can sit back and watch how his city falls or he could do the impossible and that is to be the one who will end the reign of Hades once and for all and take back his throne as king, the choices were in his hands so he needed some time to think of what he will decide concerning his beloved Sparta and so he decided that he wants his throne back as king of Sparta and restore the order that was once present to his people, that he will accomplish anything to take it from the likes of Hades, the terrible deed of Nelios and Hades was visible to all in the land of Greece as Athena the goddess of wisdom and warfare warned every fellow greek around the entire land of the traitor’s existence and the treatury of an Olympian god, every fellow greek of the other cities prayed to the gods every day, every night, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment that darkness does not descend upon them and their loved ones as it’s already descending upon the Spartans, Hades treatury to Olympus knows no bounds as he sinned against them.

Kanos “lord Zeus my life is yours as of now and from this day I shall take and carry forth the will of Olympus”

Zeus didn’t have any words to say after the young Spartan offered his life to the gods, he just looks at Poseidon and shakes his head in a way of agreeing and so the god of the sea handed over to the Spartan the weapon forged from the underworld, unleashed from the darkest pits of Hades itself, the weapon that is known as the claws of Hades.

Kanos “my lord what is this”

Zeus “that my son is the weapon of darkness created by Hades”

Kanos “the weapon of the ruthless god that almost ended my life”

Zeus “yes my son that is correct”

Poseidon “well Kanos I forgot to mention when I found you in my seas I found this weapon lost in the ocean as well and since it has no one to wield it, me and Zeus came up with the idea of making you the wielder of those claws since you already know and have learned the art of battle as a Spartan king of your city”

Kanos “Hades is nothing without his claws now that I am the wielder of it”

Poseidon “Kanos do not underestimate Hades although you control his claws now and remember that he wields the blade of Olympus in case you have forgotten Spartan”

Kanos “no I haven’t forgotten my lord”

Poseidon “then I suggest that you be careful for those words you speak”

Poseidon corrects Kanoson how things will play out for him in the end if he doesn’t think before he speakscause the god of the underworld wields the weapon that almost took his life, the dead almost consumed his soul as the gods aided him from almost dying by shining their lights upon him.

Meanwhile, Hades, still rules the kingdom of Sparta as he already turned it into a city-state of no happy endings for any Spartan in it as the people were still nothing more then slaves and dogs, Nelios still the ruthless behaviour inside of him, the Spartan army still disgusted with his vicious act of betrayal upon his people, ever since siding with the god of the underworld, the words honour and glory meant nothing to him anymore, although Hades conspired against his brothers, he was still a god, he believe that he’s beyond the powers of a god, he refers to himself as a goddess now that he wields the blade of Olympus, the god of the underworld felted like nobody could touch him and believes he’s invincible and as for the other gods, their feelings towards his treatury didn’t really concern him one bit, the wrath of Greece grows as Hades remained on the throne.

The evil clouds of darkness did not only reign over Sparta but over the entire land of Greece as Zeus witnessed from Mount Olympus so he warns Kanos on what lies ahead of him but the Spartan could not really make out what the goddess tried to tell him so the king of the gods makes it clear to him on what he actually meant

Zeus “my son I’m going to send you on a quest to retrieve the blade of Olympus”

Kanos “a quest to retrieve your blade”

Zeus “yes my son”

Kanos “what will I become”

Zeus “the wielder of great power”

A quest in where he must save the land of Greece that includes his beloved Sparta as well.

He has to kill every living thing that has been summoned by Hades around the entire land before he can get to the god of the underworld but he wasn’t alone as an accomplice that came from out of nowhere and decided to help the Spartan on his quest for vengeance by going along with him, the legendary Herakles, also known to all by his Latin name “Hercules” and Zeus never expected that one of his own sons, Hercules of all people would be interested in aiding him, the mortal politely told his father

Hercules “father Greece is the land that I was born in, I will die for her but I will not be a puppet to my uncle Hades for that matter, he has no shame for what he did”

Zeus “my son you’re right, Hades has no shame and he has proven that due to his cruelty as well”

Hercules “that’s why I decided to join the Spartan in his quest cause I already know that he will not succeed against those things out there alone father”

Zeus “if that’s what you wish Hercules”

Hercules “it is”

Zeus “alright”

So there it was, Kanos and Hercules on the hunt for the blood of Hades with the vision to save Sparta from the heart of darkness and Greece from a terrible nightmare of the underworld as the passage to the Spartan’s destiny has been opened and all he had to do was to be strong enough to overcome the creatures summoned from the dead by his sworn enemy Hades, that is the only way to free the souls of his men and his people, the word “vengeance” was nothing compared to the words “honour and glory” in the eyes of Kanos because a Spartan never dies or fights with regrets in his heart, he fights for the land that he loves with all heart, he dies with honour and prepares for glory without the slightest thoughts of any regrets, Kanos must prevent his empire from falling any further then it already has and bring peace, law and order to the land of Greece the way as it was before.

NAME: Ruby Buckell
How humans and earth were created

MYTH: Before the beginning of time, there was just eternal darkness and a great, giant colossal tree. The tree stood proud. Years past and the tree grew and grew, then something strange happened a man was formed by a tree branch. There were loads more branches so that meant lots more humans. There was no water or food so that meant he would die really quickly. But when he died he left a message on the tree it said ‘I was the first person to live so the next person after me will become the god called Tagaski.’ Eventually Tagatski, who had really long hair, read the letter. A while after, the first man’s body started to fall apart his eyes became the sun and moon , his flesh became food , blood became sea, shoulders became mountains, hair became grass, bones became land, and toes became things to build with. Tagaski had great powers lava could come out of his hands. He could freeze people out of his eyes. All the other humans came and made houses also they greeted him. That’s how humans and earth where created.
NAME: Amy Holtby
How the world was created

MYTH: At the beginning of time, there was dawn, darkness and Utters. He was lonely. The darkness didn’t like him so it hid behind him, scared. Utters decided to make another god out of a piece of corn he found near bye. Utters named her Styr. He wanted her to help him make mountains, rivers, lakes and hills. Utters wanted to make other humans as well. Suddenly, a whole land of a corn crop grew out of nowhere and a ginormous tree grew. A few days later, at dawn the tree faded away and floated off. Utters and Styr both woke up to bright sunshine. The tree must have created the sun and the moon said Styr. Later on that day, little humans started popping out of the pieces of corn on the crop that had grown out of nowhere. Utters and Styr very happy they had other humans with them. Other humans kept coming after the other humans came. Utters and Styr and the other humans found some seeds and planted them and food came for them forever on humans kept coming.
NAME: Kieran Hogger

TITLE: The star master
MYTH: Before the dawn of existence, there was nothing but darkness and stars but then BOOM a star blew up and it created a god. Then a man rose and his name was Tetoria the god of all good creations but he felt lonely so he carved a star into a man. Once he finished he used his magic but he didn’t know if he should because this is only his 4th time but he didn’t hesitate so ZAP he created a brother and his name was Ustara the god of all creations evil.

One millennium later, Ustara saw Tetoria singing riddles but out of those riddles came humans but most humans kept on dying. So the two brothers cut themselves and the drops of blood became all of the planets but he liked on in particular so he flew there and carried on making humans. But Ustara said, “Why are you creating them?” “I am creating them so they can worship us.” said Tetoria. So Ustara agreed but when the two gods blinked it created forests, jungles, rivers and a lot more but then they saw that it benefits humanity so they kept it that but only for a couple of centuries.
NAME: Obie Stevens
The Beginning Of Time

MYTH: Before the dawn of time, there was only one god and his name was Godasaurus, one day he got lonely so he created 4 other demi-gods A Diplodocus, Archaeopteryx, Triceratops and a Baryonix. They all created the earth by get together and curling into a ball. One day Godasaurus was bleeding because he had chopped 4 parts of his tail off and his blood fell onto the Earth and became humans! But they were made out of wood so Godasaurus destroyed this time he instead of making them by accident he tried to make some and he thought it went well but it didn’t he created some out of clay and left them for a while but after a few weeks they started to melt so he dangerously dauntingly destroyed them. So he travelled across the galaxy to find some flesh and bones so he could create some from those materials. At one point he came across a galaxy which had some flesh and some bones on so he quickly grabbed the most he could carry and he ran through all the galaxies to get to the on where Earth is, when he got back he put all the flesh and bones together to make two humans and summoned them upon the Earth. These two humans lived happily for a while but then they had a son and when he grew up he cast a spell for immortality throughout all of the world so then godasaurus wasn’t happy about that so he banished him from ever entering planet Earth again but before he was banished he had a son and he had a baby and it went on for generations, people found new ways to live and they all worshipped Godasaurus forever. And that is how the world came to be.
NAME: Finlay Southcoat
TITLE: Fizzer’s creation

MYTH: Before time had a name, there was infinite darkness but there was one god named Alaba. Alaba was alone. He wanted a friend but he didn’t know how to make his friend. One day one of Alaba’s hairs fell out and it formed into a god called Lana. Alaba formed him on an accident. Before sunlight grew, Alaba was trying to pull his tooth out but then he yanked it out. Suddenly, Alaba dropped his precious tooth. In the blink of an eye, it formed into Earth. Seconds later, Lana, standing next to Alaba, chopped his finger off. A few moments later, his nail was flying in the air then BOOM! It turned into a moon. It was just standing there on its own. Without delay, his skin was flying in the air then BANG! It turned into a sun. “What a sight to see.” Lana said “Yeah,” said Alaba, “It is a brilliant sight to see especially in the night because it looks so good.” One day, Alaba was cutting his nails with his lucky nail cutters, he has never used them, but what he didn’t realise they were magic. When he cut his first nail he had a weird feeling in his stomach. Then when it hit the floor BANG! It turned in to a human. Alaba was amazed. The human was a female. He cut his next nail and it turned into a male human. So he switched his nail cutters to his old ones. He did it on an accident but he thought they were so cute. Soon later, the male and female humans had two twins; one boy and one girl. After that, there was more population on Earth but one day the male died and everyone was upset and the children wouldn’t eat.
NAME: Frey Percy
TITLE: How time was created

MYTH: Before time had a name, there was only an incessant black void. Out of these dark waters rose a shining goddess. She was a panda and her name was Frazer. For many years, Frazer had fun exploring nothingness. From the moment she realised it was the 6676th time she had seen that floating pink coat, she began to feel lonely and like she needed more gods to keep her company.

By now, she had picked up the pink coat to stop her reminding herself that she was lonely. In the pocket of that coat was where she put her hands when she found a magic stick of bamboo. “I’m … magical!!!” it shouted. Frazer clutched the stick in her hands and begged “I wish I wish I wish there were more gods!!!” The stick sacrificed itself. SNAP!!! The stick of bamboo had broken in two. Foodi the god of food and Livess the goddess of living things. COUGH!!!COUGH!!!SNEEZE!!!SNEEZE!!! Foodi coughed and Livess sneezed. A burger flew out from Foodi’s mouth and every living thing shot out from Livess’s nose.

And that’s how time came to be.
NAME: Archie Brocklebank
Sven and Tertia

MYTH: Long Long ago there was a god called Sven he was happy he was wearing a diamond crown he was lonely so he created another god who was called Tertian she was a god but to small so Sven cried on Tertian so she can grow up to the size of Sven but she was to big so she .so she made the world. Sven was creating the rivers with his tears. So they both were happy but Sven was not happy because Tertian was creating animals all over but eventually, they were both happy so they didn’t fight again but seconds later, they created humans and animals. But hours past, they argued again. Finally they stopped. For many years the humans stood and lots and lots of humans after a while were all over the place. Many of them were different. Meanwhile every one died so they created a grave for all graves. A while later, Sven created more humans and they had an age up to 100. They started at 0 years old so they had birthdays to celebrate their birthdays. So Terita had a staff she mixed water and clay together so she made the world. Terita created animals but Sven was not happy so Sven killed her.
TITLE: The secret of the universe

MYTH: Long ago, there was a god called Poketok and he lived in a dark blue void. It was very dark so to make some light he raised his eternal hand of magma. Sparks shot out of the magma and into the skies. These became the stars. As Poketok was striding across the void, a star shot across the sky and hit the ground. He rose from the ground and this revealed Astra. There was a whoosh as he swiftly walked to Poketok. Astra stamped his foot and the dark floor turned to a lush green. Mountains, rivers oceans and trees appeared. One of the trees opened and Oripok sprinted out of it. She cursed the sky and then said the stars would return only at night fall and the skies would turn black. Soaring in the sky was Popedok. He spread his arms and all types of creatures came out. Suddenly, Popedok crashed into a tree. He fell to the ground and disappeared. Poketok was devastated he put his magma and water hands together this became a giant rock. He smashed it on the ground and these became rock granules. Oripok cursed the sky to release water when necessary. When the water was released the gods flew high above the ground from the rock granules grew humans. 9 rocks became different planets. They praised the gods for all eternity. The gods watched over the humans and kept them safe for thousands of years and in return for that the humans sang for them and stopped them from dying.
NAME: Hollie Hales
TITLE: The rainbow world

MYTH: Before the dawn of time, there lived a goddess who was called Elia. She lived on the one and only planet, one very small planet, the moon. The only light source, everywhere else was darkness. There was no day and night for Elia. Over time, Elia was getting bored. She started to wave her hands about, when almost immediately; a rainbow with two unicorns appeared. It shot up from the ground and nearly knocked her out. Both unicorns fell off. When they fell off, they transformed in to gods called Elly and Oliver. Bit by bit, all seven colours of the rainbow faded away. Every time one colour faded away, about 100 things dropped including one human. When every colour faded, there were so many things that they all (but the humans) formed the earth we are living on to day. From the humans, more where born.
NAME: Adam Mintoft
How humans were created

MYTH: For many years, there was a furious god called Eru were he was in the pale blue space. And in it was an old smelly sparkly apple tree (with lots of apples on it) it was massive! Along long time, one day there was the apple tree BOOM! There was one god so Eru called the god venla the god was happy because he has it’s self a god-dad. Then BOOM! Again there was a girl one, so Eru called it Skyler and venla/Skyler was created by the tree. Meanwhile, Venla was angry because they didn’t have a home. So Venla destroyed the tree and it floated into the darkness earth. Without delay, Eru was angry at venla. He chopped of his fingers. They fell out and created evil humans they made Venla cry, her tears dropped on the floor and created good humans.
NAME: Tom Cross

MYTH: The four animals who created life 8 million years ago, before time was a thing, there was an infinite void of rainbows and clouds. Eventually a seal appeared who had purl white fur. The seal decided to give himself a name, this name was Swimmy. He once found out that he had magical powers. So with these magical powers (the ability to create any living creature or plant) he created a narwhal named Splashy an made he made her the god of the water, a worm named Rocky the god of Underworld and finally a tortoise named Earthy god of terrain.

One year later, the amazing four gods were playing a game of catastrophic catch with three balls one made of pure flaming gas and the other two of pure rock. At one point in the game they all misjudged the throw sending all three of the balls flying off into space where it was completely black. The three balls created three planets the one made of flaming gas created the Sun one of the rock balls created the Moon and the other Earth. One day, Splashy put water on Earth and Earthy grew plants on the planet. After five long years the plants started to die and the water evaporate. Because of this Swimmy created humans. A male and a female; these two beings looked after Earth and bred.
NAME: Izzy Seedarsan

MYTH: Suvious and his creations Before the beginning of time, there was just eternal darkness. In that darkness sat a colossal cow on a rickety rock. The cow searched and searched for food but it couldn’t find any, so it died of starvation. A while later, the cow corpse started to shake. Suddenly, out of it came a man. It wasn’t just a man, he was a god. He was Suvious.

Suvious was an intelligent man so he moulded the corpse into a basic land. His feet still blistered but it was better. He also planted a tree. In a blink of an eye, the sapling sprouted out of the ground. Ripe rich fruit grew on it. At that moment, the leaves started to shake but how? There was no wind. Suvious was confused. As quick as lightning, 3 gods twirled out. Skyla, Nendee and… deadly Death. When Skyla came out she immediately made the sky. It helped them to see better. Nendee created the grass and trees. This helped by letting them actually put their feet on ground. Death, Death just sat there with an unpleasant smile on his face. All the gods planted a seed. Later humans and animals popped out each petal. Death gave another dreadful smile and started killing them all. Suvious didn’t like this so he banished Death to the Underworld. Before he did, Death planted a tree, a tree of death. If a petal fell off then a human would die. Suvious thought it was fair so he left it, hoping it would die itself someday. When he came back Skyla and Nendee had helped the humans build houses and farm animals. Suvious was pleased and all was well with their creations.
TITLE: The Wonderful Wacky World

MYTH: Before time had a name, there was only a drifting star, three rocks, infinite chaos, eternal darkness and an awesome amazing apple tree of lovely luscious life. One day, suddenly, there was a BANG! The star had fallen on the rock that had the tree planted in. At that moment, the star formed into a goddess. She was called Alencia. A few days later, she was feeling all alone when a pebble fell from one of the huge rocks and then was born the Moon King Movari. Alencia fell over in joy that she had company and ended up cutting her knee the blood formed into another goddess Soleria the Sun Queen.

One year later, Alencia decided the rock they were living on was to plain and she created the sea, the sky and all the things on the world today except humans she named the rock Earth. Soleria Knew it was too dark she took one of the rocks turned it into the sun and threw it in the air. Movari decided by then it was too dark at night so he created the Moon. Meanwhile, the tree’s apples were falling it’s apples one by one the apples turned into humans the ripe apple were good humans and the rotten ones were bad. Ten years later the tree died a blast went through the ground and humans were no longer mortal. That is the story of how the world and all it’s things were created!
NAME: Julianna Vazquez
TITLE: Birth from Love

MYTH: Before the earth was created, it was nothing more than a ball of dirt, not unlike the other planets in this solar system. Earth, like many things, was created out of love,sadness, and beauty. The all begins with two beings, Kailani and Seraphim, two lovers that fled from their home galaxy, Ereczata, so that they could be together. They searched and searched for a new home, when they stumbled along the Milky Way galaxy. The couple loved the galaxy. In particular they loved the Sol System. They had found their new home.

Kailani and Seraphim decided they liked the planet third from the sun the best as it had balanced days and nights , similar to their original home. Seraphim called the planet Terra, meaning land. The couple made a home there and quickly got accustomed to living on their own. In the daytime they would watch clouds go by , Seraphim always questioning how such things could be, or how they stayed circling around this one planet. In the night, the lovers gazed at the stars watching as comets and shooting stars passed them by, without even knowing of their existence on the planet. Kailani learned to appreciate the beauty of everything around her, while Seraphim questioned everything ,bubbling over with curiosity. They loved how they balanced each other out.

One day as the couple awoke drowsy with sleep. They found they had an unexpected visitor, Mac Ghille Dhuibh, Seraphim’s eldest brother. Seraphim, aware of Mac Ghille Dhuibh’s dislike and disgust towards Kailani, prickled with the urge to send Mac Ghille Dhuibh away immediately. However Kailani, ever trusting, soothed Seraphim’s worries and allowed Mac Ghille Dhuibh to stay, if only for a day. That day started tense as the brothers had not spoken since their last fight, which was about Kailani, but as the day progressed the brothers joked and the air was clear of any tension, instead filled with laughter. The day came to a halt all to quickly and it was time to say their goodbyes. Mac Ghille Dhuibh and Seraphim embraced in a hug saying their farewells , but Mac Ghille Dhuibh refused to look neither, Seraphim nor Kailani, in the eye ,as the eldest brother departed. Exhausted from their eventful day, the couple soon fell asleep, with smiles on their faces , in each others' arms.

Halfway through the night Seraphim was awoken by an overpowering stench of iron in the air. Seraphim looked down in his arms to see his beautiful lover Kailani, eyes open wide devoid of any form of life. Devastated, Seraphim screamed in agony, his world seeming to fall apart in front of his eyes. How could this have happened he had thought. Seraphim turned Kailani’s body over to uncover the hilt of a dagger protruding out of her back. Seraphim knew that dagger, “Mac Ghille Dhuibh” he mutter as if the name were a curse. He had known that Mac Ghille Dhuibh was not there to ‘reconnect’ as much as he had hoped it to be true. Now his blindness had cost him everything.

The next day with red-rimmed eyes, Seraphim had buried his love in the very core of the planet she had loved so much. As seconds blended into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months, Seraphim had lost the will to live. Entering such a state of depression, he fell into a deep sleep. He was awakened by a tap tap-tapping on his head. Seraphim shook his head, clearing his head from any sleepiness. Seraphim gazed around unbelieving she saw lush forests now surrounding him where there had once been nothing but dry dirt for miles. Animals of some kind flew above his head squawking to each other, other animals prancing along, minding their business. Beautiful, he thought, Kailani would have loved this.

“I made it,” came a voice sounding just like his lover. Seraphim whipped his head around to see that his dead lover sat beside him. Tears of happiness leaked from his eyes as he happily embraced her for a long hug.

“But how-” Seraphim began questioning.

“It grew from me, Phim,” she began, “healed my wounds and gave life to our home. I think it was because of our love, I just couldn’t leave you her to be alone.”

“Mac Ghille Dhuibh, he killed you,” he felt the urge to say.

“I know and I have forgiven him, as you too must learn to forgive.”

The beauty of Kailani’s soul gave live to the inanimate planet. Seraphim and Kailani’s love is what keep the live there. In the years that followed the couple grew to have children. A young daughter named Earth, in which they decided to rename their planet after, and many other children. The family appreciated all that was given to them , they forgave those that did them wrong and helped others , from people from other galaxies or each other, each person on the planet earth was taught to love each other , so that their earth could survive along with them. In generations to come, they never forgot how the love of two lovers created the earth as they knew it.
NAME: Sophie Verhalen
TITLE: Aurora and Borealis

MYTH: When the world first began, there were only stars in the sky, until Astrea, the god of stars, had two daughters who were named, “Aurora” and “Borealis.” The girls were different in all ways exempt from age. Aurora was small and dainty. She was soft spoken and had long, wavy, dark brown hair. She always tiptoed wherever she went that made it look like she was walking on ice. Aurora was a flower, delicate and alluring. Borealis was the opposite. She was tall and broad. Her opinions were made aware of by everyone within ear-shot. Her hair was dark brown and wavy as well, however it was usually pulled back, for she was constantly playing sports. She hardly ever walked, it looked like she was always in a rush, but in actuality, she just found walking preposterous and thought running was much more efficient. The two girls’ differences often ignited arguments within the household, so the girls were rarely ever together unless they absolutely had to be. Little did the two girls know, they would create one of the most spectacular natural phenomenons in existence.

Astrea loved his two daughters and it broke his heart to see the girls pulling away from each other. When he had the two girls he pictured a life where the two would grow up along side one another, rather than as far from one another as possible. The girls continued to grow and started their own lives and families. Aurora met her husband and had two children. She became a doctor, leaving any heritage she had of gods behind as a well- kept secret. Borealis began to travel the world, forgetting the heritage she had of gods as well. The girls seldom spoke to one another. They would usually call each other on holidays or on their birthdays, but avoided communication otherwise. However, they would soon be joined for longer than they ever had been before.

Astrea watched his daughters from Mt. Olympus where he was regularly disappointed by his daughter's actions, or lack thereof, towards one another. He remembered how they would bicker at home but he still dreamed of the day his daughters would get along. He realized as a demi-god he still had one more chance to have his daughters be together. When a demi-god dies, anything written in their will is enacted immediately with the death. Astrea saw that his only option for his daughters to be together, was to force them together. When Astrea saw that his death was near, he wrote into his will, “Let my daughters be brought together by my death, both mentally and physically. Have them join together in the sky above the Arctic, illuminating the vast land so they bring light to other’s lives when they could no longer bring light into mine. Allow them to glow an array of colors to represent what they so freely chose fit, and allow this to teach them the value of their family.” When Astrea reached the end of his life, Aurora and Borealis were abruptly pulled from their happy lives and placed in the sky to be together. Following the will’s instructions, both girls picked colors to represent themselves. Aurora picked purple to exhibit her feminine yet deep qualities. Borealis chose green to demonstrate her love for the outdoors and the environment. The girls worked together to chose blue for her father, to represent his profound love for the girls.

“Aurora Borealis” is now a spectacle for tourists and other globetrotters, however so few know that this phenomena was contrived by death.
NAME: Tara Kominiak Mr. Goldstein English 1 April 11, 2016
TITLE: Creating a Palette of Love

MYTH: When the Heavens were first created, there was only a gloomy darkness. The morning blue sky and the orange dusk colors did not exist. In these Heavens lived DaVinci, God of Artistry. DaVinci had a love for art. He adored making, mixing, and creating new colors. He almost always had splattered paint on his clothes and light complexion, for he was never without his palette and paint brush. There was only one problem- DaVinci could only paint on the star on which he was born and lived. This meant that only those on his star could see his colorful paintings. Arasap, God of the Heavens, ruled over all of the Heavenly bodies and would not allow DaVinci to paint the skies until he fell in love. Arasap knew the importance of painting the skies since all would be able to see it. Since he was the keeper of the Heavens he wanted to be sure that the skies would be as beautiful as they could be. He felt that until DaVinci was in love he would not be able to fulfill this task. A love between DaVinci and a mysterious woman would be the reason why the sky is now able to change color as we know it.

While painting a portrait of his star, DaVinci spotted a beautiful figure off in the distance. Her long curly hair was as dark as coal. Her shy innocent smile and light green eyes immediately drew DaVinci to her. DaVinci, who had lived in the Heavens for years, had never seen such a beautiful image. He walked toward the woman very slowly, not wanting to frighten her. He tried to wipe off the paint from his rosy cheeks as fast as he could. Suddenly, within a blink of the eye, the woman appeared in front of him. DaVinci, speechless, just smiled nervously. He noticed she was wearing a long pearly white robe with a golden star emblem. He now knew who this magnificent creature was- Constellation, the Goddess of the Stars! She was there because her father, Arasap, God of the Heavens had sent her visiting all of the stars.

Constellation immediately started asking questions about his painting. DaVinci was tongue tied and did not know how to answer her art questions because he found her so enchanting. Constellation kept asking questions until DaVinci was able to get an answer out. The two chatted for hours until Constellation realized that she had to leave and get home to her father. The two both made plans to see each other again soon.

Constellation made it back to her home star to find her father waiting angrily with fire coming out of his ears. Not only was she late, but he had heard from Cumulus, God of the Clouds, that she had been with DaVinci. Cumulus had wanted to marry Constellation since they were young and Arasap wanted the same. He had always wanted his daughter to marry a God of the heavens like Cumulus or Crater, God of the Moon. Arasap told Constellation she was forbidden to see DaVinci, the artist again. Regardless of what her father said, Constellation decided to still meet DaVinci as planned.

The two continually met secretly over the next few weeks. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger. Both fell deeply in love and wanted nothing more than to marry. Only her father stood in their way. One day while DaVinci was painting a portrait of Constellation and thinking of her, Arasap came rushing in. He told DaVinci that all of the Heavens were spilling over with shades of brilliant blue. He knew that it could only mean one thing-DaVinci was truly in love. DaVinci had not even realized that his heart was over flowing with so much joy that his painting was now flowing into the rest of the heavens. When Arasap returned to his star he found his daughter singing and dancing around the palace. She could no longer lie to her father and told him that she was the one that DaVinci loved. Her father was angry at first, but then realized that all of the Heavens would benefit from their relationship. For years, people were living in a gloomy gray universe. Arasap realized that he had to let go of his daughter and let her love. DaVinci and Constellation wed and from that day on the sky was a bright baby blue, brilliant orange, and sometimes a purple wash to celebrate their love. When one looks up into the sky and sees the brilliant colors that melt into one another, DaVinci and Constellation are to thank.
NAME: Tyler Latincsics
TITLE: The Reason for Natural Disasters

MYTH: When the Earth and humans were created, there were a group of giant gods to be in control of the Earth and the entire universe. They created oceans, trees, animals, and the sun to keep the humans happy. For a long time the humans lived in peace. There was one god, however, who was not happy with the humans. He decided to interfere with the other gods' plan.

The angry god's name was Malimpes. He thought that the humans should not be allowed to do whatever they wanted without consequences. He decided that he would punish them. He went to Earth and would go to towns and villages that he thought were not behaving because they were starting wars or stealing things. He would light the villages on fire and destroy everything. He even got the god of the winds on his side. The god of the winds would create tornadoes and hurricanes. The other gods saw this happening and decided to put a stop to it.

They went to earth and went to fight Malimpes. They got in to a huge fight. Malimpes erupted into flames and forced the gods back, before the wind would carry him away. That repeated itself couple more times before he was eventually captured. The scorched areas of Earth became deserts. The wind god easily escaped and was never captured.

The gods had a discussion on what to do with Malimpes. They could not kill him, so they just had to keep him imprisoned. They put him in a prison deep within the Earth where he could never get out. Their plan did not work as well as they hoped. Malimpes would melt the rock in the Earth and sometimes it would spew out on to the surface. Also, when Malimpes was feeling especially angry about his fate, he would shake the Earth. The wind god would also send storms when he could. The other gods tried to keep peace on Earth as much as they could, but they did understand now that humans sometimes have to be punished.
NAME: Julia Kruck
TITLE: Seasons

MYTH: Long before seasons were created there were four goddess’ that existed and would soon live up to their names of each season. Winterest is the goddess of cold, Springly is the goddess of growth and blossom, Sommer is the goddess of heat and Faller is the goddess of change. The goddess’ were all very close friends. They did almost everything together. Though sometimes they did not always get along because they all had different gifts and did not want to do the same things.

One day the girls saw something forming in the distance. No one really knew what it was. Some would say it is a planet or the underworld or the sun, but the girls did not. They imagined it was something much greater and wanted to go to that object in the sky. Everyone was frantic and had no idea what was happening. Soon Winterest, Springly, Sommer and Faller would use their powers for good and maybe even on that new planet! That planet that will soon be called Earth will put the girls’ powers to good use. A few days later they saw something in the sky. It looked like a person coming down from the sky. It was a man. He called himself Earthy. He was the man who formed that new planet and he needed help. Winterest went up to him and asked who he was and why he was on their planet.

“Who are you and why are you here?” Springly, Sommer and Faller all ran up to Winterest.

“Hello, there! I am Earthy. I was the creator of that new planet over there. I am here because I need your help. What are your names?” This man who called himself Earthy looked funny. He had long blonde hair and was very tall. The girls did not know what to do except to just stand there and listen.

“Um, ok. My name is Winterest and this is Springly, Sommer and Faller. We are the wisest and most beautiful goddess’ on the planet Seaser. What can we do to try and help you?”

The girls didn’t know whether or not to trust this man, but they just had a feeling that they had to.

“Nice to meet you girls! I need help with something on that planet. I call it Earth, after me. Your names sound very nice. They remind me of these things called seasons. How would you ladies like joining me down on Earth and creating seasons?”

This man had a point! Maybe all of the girls would create something great together! A couple of days after Earthy came the girls decided to join him and help. So that afternoon Winterest, Springly, Sommer and Faller left with Earth to the planet he called “Earth”. They said goodbye to their families and friends and then they all left together. When the girls and the man got to planet Earth he explained to each one of them what they would be doing. Winterest will be known for the season Winter. Winter is cold and snowy. Springly will be known as Spring. Spring is when everything begins to grow and blossom. Sommer will be known for the season Summer. In the Summer it is hot, sunny and sometimes stormy. Faller will be known for the season Fall. Fall is the time of year that the leaves will change colors and there is a chill in the air. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are Earth’s seasons and they will change every couple of months and then start over again. Soon after people were being created they would start to enjoy the four seasons. This is how the four seasons were created.
NAME: Nick Verderano
TITLE: How land was created

MYTH: A long time ago, two brother planets lived together on a monster planet called Kratan. The two planets were by the names of Land and Wind. Wind being the older one, was strong, very arrogant and short-tempered. He was not well liked by the other planets that lived on Kratan. Land was the only one who could tolerate Wind’s personality for long. The other existing planets liked Land, due to his kindness and willingness to share his belongings. But, he was not very strong.

From Kratan, the brothers had a perfect view of Earth. Earth was a planet uninhabited by anything and covered completely in water. For the longest time, Land had admired the beauty of Earth and wanted to live on this water planet. He wanted to leave Kratan and was determined to so. He no longer enjoyed the company of Wind being so arrogant and short-tempered. Wind became very jealous of Land because he did not want him to have planet Earth to himself. Even though Wind could not prevent Land from going, he was determined to make his stay on Earth uncomfortable.

As Land was saying his goodbyes to everyone on Kratan, Wind punched him unexpectedly. Land broke into thousands of pieces and drifted out towards Earth. Pieces of Land scattered over Earth, continents and islands were formed. Earth is now a happier planet than Kratan because of Lands presence.
NAME: Jake Gaechter
TITLE: Why the Ocean is Blue

MYTH: It seems, today, that the deep blue color that is associated with the ocean is taken for granted. What they are unaware of, however, is that the seas were once a clear as a glass of water. The rolling hills of sand appeared as though they were an underwater desert. The view from the ships above were breathtaking, making boat rides a thing to be treasured by the people of old. The beauty, unbeknownst to the people, was to be taken from the seas and replaced by a blue that would cloud the vision of the people for the rest of time.

Oceana was a young, beautiful, and brilliant girl. Her father was the ruler of a small city-state in Southern Europe, and he was a very rich man. Oceana was studying the ways of the world in an Egyptian town, hundreds of miles from her father. She spent the warm months of the summer there, and was to buy her way back to her father when her studies were done. Upon reaching the port city of Alexandria, she asked ship captain after ship captain for a ride back to her home. The seas were to be rough, they all said, and that they were not to sail for weeks. Oceana wanted to be home before the harvest. The only man who was sailing the mediterranean soon was a mean looking fellow by the name of Mordecai Cashmoney. He didn't care much for the rich folk, but their money was green and that was all that mattered to him.

The ship departed and she was told to stay below deck. She was presented a small room, but Captain Mordecai promised there would be no rats aboard. It was cold the first night, so upon tearing through her belongs, she produced a beautiful blue cloak that her mother had left her before she passed away. The blue was intense, the silk spun by the finest of Chinese spinners, dyed from the most perfect of flowers. She spent time alone in her cabin, but eventually got sick of trying to right while being rocked by the waves of the sea. She started towards the door, and upon reaching the upper deck of the ship, a group of ugly, unkempt, disheveled men met her with hostility.

“Didn’t nobody told you pretty girls ain't allowed on deck?” the largest of them growled.

“I’m sorry,” Oceana replied. “I thought I could use some fresh air, that’s all.”

This was not the answer the men were looking for, unfortunately for Oceana.

“Get outta here, and don't let us see ya up here again,” a man yelled at her.

Hearing this, and now understanding how it was, she returned to her quarters and began to think. She fell asleep after some time, but was woken up by her feeling of sea-sickness. Oceana subsequently lost her dinner and became nervous, as the ship was amidst a storm. She remained below deck, as she feared the men upstairs. She heard screaming and yelling, war cries as the men fought the seas. She listened in, and an ear-piercing cry for help met her ears. Moving on instinct, she burst to the deck of the ship and looked around. The men were all occupied at their stations, and they pointed.

“There, There!” They shouted.

The largest of the men that yelled at her was now hanging off the side of the ship, and, with the seas as rough as they were, he was in dire need of assistance. She ran and pulled with all her might, risking her life to save one who met her with hatred and disgust. The man fell about the deck, exhausted. Oceana was exhausted too, and when the ship was hit with a wave, she found herself in the same position the man was in just a minute before. She struggled and fought for her life, her knuckles white from the strength she was holding on with. Her calls for help were insufficient, as the commotion on deck took all the attention. With a scream, she fell into the water, and though the water was clear, it was too rough for her to stay afloat. The men, making sure their shipmate was okay, took time before realizing Oceana was missing. Some said good riddance, but the captain ran to the edge of the ship and looked into the water. The ocean was strangely dark, the moonlight reflecting off the surface. The men didn't understand, but by sunrise, the water was as deeply blue as the girls cloak once was. It remained this day for all of eternity, but few people knew the tragedy that made it that way.
NAME: Tim McLean

MYTH: Dageusorius was the only being on the land. The land was very dark and mostly covered with water, but there were plants growing on the dry bit of land where Dageusorius lived. Each day Dageusorius would light a small fire for light, cooking food, warmth and lighting his torch. Dageusorius used the light from his torch to gather wood, food, water and fish from the water. One day Dageusorius decided to burn all the dead plants to make for new ones to grow, leaving the dead plants to burn while he fished from his boat. The fire burnt up a very tall tree, but once all the tree had burnt the fire kept burning at the place where the top of tree was.

Dageusorius found that it was hard to sleep with the fire always burning so he each night climbed a very tall tree and threw water on it, making it less bright for the night, and giving it a blue tinge. He decided to call the day fire the Sun and the duller, night fire the Moon. The fire evaporated a lot of the water, which went to the sky, making it blue. Sometimes when too much water evaporated the sky overflowed, Dageusorius called this Rain. The smoke from the fire split up and stayed in the sky, so Dageusorius called it Clouds. Sparks from the fire also stayed in the sky, and were named Stars by Dageusorius, but they were dull and could only been seen at nighttime. Because so much of the water evaporated there was very little room for the fish. Some of the fish grew legs, so they could live on land in more space. Dageusorius liked the animals and did not harm them, although he soon learned they could make noises to each other, but they didn’t understand the noises he made to them. This made him feel lonely, because he wanted to make noises to someone.

Dageusorius decided to make someone he could make noises to, making man from wood and mud, pouring water and plant sap on them to bring them to life. He taught Man how to talk and how to survive. As Man multiplied they began to hurt the animals and build houses and grow crops. Whenever Man didn’t have something they wanted they asked Dageusorius for it, but he said he couldn’t make it for them. Man got very angry at Dageusorius, threatening to kill him. Dageusorius climbed a tall tree to get away from Man, grabbing a Star at night to burn the tree so man couldn’t climb it. He jumped onto cloud, and when he was angry at man he sent big fire strikes down at them. Man called these fire strikes Lightning, and learned that they could start raging fires. Sometimes, just to remind the people that he was still angry at them, Dageusorius sent special fire strikes (that Man couldn’t see) to burn a hole in the earth. This released fire-water, a combination of fire and water that occurred during the fire, from the earth, destroying many of the people’s things. Man called these places Volcanoes, and were quite scared of them. To this day Dageusorius continues to let the people know when he is angry with them, in the same ways as always. But sometimes Man doesn’t listen to what Dageusorius is trying to tell them, so they still do the wrong thing.

NOTE: “Dageusorius”, the God’s name, is pronounced ‘Dag – ew – sore – ee – us’
NAME: Ashwyn Groepies
AGE: 26
TITLE: The Taken Throne I – Who Stole The Blade

MYTH: “The Blade Of Olympus is gone” Zeus yells and the other gods could not believe their own ears when they heard what transpired, the all powerful weapon that was forged from the heavens and the earth, created by the king of the gods was really missing, meaning that it was stolen by someone and Zeus wondered who would dare to try and challenge his godly powers by the taking the blade, who would dare to commit such a sin against Olympus and nobody had the slightest clue on who could be responsible. While on Mount Olympus Poseidon the god of the sea had a vision that involves Hades the god of the underworld in connection with the disappearance of the weapon, at first the sea god thought that it could be him but secondly he thought that it’s probably just his imagination or something playing with his mind into thinking that his own blood brother would betray him and Zeus so he didn’t bother taking a third guess. Ares the god of war and the son of Zeus who approached his father by telling him who dared to sin against Olympus shall rot in the depths of Hades for all eternity and Zeus responded that the one who stole the blade shall pay for his betrayal and deceit, he will pay with his life, Athena the goddess of wisdom and warfare and the daughter of Zeus agreed that what transpired on Mount Olympus was unforgivable and the one responsible should not rot in the depths of Hades, no he should be banished to the darkest pits of Hades without the possibility of any return from the dead, the dead will be his home and all the other gods agreed on Athena’s proposal. After discussing the matter with the other gods, Zeus had a vision that involves not just Olympus but also the city – state of Sparta, the king of the gods needed to seek answers so he went under the book of peace to Sparta and meet face to face with Kanos the king of Sparta.

To Be Continued………..
NAME: Carl Borchers

MYTH: In the beginning there was nothing, just darkness. Then in a day there were 2 gods. One of them was good, and one of them was bad. The good god called Hesus, he made the earth and wanted it to be good. The bad god, Vuiloo, made bad things, and he wanted the earth to be very bad. In one day, Hesus made the earth and made people and animals. Vuiloo didn’t like this so he made death, disease and bugs like mosquitos and flies. Hesus made more things the next day, like trees, sand and bushes and food. Vuiloo made more bad things. It was bad so Hesus had a fight with Vuiloo. They fought for 7 days and the fight caused crevasses in the earth, mountains in the earth, and volcanoes. After the fight, Hesus banished Vuiloo into the pits of hellholes. He didn’t like this, so Vuiloo created night and darkness and bad people like murderers, thieves and counter-fitters. Hesus created the sun and day to separate the good people and creatures of earth from the dark grips of Vuiloo. Some people began to worship Hesus, while some worshipped Vuiloo. Hesus didn’t like people who didn’t worship him and had bad motives, so he punished them by giving them diseases and influencing other people to kill and harm the people who worshipped Vuiloo. Eventually over time, the followers of Hesus managed to rid the earth of most of Vuiloo’s bad people who followed him. This is what created the perfect society, which is what Hesus, the god of goodness wanted to call it, but there was always bound to be some bad people in the world, provided that Vuiloo was in charge of influencing people. The world just now needed its finishing touches, and there were new animals added, fish, food, crops and emotions all added to create a perfect society with the right balance between good and evil, and there were materials also added like woods and stones to create houses and living places for the people of Hesus’ and Vuiloo’s earth. That is how the Earth was made.
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